Maintaining The Strength And Health Of Your Spleen Meridian

Followers of Chinese Medicine believe that the human body is energized and animated by 14 primary energy channels called meridians.

Every one of these meridians is related to a certain set of systems and organs in your body as well as with certain types of emotions. Any malfunctioning, blockage, or weakening of a meridian in some way, which is not addressed promptly, can result in a physical or emotional problem. And if that issue still isn’t identified and taken care of at that stage, then it can lead to a full-on health issue or illness.

For most people unfamiliar with what Chinese medicine or holistic therapy is, this idea may seem a bit bizarre; therefore, this needs to be explained slowly and clearly.

The meridians in our body affect both our physical health and emotions. If they’re not working well or they are blocked, it can bring about not only physical health problems but emotional issues as well.

In improving our mood, we need to ask what specific energy channel it is most associated with? The answer to this is the Spleen Meridian.

Perhaps, you may not know anything about the Spleen Meridian. This article, therefore, will give you a quick run-down, in order to better get a glimpse of what the Spleen Meridian actually is:

Spleen Meridian 101:

The first thing you need to know about the Spleen Meridian is that it is responsible for all the stuff entering your body.

This meridian controls the digestion, assimilation and managing all the things you get from the outside world. Those things could be knowledge, the environment, and the food you eat. It could also be feelings and emotions.

Problems that are mainly associated with the Spleen Meridian include learning difficulties, autoimmune diseases, food intolerances and food allergies.

The second thing you need to know about the Spleen Meridian is that our modern way of living is not really good for its health. This meridian can be chronically impaired or wiped out by a whole bunch of factors that cannot be avoided in modern life. They include:

 Stress
 Stressful, critical, and negative emotional environments
 Electromagnetic ‘smog’ (from things such as microwave ovens, cellphones, and WiFi)
 Pollutants, toxic chemicals, and junk and GMO foods
 Trauma or Shock

A third fact about the Spleen Meridian is that it can be strengthened with nurturing, caring, and compassion. The stronger your Spleen Meridian will be when the more nurturing, caring, and compassionate you are.

A fourth fact is that hostility, anger, and indifference will weaken your Spleen Meridian.

Nothing dissipates your happy energy more effectively or faster than being beaten up, neglected, ignored, yelled at, or physically or verbally abused. If you’re too quick to blame yourself or beat yourself up for not always doing everything perfect or for always making mistakes, your Spleen Meridian can be severely shorted out.

How to maintain the strength and health of your Spleen Meridian

Now that you see how much your spleen can be affected by your emotions, we need to provide with some good tips keep it healthy and strong:

1. To give your happy energy an instant lift, exercise regularly. One of the best ways to boost happy energy is to dance for at least five minutes.
2. Make it a point to avoid the things that are wiping your Spleen Meridian out.
3. Be sure you’re getting and giving enough healthy compassion in your life.
4. Pray.
5. Tapping your spleen meridian points is one very easy way to energetically strengthen your spleen
6. You can also to strengthen the Spleen Meridian by utilizing the following energy technique.

One of the easiest and best ways to improve your Happy Energy is to regularly rub, massage, or tap the Spleen neurolymphatic and acupressure points. You can find these points at the side of your breasts, in front of them, or just below them. Tap whatever point you feel is tender – the more the area hurts, the more energy is trapped or blocked there.

To sum up this article in nine words: The happier you’ll feel when the stronger your Spleen is.


Christina Prieto is an Orlando acupuncturist, a certified Yoga instructor and the founder of Harmony Wellness center in central Florida.