Gastritis Complications

If not treated promptly, acute gastritis can lead to stomach conditions like stomach bleeding, stomach ulcers and chronic gastritis. When acute gastritis turns to chronic gastritis, the latter may make you at great risk for developing polyps, and benign or malignant stomach cancer more so if your stomach lining is thinned to dangerous levels and the gastritis causes negative changes in the cells of the stomach lining.

Stomach bleeding – The stomach lining is inflamed and irritated if you have gastritis. This makes the lining super sensitive and easily injured that other factors can easily cause damage and bleeding of the stomach lining.

Stomach ulcers – Gastritis caused by the H. Pylorus bacterium usually wreaks havoc and weakens the stomach lining enabling stomach acid and other harmful substances to eat away at the digestive tract tissue that may eventually lead to stomach ulcer.

Untreated chronic gastritis can lead to the rise of stomach polyps especially if the gastritis is related to infection of the H. Pylorus bacterium. These types of polyps do not necessarily lead to stomach cancer but if the polyp measures around 2 cm in diameter its likelihood of turning into cancerous cells is high.

Stomach cancer – Studies have revealed that patients with atrophic gastritis can suffer from two types of stomach cancer: MALT or mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue or lymphoma gastric cancer.

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