Losing Weight with Acupuncture Edina

Acupuncture Edina for weight loss is the safest program for weight loss around.  It is a natural way to lose weight by accelerating the metabolism of the body allowing the body to lose calories without undergoing strenuous exercise or foregoing meals.

Losing weight has been a problem for older people, especially those over 40 who discover their metabolism as not efficient as it used to be.  Furthermore, they become less active and sedentary and the excess energy does not go anywhere but to their bodies in the form of fat.

Acupuncture can be taken along with another weight loss program such as working out or dieting.  It can also be the sole weight loss program for the individual although the outcome would not be as rapid as engaging in two or more programs.  The heightened metabolism brought about by the treatment gives the person more energy and vigor.  The renewed energy also helps uplift the psyche and morale of the person and instead of the feeling of lethargy and stasis, the person then develops a news sense of purpose and vitality.

Acupuncture diminishes the craving and addiction for food.  One very important feature of acupuncture is that it helps release a chemical called endorphins.  These endorphins are the body’s feel-good chemicals since they generate the feeling of euphoria and satisfaction in the body.  The craving for food stems from eating food as a way to release these endorphins.  When the body hungers for these endorphins, it sends out hunger pangs in the body so the body reacts by eating even just after a meal.

As acupuncture releases endorphins, the cravings minimize and can thus be controlled.  Acupuncture also enhances digestion, which means that the body efficiently absorbs food
nutrients and because of this, the body then does not become as hungry often.

The acupuncturist will need to know the right treatment for you.  He will interview you and see the history of your problem.  After knowing, the acupuncturist then selects the best treatment for you case.  He may opt for acupuncture with herbal treatment or with other traditional oriental medicine (TOM) modalities for some cases. He may use solely acupuncture for another case.

Unlike western medicine where treatment of weight loss is usually for the suppression of appetite by harmful chemicals to relieve the craving, TOM treats the person holistically meaning it cures the physical, emotional and psychological aspect of the person without any side effects.  The root cause of the craving is addressed by removing the craving itself and banishing any psychological pressures that engendered the craving in the first place.

One can come out of the treatment a new person having a brighter outlook and purpose in life not to mention the weight loss one achieves through acupuncture.