Infertility Complications

One of the complications that can come about if one or both of the couple is infertile is separation or at least a strain in their relationship. Infertility can also lead to infidelity problems for one or both of the couple who may be more inclined to carry on affairs because no consequence of pregnancy can come about of the affair.

If both couple is willing to seek recourse for their inability to bear offspring, they can try expensive techniques like in-vitro fertilization technology which can put a strain in their finances. If the male or female have a specific fertility problem where the only solution is through surgery, this means having to undergo an expensive invasive procedure that can entail risks and side effects which may even be worse than the original problem of infertility in Palm Harbor.

Infertility, particularly, male infertility can lead to loss of self-esteem and depression for the male which always affects his partner. On certain cultures infertility is frowned upon and the female more or less suffers the pressures and consequences brought to her by society because of her inability to bear offspring.

There are some types of infertility that can lead to serious health complications like cancer. For the male, infertility can lead to or be a sign of prostate problems like prostate cancer. Infertility may not necessarily be the cause of loss of sexual desire; it can, however, cause either the male or the female to be less excited about sex and thus the loss of libido of either the male or the female or both of them.