The Athlete and Acupuncture Davis

The 2008 Beijing Olympics saw acupuncture widely offered to officials and athletes in the Olympic Village.  This has bolstered the popularity of acupuncture not only in the United States but in the whole world even more.  This treatment has for thousands of years been a preferred mode of treatment for the Chinese people and a greater part of the people in East Asia.  Compared to this length of use, acupuncture Davis is relatively a new treatment concept in the United States being introduced in this country only during the 1970’s.  The two main areas of concern for acupuncture treatment is in rehabilitation and pain management.  Acupuncture is an extremely beneficial tool in healing the modern athlete of its injuries, with or without any aid of medication as well as conditioning the body to perform at its optimum during competition itself and training.

A lot of people avail of acupuncture for the treatment of chronic pain.  What makes acupuncture a valuable help for athletes is its potency for treating acute trauma that can spell the difference in sitting on the bench or actively playing in the game.  Rather than taking painkillers to hide the pain, acupuncture offers a natural and medication free alternative to pain management.  Acupuncture stimulates the body to produce and secrete endorphins, the body’s own natural painkillers to cure and treat trauma and remove pain.  The endorphins remove the inflammation and improve immune function expediting the body’s healing process and helping it resist infection and other forms illnesses. Acupuncture is proven to heal injuries and remove spasms in the tendons, ligaments and muscles, which athletes usually happen to athletes.  Taking medications to remove the pain does not really solve the root problem and by not addressing the root cause promptly, the injury may end up a permanent damage.

Regular training for an injured athlete is also recovery in another way of speaking.  A true athlete rests between training days and the day of the competition.  Acupuncture enables the athlete to achieve satisfying and much needed sleep and this refreshes the body and makes it stronger pre and during competition.  A satisfying sleep is essential for restoring energy and rebuilding the muscles.  Regular sessions of acupuncture treatment strengthen the muscles further and enhance liver glycogen buildup.

Every ache, pain, sprain or strain can effectively be addressed with acupuncture and experiencing these issues before and during the competition can spell the difference between defeat and victory.  In addition, acupuncture heals the mind as well from any negative stress the athlete experiences; hence, sometimes intimidation from some athletes and of the sport itself can make the athlete nervous or anxious.  Acupuncture removes these negative emotions and allows the mind to focus, be confident and strong-willed to prevail.  In mind and body, acupuncture can give the athlete that needed edge to win.