Auriculotherapy For The Alleviation Of Anxiety And Stress

The ear is the organ of our body responsible for hearing. This important sensory organ however, is more than just a channel for sound energy. The ear establishes a connection between sound and our body and also maintains our balance to sustain our position with our environment.

The ear serves as the right and left auxiliary of our brain; is also a tool for healing and self-recovery. This function of the ear has been widely utilized in certain healing practices, especially in Western medicine.

The administration of this practice is known as Auriculotherapy or ear acupressure and has been seen to be one of the easiest and most effective alternative modes of healing to decrease addiction to drugs and alcohols, cure insomnia, reduce blood pressure, lose excess weight, and relieve pain, to name a few of the conditions caused by the stresses and difficulties of modern life.

The earliest use of auriculotherapy was in 500 BC by ancient Chinese acupuncturists. However, it was not until the 1950’s that a French doctor named Paul Nogier, that auriculotherapy was developed and refined to the modality we now use today. Since then, this therapy is now widely practiced as a valid form treatment all over the world.

Dr. Nogier attributed the association of ear acupoints and their reactions to a number of health problems. He compared the shape of the ear to that of an upside down fetus, which literally was a mini-representation of the entire body system of a person. The work done by Dr. Nogier was conspicuously supported by Oriental acupuncturists that led to the establishment of a more exhaustive map that pinpoints the exact acupressure points on the ear and various related bodily systems which these pressure points correspond.

Unlike ear reflexology which works by facilitating the flow of blood and energy in the body through the use of acupressure, auriculotherapy stimulates the nerve connections or neurons between the ear and the central nervous system. The administration of pressure to precise points on the auricle or outer ear activates nerve signals to the brain in order to send powerful curative signals to the organ or bodily system affected by the health condition.

To alleviate pain, the brain, when it receives signals from the ear, secretes neurotransmitters called endorphins into the blood stream. This response quickly relieves chronic pain and discomfort minus the adverse effects.

The modern way of living has provided us with many luxuries; unfortunately, it has also brought us more tension, anxiety and stress in various forms than in previous times. Today, most of our work depends on the use of computers that require us to sit on our desk for several hours glued to a computer monitor, which negatively impacts our eyes, spinal column and more importantly, our brain. These types of sedentary jobs have brought about acute headaches accompanied by stiffness in the shoulder, back, and neck in most people. They usually occur when the pressure of work pressure is at its greatest.

The workplace is not the only place where we get stressed. When we get home exhausted and tired, the pressure to face family responsibilities and to pay bills also generates severe tension that can lead to more serious problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart conditions, chest pains, depression, sleep disturbances, and many more.

Many people who are overstressed resort to antidepressants or worse, illegal drugs and alcohol which only lead to serious side effects affecting the body mentally and physically. People need not expose their health to danger in the battle against stress. The use of auriculotherapy offers us a convenient and safe way to alleviate anxiety and stress. Experience the benefits of auriculotherapy by giving this therapeutic modality a try.

Stress-Related Symptoms

Stress is actually not all that bad. It basically is a natural body reaction to perceived threats. At normal levels, stress enhances productivity by helping us to stay alert and to keep us focused. However, stress can become unhealthy when it is felt for a prolonged period of time. High levels of stress pose a risk to one’s health when it’s already significantly affecting one’s quality of life. This is the reason it‘s important to determine early symptoms of stress before it gets worse. The following are some of the related symptoms of stress.
• Nausea
• Lack of concentration
• Irritability
• Insomnia
• Heavy smoking
• Eating disorders
• Depression
• Chest pains
• Drugs and alcohol abuse

Auriculotherapy can provide us with a relaxing and natural mode of treatment that helps us achieve a calmer state by stimulating the production and secretion of endorphins in our body. With the aid of an acupuncturist Cleveland, therapist, or even on your own, anyone can experience relief from anxiety and stress with auriculotherapy. If you’re taking prescription drugs, you may need to consult with your doctor first before availing of this modality.

By simply following these four simple ear acupressure techniques you’ll be on your way to a stress-free life:

1. Cartilage Press

One important acupoint in the ear can be found on the inner area of your ear. Stand in front of a mirror and look for the cartilage located just above your ear’s fleshy area. You’ll find that this cartilage is parallel to your ear lobe. Apply pressure on the cartilage with your index finger for ten seconds. Release the pressure and relax for ten seconds. Do the exercise 5 times then repeat the procedure on the other ear.

2. Finger Press

Press gently using your index finger on the point located behind your ear in the tiny fold where the hard region of your ear meets your ear lobe. Apply pressure on that point for eight seconds. Release the pressure and relax for ten seconds. Repeat the procedure five times. Then do the same exercise on the other ear.

3. Bead Press

One type of auriculotherapy procedure can be administered with the use of beads. Sit on a comfortable chair with your feet on the floor. Find the point located at the back of your ear. Place a bead on this acupoint by holding the bead between your index finger and thumb. Apply gentle pressure on the bead and hold it for ten seconds. Release the pressure and relax for another ten seconds. Repeat the exercise 5 times. Then go to the other ear and repeat this exercise 5 times.

You can also tape the bead behind your ear to keep it in place. Massage the beat gently for ten seconds and then relax for another ten seconds. Repeat this procedure on the other ear.

4. Finger Squeeze

Auriculotherapy can also be administered by applying pressure on the fleshy region of your ear. This can also be useful for people who want to lose excess pounds because this specific point on the ear can also function as a point to naturally suppress your appetite.

Find the pressure point by closing and opening your jaw. Whilst you do this, allow your index finger to feel the acupoint where your jaw moves the most. You’ll sense a plump bulge in front of the ear canal when sliding your index finger from the jaw acupoint towards your ear. Grab that fleshy bulge with your index finger and thumb and then squeeze it gently for eight seconds. Release the pressure and relax for ten seconds. Repeat the exercise five times and perform the same exercise on the other ear.

Some veteran therapists treat a pressure point using acupuncture needles and electrical devices that deliver mild electrical signals to the body. The use of finger pressure delivers the same benefits as with the use of these tools. If you decide to perform auriculotherapy to heal yourself, the only thing you need is a complete map that identifies the various pressure points on the ear and the illnesses and ailments they address. Understanding the specific amount of pressure to be used on these points is also important.

For a more convenient and handy guide, you can purchase an easy to understand guidebook about auriculotherapy that features a wide range of medical treatment for over 350 health conditions.

Aside from alleviating anxiety and stress, auriculotherapy also provides us with additional benefits such as treatment of depression, stabilizing of digestive problems, strengthening the immune system, boosting memory and concentration, enhancing sexual drive, and reduction of weight. It is a self-administered treatment that won’t take much of your money and time. When used alongside other relaxation techniques and therapeutic remedies, auriculotherapy can complete your overall wellness plan.