Arthritis and Acupuncture Miami Treatment

In the United States around 70 million Americans are afflicted with arthritis, a painful disorder which comprises the most numerous case of disability in the US.  Arthritis can afflict any age group.  The two most common types of arthritis disorders are rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.  Treatments of massage therapy, Chinese herbs and acupuncture Miami have proven to be very effective modalities in treating arthritis symptoms.

Osteoarthritis – Osteoarthritis strikes about 20 million in people in the United States making it the most common form of arthritis disorder in the US.  It involves a dysfunction of the joint cartilage causing stiffness in the joints and severe pain.  The areas usually afflicted with osteoarthritis are the spine, fingers, knees and hips.  Past injuries incurred at work, playing or from an accident can be causes for the rise of osteoarthritis.  Also work where that entails frequent bending, squatting or stooping can result in the development of osteoarthritis.

Rheumatoid Arthritis – Many people with rheumatoid arthritis feel that this disorder can affect virtually any part of the body.  This disorder is caused by an irritation and swelling of the synovium joints.  The swelling causes redness, warmth stiffness and inflammation.  The synovium joints can contort and lose shape severely affecting the person’s ability to move normally.

In the past few years, acupuncture and massage therapy or physiotherapy as ways to address arthritis have grown significantly.  A major reason for this rise in popularity is its effectiveness compared to mainstream medications. Both physiotherapy and acupuncture have roots in ancient medicine, especially acupuncture.  Acupuncture and other forms of ancient oriental medicine, particularly those of ancient Chinese medicine have had great success in treating the painful symptoms of arthritis.  Chinese medicine can be done in a way that properly fits the individual’s treatment needs for the resolution of arthritis.  Combinations such as acupuncture, lifestyle modifications, exercises, dietary changes and Chinese herbs can all be used to combat the patient’s arthritis problem.

For arthritis treatment, the needling points used by acupuncture maybe potentially located in any area of the body not just on the locations where pain is felt.  The needles are ultra thin and non-hollow which means they can not be used to draw blood in the body or vaccinate a person.  Session may last for just a few minutes to 40 minutes.  For arthritis patients expect multiple visits that may vary depending on the severity of the arthritis.

It is always a good idea to make the necessary changes in diet and lifestyle to help with one’s arthritis.  Eating non-fatty and greasy foods as well as abstaining from nuts that contain high uric acid can be a good start.  Herbs and massage are very good for the relief of pain and for detoxification of the body.