Acupuncture Palm Harbor and Herbal Medicine for Treating Infertility

If you feel that you are ready to start a family and find out you are infertile, acupuncture treatment for infertility might just be the answer you are seeking for.  Many infertile women have had their lives changed for the best with acupuncture, allowing them to achieve fertility and thus give them a chance to bear children.  Most people do not know what acupuncture treatment is really about and of course doubts abound about the ability of this relatively unknown treatment to treat infertility.  However, countless people have truly benefited from this wonderful treatment for specific infertility cases.

Acupuncture in Fort Lauderdale addresses the underlying conditions that cause infertility.  It effectively detoxifies the body helping the kidneys and liver better filter out and excrete waste materials and toxins out of the body.  Herbals can also further cleanse the body of toxins and free radicals.  Another benefit of acupuncture for the person is its ability to relieve stress in both the mind and body.  Lowering stress levels enables the person to have peace of mind and the body to relax.  This helps the body to better function, the muscles to relax allowing more blood to flow throughout the body and muscle spasm and pain relieved.  The improved blood flow nourishes the ovaries and makes the uterus healthier. Acupuncture helps regulate the body functions that control the reproductive system, particularly the endocrine system.  When the endocrine system is regulated, the body experiences hormonal balance, normal menstruation and normal ovary cycle.

Acupuncture helps redistribute chi energy throughout the body. Chi is the Chinese word for vital force, the energy the Chinese believe gives life, health and strength to a person.  The major acupuncture points for the treatment of infertility are located for the most part in the ear but a few needles are also applied near the reproductive organs and the abdomen.

Infertility problems such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), luteal phase defect, irregular menstruation, irregular ovary cycle, erectile dysfunction, low sperm count, poor sperm motility and endometriosis are just some of the fertility disorders that acupuncture can treat.  Oftentimes herbal medicine is often included in acupuncture treatment as it makes the therapy more powerful and thus more effective.  Treatment duration may last for 3 months or more depending on the type of disorder and how the patient reacts to the treatment.

There are licensed acupuncturists who do specialize in infertility cases.  It is highly recommended to consult with these kinds of practitioners as they have extensive experience dealing with all types of fertility problems.  It is also advisable to talk to one’s physician or healthcare provider about going to an acupuncturist before doing so.  The doctor may even know and recommend a qualified acupuncturist for your problem.