Acupuncture Davis, a Far Better Weight Loss Option than Drugs

Unlike conventional weight loss programs including pharmaceutical drugs where diseases are treated not in the context of the whole body, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) looks into the whole breadth and scope of human health and strives to heal the human being physically, emotionally and psychologically.

Western medicine sees the human body as some sort of a machine that needs to be repaired part by part.  With TCM, the whole spectrum of the person’s being is considered and addressed.  It sees the person as a spiritual being with a soul that interacts with his physical body.  Problems in the spirit and soul can affect the body and vice versa.  That is why the existence of chi and other concepts affecting human health are not accepted and proven by the empirical methods of western medicine.  The Chinese see chi as the energy spirit that enlivens the soul and body.  All things in the universe possess chi.   Chi is probably the closest thing to a divinity in this universe.  The Chinese view chi as Nature itself and also part of nature at the same time.

Western medicine zooms in on the specific problem in the human body and only focuses on this problem discarding the whole human being and how the disease might have arisen due to imbalances in the body that weaken the body which lead to the disease.  As a result, they formulate solutions that merely address the symptoms of the disease not the root cause of it, which may be done deliberately since they would not get rich curing the disease completely as there would be no need to buy any more of their meds if the patient is totally cured.

The reason why acupuncture Davis is very effective in treating excess weight is that it targets the cause of why the person has too much weight.  Western medicine some in the form of drugs such as Xenical or phentermine are designed to suppress the appetite.  The main problem with these kinds of drugs is that they create horrible side effects to the body that adds to the already bad health condition of the patient.  Xenical use can lead to anxiety, chronic fatigue and bleeding in the anus while phentermine can cause serious heart palpitations and arrhythmia as well as chronic fatigue and depression.

Patients with excessive weight problems who have been treated with acupuncture never had any complaints about negative effects of acupuncture.  In fact, the effects caused by acupuncture on the patient were all positive ranging from euphoria and relaxation to revitalization of the body.  The most important effect of acupuncture for them was of course the lessening of the craving for food and the surge of metabolic energy that leads to efficient calorie burning.