The Importance Of A House’s Main Door In Feng Shui

We sometimes use metaphors like “window of opportunity” or “the door to your future” to conjure up a sense of hope and optimism for the future. These sayings stir up all kinds of images and in the world of mysticism, the door is a symbolic portal or gateway to higher consciousness.

In a purely physical sense, a house’s main door acts like a mouth. In Feng Shui terminology, this opening is referred to as a “qi gate”. The qi is the furnisher of energy and it (qi) is derived from air currents. There is usually a blending of exterior and interior energies at the door. For instance, if the main door of a house is directly aligned to a road, the exterior force may amplify whatever type of energy there is at the door, which may be good or bad. This is caused by the circulation of air movement or currents (just like the wind from a fan). When a door and road are aligned directly, this is usually considered negative although from time to time, this may not be the case. It can actually be a very lucky arrangement for some people.

Invisible energies are produced in a house depending partly on the house’s exact magnetic compass alignment and when it was built. The effect of electromagnetism on animals and people can be tracked by Feng Shui and on the compass there are 24 different sectors to determine orientation. The Hsuan Kong Fei Hsing Flying Star School is the more popular classical school that considers direction and time. In the luo pan or Chinese Compass, there is also another ring that divides the 360 degree of circle into even smaller segments of 5.6 degrees that are each designated one of the 60 Hexagrams in the I Ching (Yi Jing). Part of Chinese divination and metaphysics for thousands of years is the use of the compass and long before Chinese officially invented the compass, masters were already using rudimentary forms of directionology to distinguish between the magnetic North and True North.

Where a door exactly opens related to the house’s geometric center can reveal a number of things like how poorly or how well an occupant can repel or attract material wealth or success. The door may also disclose the types of health problems an occupant may experience while living there. These forecasts are usually connected to the occupant’s birth information.

The energy that dwells in the house just behind the door is not restricted to the entry point. This energy may latch on to an unknowing person and may be dragged to other rooms and around the house. This is why in a Feng Shui audit, the energy field residing at the main door is taken very seriously. This door energy is often ranked significantly higher in importance than the energies residing in a bathroom or dining room.

There are practical things you can do to improve the energies at your door. One includes lots of natural and unblocked clear access to natural light. But other than that, whatever element you decide to have at your door, outside or inside, may depend in large part on what the Xuan Kong refers to as the non-obvious, “flying stars.” One writer believes that if you place a fountain just outside a main door, it can lead to infidelity to your marriage.

A door can also be divided into two different directions. This may be akin to entering a room with two sides having two different temperatures. It can compromise sense of security and equilibrium. If a Feng Shui adviser is in the design phase of a project, this is one design flaw he should make sure does not happen.

People often speculate if a door’s color can determine what kind of luck they can repel or draw in. Compared to an average sized painting, a door has a bigger surface area. A door with a solid color may vibrate with the energy of that color. You can decide to paint your door white, blue, or white partly based on the orientation of the house. This means you should not be influenced by blanket beliefs like “a red door is lucky.” These sayings are mere superstitions or cultural myths.

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