Some FAQs About Facial Rejuvenation Acupressure Exercises

Acupressure is a healing system that’s even much older than acupuncture which is believed to be around 5,000 years old. It works on the life energy of the body called chi that circulates all around our bodies. There are numerous energy channels or meridians that are located on our skull, neck, and face. When these meridians are massaged with acupressure, we can access our deeper levels (psychological, emotional, and physiological) and enhance our general well-being, which can be reflected on our faces. The health of the vital organs is also enhanced benefiting both our muscles and skin.

In acupressure treatment to rejuvenate the face, life energy or chi is the most important element to consider. Acupressure enhances how you look and how you feel and has a positive overall effect on your health.

Some of the questions commonly asked questions about how to use self-acupressure for eyebrow lift, eye lift, non surgical face lift, and facial rejuvenation and their corresponding answers are as follows:

Question: I am not a professional acupressure practitioner can I use acupressure on myself?

Answer: You can administer acupressure on yourself and even on others provided that you know where the acupoints are located and know what proper points are to be manipulated to address a specific issue. Talk to a professional acupressure practitioner if you want to learn about acupressure and the acupoints.

But it’s not really a problem if you don’t know what points to use since nothing dangerous or unhealthy can occur to you or your face if you miss the points.

Question: How does acupressure rejuvenate the skin and lift the face?

Answer: Acupressure is a manual pressure method that works as a facial massage treatment. Muscles can be relaxed and congestion can be relieved just by using basic finger pressure. Acupressure can also release and remove toxins from the body, which also can have a positive impact on our outward appearance.

As mentioned before, there are several energy channels that are located on our skull, neck, and face. When these channels are massaged it leads to various positive effects that can help improve your appearance.

Chi is important for facial rejuvenation because it governs our health and helps make our skin become smooth and healthy.

Question: Are the eyes area extremely sensitive to apply acupressure on them?

Answer: Acupressure applies steady manual pressure without stretching or moving the skin. It is not about massaging.

Question: Does acupressure have any side effects?

Answer: No. Acupressure is an extremely safe treatment to use. It is a natural form of treatment and unlike drugs, supports the natural self-healing processes of the body and strengthens the body in a natural way.

When performing facial rejuvenation exercises (better sleep, skin detox, etc.), if you have a healing reaction, just step the exercises for a few days and then resume. You will begin to see a healthy and youthful glow!

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