The Medicinal Value Of Green Tea And Mushrooms

For those crazy about Chinese food, here is a good piece of news: Two Chinese dietary staples green tea and mushrooms have been found to possess chemicals that can kill breast cancer cells. In the International Journal of Cancer, a study was published that showed taking in large amounts of green tea and mushrooms can prevent breast cancer and reduce by 90 percent the development of other cancers. The study gives ample evidence ascertaining that some chemicals in these foods boost the immune system of the body against cancer and inhibit the growth of tumor.

To extend life, ancient healers use extracts of a popular mushroom species called Phellinus linetus for several hundreds of years. Ample proof has now revealed that if taken for a month two times a day, those extracts can contribute in a huge way in slowing down the development of breast cancer cells. However, fresh mushrooms have been shown to produce more potent effects that dried mushrooms.

On the other hand, green tea has beneficial compounds called ‘polyphenols’ that have been proven to fight kill breast cancer cells in animals. In addition, green tea possesses antioxidants that are very much known to promote weight loss. Another tea called black tea, is also derived from the same plant as green tea but does not provide similar effects as green tea.

There is no doubt that that traditional Chinese foods in Cleveland, particularly green tea and mushrooms posses medicinal properties and, if taken regularly, can help prevent the rise of various diseases. However, according to medical researchers, more evidence is needed to erase all doubts regarding this research.