Does Acupuncture Cleveland Benefit People?

There is an ongoing schism in the medical community over its views on the medical benefit of acupuncture Cleveland.  The skeptics dismiss it as pseudo medicine or outright quackery while on the other hand, patients who found no cure available from mainstream medicine and have been treated by acupuncture have been witnesses to its medicinal potency.

The main obstacle in getting a definitive result in the research of acupuncture is that acupuncture does not follow empirical science; it is subjective in nature.  A type of approach called evidence-based medicine has observed how people are affected by acupuncture but because of important aspects in acupuncture treatment that cannot seem to be explained by empirical science have rendered the findings inconclusive.

Still, the truth is that acupuncture does work in treating many types of disorders and pain and it is generally a safe treatment for most people.  People need to first look for a highly qualified and experienced acupuncturist who is recommended by one’s physician or by acquaintances who know the acupuncturist very well.  The use of acupuncture needles are regulated by some states and people who get allergies from some types of needles should not try acupuncture.  There are scant cases of people getting hurt by acupuncture and these are all minor incidents such as dizziness or bleeding.

Acupuncture should always come second to primary medical mainstream treatment and patients should first consult with their primary healthcare provider regarding acupuncture before trying it.  One’s physician will recommend this treatment if he/he feels it is the best medical approach to the patient’s condition.

Acupuncture is a more superior treatment form than Western medical treatments for some health problems.  It is a very good reliever of pain and can effectively treat chronic health problems such as irritable bowel, acid reflux, allergies and chronic disease.  The World Health Organization acknowledges the benefit of acupuncture in treating more than 30 kinds of disorders including tennis elbow, asthma and addiction (both behavioral and chemical).

Acupuncture is a very popular form of treatment all over the world.  It is part of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and has been used by many generations of Chinese people a treatment for their health problems.  TCM is based on the philosophy of Taoism and Naturalism, which believes that an invisible life energy called chi exists in all living things and this chi is the one actually giving life to all living things.  The ancient Chinese way of healing is very much different from Western medical science concept and that is the reason there are many skeptics in Western science towards acupuncture.  Regardless, TCM does not see Western science as a competition; it actually views Western science as a partner in helping the patient gain a sound mind and a healthy body.