Acupuncture St Helens Needles

The use of sterile ultra thin needles to activate the body’s natural healing ability is nothing new, albeit may seem a novel approach to anyone not familiar with these kinds of treatment.  People, especially children who have been pricked by needles naturally tend to have an aversion to them.

As a person gets the benefits of acupuncture St Helens treatment, the fear of prickly needles (at least for acupuncture needles) eventually fades away.  For uninitiated onlookers, the whole treatment will seem to be one surreal event as a person lies on a table and subjects himself/herself to a barrage of needles inserted at certain points in the body for several minutes and think that these needles are the ones that enable to the person to relax, emotionally, spiritually and physically.  How can that be?

The answer can be seen when one examines the way acupuncture works and the tools that it uses.  The tools, which primarily are the needles are very thin and small.  These needles are thinner or as thin as human hair.  They are much smaller than the needles used for vaccinations.

One reason why these needles are as thin as they are is that they are not used for injection and therefore they are not hollow.  The ability of these needles is merely to pierce the skin a tiny bit since it was the belief of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) that the key energy channels are located just below the skin’s surface.  The acupuncture points are quite sensitive that is why the thinness of the needles are apt for the just right skin entry.  To enhance relaxation, the needlepoints are not sharpened to the point to prevent a “cutting” sensation when the needles are inserted.

The needles may be a lot comparable to very stiff hair than with needles used for medical purposes.

As a rule, the depth wherein acupuncture is applied is around .05 of an inch to 1 inch into the skin.  Combined with the type of needle used and the shallow depth the needle penetrates, it is then easy to see why acupuncture treatment is a relatively painless experience.  It is a common experience for patients to feel relaxed and a feeling of renewed vitality, emotionally and physically, when the effect of the treatment wherein the energy blockage is removed and energy starts flowing freely once again, dismissing any sensations the patient may have felt as the needles were applied and remained on the body.  What’s more, the smallness of the needles are not enough to leave any marks after the session is done.

So, the fear of discomfort from acupuncture treatment can be dispelled.  The only sensation that will linger for a long time will be the feeling of being pain-free, rejuvenation, euphoria and spiritual strength.