Acupuncture Treatment of Back Pain

Acupuncture treatments range from all aspects of diseases and ailments but none as more popular than back pain,   In China alone, lower backache affects about 80% of the population at one time or another.  Most acupuncture Orlando treatments for back pains are accompanied by application or ingestion of herbal medicine.  Some back pain may indeed require surgery but oftentimes several sessions of acupuncture is all that is needed to completely heal the ailment.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, pains stem from the stagnation or poor flow of chi in the meridian systems. Similarly, as the flow of chi stagnates, so does the blood flow poorly through the circulatory system.  The use of acupuncture needles to the meridians enable the blockages to be removed thus allowing the smooth flow of chi throughout the meridian system.

Some of the meridian points for the treatment of back pain:

  1. The acupuncture spleen meridian – The name of this meridian is SP9 or Yinlingquan.  It is located in the medial side of the leg.
  2. The acupuncture urinary bladder meridian – BL40 or Weizhong.  This point is found at the back of the knee.
  3. BL23 or Shenshu – Located on the lower back region.
  4. The acupuncture kidney meridian – KI3 or Taixi.  Located on the medial edge of the foot.
  5. The acupuncture governing vessel – GV14 or Dazhui – Located below the seventh vertebra.

Many of the herbs that help with lower back pain act on vital organ disorders such as liver chi stagnation; kidney yin and yang deficiency; and spleen deficiency.  Some of them counteract wind damp, cold damp, wind cold, wind heat and blood stagnation accumulated by the body that result in low back pain.

Most of the back ailments originate from the stagnation of chi in the yang and yin kidney deficiency.  In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the kidney is the center of the body’s yin and yang.  The kidney is the reservoir of the body’s nutrients and is where physiological processes take place.

Kidney yin is also known as primordial yin or true water and is the basis of yin fluid of the body.  The function of kidney yin is to moisten and replenish the tissues and the internal organs of the body.  The kidney yang, also known as the primordial yang or true fire, on the other hand, is the basis of yang chi of the body and it is responsible for warming and maintaining the body’s inner organs and tissues.

According to TCM, kidney yin is the provider of the body’s energy while kidney yang is the body’s receptacle for the body’s nourishment.  The harmonious interaction between these two principles is what maintains the proper functioning of all the body’s organs.