Some Types of Infertility Treatments

The first step in treating infertility is to determine its cause(s).  A couple would probably have to undergo a battery of tests to properly identify their fertility problems.  If the doctor identifies and diagnoses the problem he can recommend steps and treatments for this condition.  If you do have fertility problems, listed below are recommendations that might help you overcome this problem

  1. Lifestyle change – All unhealthy habits including alcohol, illegal drugs and cigarette smoking should cease immediately.  Also if you are overweight, reduce your weight to your proper normal weight.  Exercise but in a mild way – do not do strenuous exercises.  Live a less stressful life.  Avoid taking medications that cause infertility and consult with a doctor regarding your medication if you are taking some.  Eat a balanced diet comprising of highly nutritious foods and complement your meals by taking mineral and vitamin supplements.
  2. Fertility Drugs – The common prescription drug for infertility is Clomid or Clomiphene Citrate.   Clomid is a hormone regulator and helps stimulate ovulation.  Since it is a pharmaceutical drug, there are many side effects some of which are quite severe.  These side effects include ovarian cyst, abnormal uterine bleeding, blurred vision, tender breasts, abdominal discomfort, mood swings, hot flashes, vomiting, nausea and headaches.  Clomid has a good track record in stimulating ovulation but has a low percentage (30%-40%) in terms of successful pregnancy.
  3. Acupuncture Palm Harbor – Acupuncture all in all has a very good track record in treating male and female infertility.  Acupuncture is effective in helping females manage or regulate their menstrual cycles even if the female has an irregular menstrual cycle.  It is well known as a complementary treatment for in vitro fertilization (IVF) and it actually gives IVF treatment a higher rate of success.  Acupuncture increases the chances of pregnancy by improving blood flow to the uterus giving the uterus a better environment for conception and for the fetus.   It is quite effective in treating male infertility by enhancing the quality and quantity of the sperm.  Another great benefit of acupuncture is that is has no side effects unlike fertility medications such as Clomid.   If you do decide to avail of acupuncture, just make sure that the acupuncturist is a licensed, well-trained and qualified practitioner and if possible specializes in treating infertility issues in both male and female.
  4. Infertility Herbs – Chinese medicinal herbs and formulas were used by the Chinese for thousands of years in treating male and female infertility.  Some herbs though may counter the effect of fertility drugs so it is advisable that the herbalist is licensed and well-trained in his craft. Both herbalist and your doctor should know what herbs and medications you are taking to help recommend the herbs that will complement the therapeutic effect of the medications you are taking.