Feng Shui Cures To Boost Your Energy And Well-Being

How many of us rise up from sleep to greet the morning full of vim, vigor, happy, and, well-refreshed? How many people do you know are still packed with energy after spending long hours at work? Why are there certain places that seem to sap our energy dry and places that make us deep breather and uplift our spirits? Sometimes, we forget how important it is for our health to live in a balanced environment and how deeply connected we are with the environment we live in.

The need to generate a vibrant and healthy home environment cannot be overestimated as our lives certainly get tougher and tougher. We need to find and live in an energetically-balanced, peaceful, and safe space where our bodies can relax from its protective shield and concentrate on self-healing and reinvigoration.

Feng Shui is considered an ancient form of science and art that has been used for more than five millennia to enrich, balance, and heal people’s lives. It is a very sophisticated body of information that shows how people are connected to their environment and reveals a number of ways to alter certain aspects of one’s life by changing the working or living space.

Having realized the existence of this profound connection and how it impacts all facets of our lives, it would be foolish to not use Feng shui knowledge in your home and business to bolster your general well being, vitality and health.

The Five Element theory which include, Wood, water, earth, and Fire are the principle theories of the Five Elements. The five manifestations of Chi are represented in your environment by colors, shapes, textures, smells, taste, etc.  They interact with each other in certain ways, the fundamental cycles being Constructive (in which each element enforces the other) or Destructive (in which one element vanquishes the other). Understanding this theory and its applications in a person’ life can be an extraordinarily powerful tool. Feng shui masters suggest living in a place that nourishes and supports your birth element in order to experience high energy levels and a better sense of well-being.  Feng shui masters suggest living in a place that nourishes and supports one’s birth element.

Every person has a unique element that is measured by the year of his or her birth. Once a person knows his own element, he may want to look around his residence and observe the type of element that predominates. Yes, any certain environment has also its own predominant element. For instance, if there are purple curtains, triangular objects, a fireplace, pointed shapes, and art with predominant red-orange colors in your living room, the room’s energy is predominantly Fire.

If Wood is the element of your birth and you live in a Fire environment, you may likely to experience an inability to relax, headaches, often feel “burnt out, and to constantly argue with your family. As Fire consumes the Wood, you may want to consider decreasing the element of Fire in your environment, which can improve your health and well being. To address this incompatibility of wood element and Fire environment, you may want to bring some of the element of Water (that kills the Fire) or your own Wood element.

You can bring the Wood element into your environment through the green and brown colors – plants (especially powerful is green bamboo), actual wooden objects, rectangular shape objects and others. Water can be signified by water images (rivers, lakes, oceans) or a fountain (actual water); as well as deep blue or black colors, curved and wavy shapes, mirrors, etc. The sequence of events depicted above can also be true for someone with Metal as his birth element as Fire melts the Metal. A water or Earth person, however, may feel very relaxed in that environment, and once can easily the reason why. These elements are both not overwhelmed by the Fire energy.

There’s an ancient Chinese adage that says feng shui practitioners moonlight as physicians. The science and art of Feng Shui has a wealth of solutions, cures, recommendations for each individual and practically every space, be it garden, business, home, etc. has a certain anatomy, just like your body. The space you live in also has its own anatomy, with its own allowances and prohibitions. Certain aspects of your life, and certain body organs can be associated with certain areas of your residence. For instance, the direction “responsible” for Health and Family is the East. East is the direction and the element associated with it is Wood; thus, it may be a good idea to not place objects that represent either metal or Fire in this area of your business/home. If you’re suffering from specific physical problems, you can opt to place a picture in the East area, or any other object that represents a medicine plant that’s considered healing for you (for instance, liver problems, dandelion).

The following are some of the feng shui solutions to enhance vitality and boost your health:

  1. Keep the center of your residence open, free of clutter, and clean. The center of your home is considered the Heart of your House and for a lot of ancient cultures, it is a sacred area. This area should not be placed with any heavy objects. It is a very good idea to place chimes or bells with a pleasant sound, some crystals, items that speak to your heart, happy pictures of your loved ones, or a fountain in the center of your home.
  1. Remove or reduce the number of metal objects in your Bedroom, since metal is a good conductor of electricity and electricity can be harmful to your health. Try to decrease the electromagnetic energy in your bedroom. Designate a sleeping space wherein you can replenish, regenerate, or heal during sleep. Avoid sleeping under a sloped ceiling or beams. Avoid sleeping with your feet pointed to the door. Use a headboard that is supportive and good. Sleep on a natural mattress.
  1. Be conscious of the air quality in your space. Use essential oils bergamot, frankincense, sage, chamomile, lavender, etc. to improve your sense of well being, uplift the spirits, and sanitize the space, and frequently oxygenate your home to breathe in high quality chi. See if you need to use an air ionizer. Have plants such as spider plant, Boston fern, peace lily, etc., that have air-purifying properties. The green color can be quite healing.
  1. Maintain a relationship with people who can uplift your spirit or surround yourself with objects you love. At least once a day, try spending some time in nature. By decreasing the internal pollutants present in a lot of homes and implementing a number of feng shui remedies, you can make your home a refuge for healing from the stress you may face during the day.
  1. Create a welcoming and pleasing entrance. The entrance should have uplifting energy and be spacious and well lit. Lest your life be mired in worthless struggles, implement certain feng shui remedies if you face a stair or a wall.

You can significantly enhance your sense of well being and health when you follow these basic and simple feng shui cures. You can generate an environment that is fully supportive of your loved ones and you and bring healing harmony and beauty into your life.

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