Labor Acupressure Prepares The Baby And Mother For Very Safe, Painless, and Natural Birth

Developed in Asia more than 5,000 years ago, acupressure is an ancient healing art that deals with the flow of natural energy within the body and with the human body itself. Practitioners of this remedial technique consider the body as a system of energy that strives to alleviate symptoms by freeing obstructed centers of energy in the body. These centers are known as acupoints and are located just above energy channels called meridians.

Somewhat the same as acupuncture, acupressure in Bellingham merely utilizes the thumbs and fingers to activate specific acupoints in lieu of needles. Used long before the advent of needles, acupressure is often deemed to be the mother of acupuncture.
An acupressure procedure is oftentimes performed using the hand although from time to time, various hand-held devices and even the elbow are also used. The obstructed energy begins to free up through the use of gentle but deep finger pressure on certain acupoints allowing the mind and body to relax.

Considered a beneficial way to heal various health problems, acupressure is known to help pregnant women attain a safe and normal birthing experience. It also increases overall wellbeing, stimulates the speedy recovery of injuries, boosts levels of energy, relieves shoulder, neck and head aches and pain, and relieves tension and stress.

How can pregnant women benefit from labor or maternity acupressure?

Labor or maternity acupressure is a holistic mode of therapy that can bring about positive repercussions that can prepare the baby and mother for birth. This therapy helps to induce labor in a natural way. It also can be an effective and safe way to relieve labor pains without the need for medications and drugs. Acupressure can help strengthen contractions during the process of birth, enabling the cervix to widen and help the mother stay calm and relax.

More and more pregnant women whose pregnancy is overdue are using labor acupressure practices to naturally induce labor. Labor induction with the help of acupressure is as simple as searching for sensitive spots on your skin and activating them by applying pressure to those points with your finger. The use of pressure on specific points on the skin is the only way acupressure induces labor; hence, with basic instructions, it can be safely used at home. Labor acupressure is very safe to use and is an extremely simple hands-on technique.

Research reveals that more than 80 percent of pregnant women who have used acupressure to naturally induce labor naturally experienced a natural and normal childbirth with considerably fewer complications compared to others who were not provided with this therapy. Labor acupressure was also able to significantly shorten the total time of labor. Women during pregnancy and childbirth who have used acupressure were very much satisfied with the benefits they received from this therapy.