Addressing ADD/ADHD Safely and Effectively with Acupuncture

All of us have experienced forgetfulness, loss of concentration and a fidgety feeling at some point in our lives.

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder), also known as ADD, is a common term these days. It is a condition invented by psychiatrists that has a number of symptoms classifying it. ADHD has actually three categories: hyperactivity, incapacity to control impulse reactions either verbally or physically, and inattention. People with ADHD may manifest one or all of those three traits/symptoms.

People with ADHD are often diagnosed at a young age, usually around the age of seven. Most of those with this condition outgrow their symptoms; some of them do have to deal with the symptoms for the rest of their lives.

The affected person has often difficulty in following instructions. He/she also can show an impulsive behavior that may be unacceptable in social settings or considered as misbehavior as well as have problems staying focused or find it difficult to learn in a structured setting.

It may be confusing and difficult for parents to learn their child is diagnosed with ADD/ADHD. It’s not a pleasant experience medicating your seven year old (or younger) much less try deal with very damaging side effects and sort out their reaction to the drugs.

Parents usually are unaware that natural therapies are available to help relieve or even cure ADD/ADHD symptoms and help the child grow in a healthy and happy way. Chinese herbal medicine and ear acupuncture (auricular acupuncture) are the most common Chinese medicine treatments to address hyperactivity and boost focus and concentration.

According to Chinese medicine, ADD/ADHD symptoms come about due to a disruption of the spirit/shen/mind. Two factors can lead to an agitated personality: phlegm/heat blocking the mind and lack of blood and nutrients to support the mind. Chinese medicine says that this usually happens because of the child’s own metabolism and his/her genetics.

The most effective form of treatment therefore is a combination of acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and an individualized diet. They can help make sure that the mind is well nourished and the flow of energy restored throughout the body. These modalities are all safe and gentle designed for the child’s own needs and his/her specific symptoms.

In evaluating your child, the symptoms to be addressed should be those seen in daycare/school and at home. The doctor is the only one who can make a correct diagnosis; as parents you shouldn’t be afraid to seek different opinions or be afraid to ask questions. Also, you need to consider safe and effective natural forms of medicine for your child that can work along with the medical doctor’s recommendations.

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