Acupuncture Davis Meridians

According to traditional Chinese medicine or TCM, the body has 20 acupuncture meridians, although this figure may vary for each practitioner.  Their function is to provide pathways to energy known as chi or vital life energy.  Their role is similar to the circulatory or the nervous systems but instead of blood or neural signals, meridians are networks, which circulates chi throughout the body.  The meridians are connected to acupuncture points or acupoints throughout the body and also to the body’s organs, muscles, tissues and joints.  Acupuncture Davis needles are hair-thin sterilized needles inserted at specific acupuncture points whose job is to provide healing for the body.

Lung meridian – This meridian possesses 11 acupoints. Needles applied to any of these points can treat colds, cough, asthma and tonsillitis among others. LU (which stands for lungs) corresponds to the lung meridian.

Large intestine meridian – The large intestine meridian comprises of 20 acupoints where a number of diseases such as pharyngitis, joint and body pain and others are treated with needle application in these sites.  There are cases where needles utilization in these points helps a person wake up from a coma.  They are marked as L1, L2, L3, etc.

Stomach meridian – This meridian comprises about 45 acupoints.  They are for treating abdominal disorders, dysentery, rheumatism, diarrhea, anorexia, paralysis among others. ST is the mark it is identified with.

Spleen meridian – This pathway possesses 21 points.  It is the site where dysentery, constipation, hernia, paralysis and others are treated with acupuncture.  They are labeled SP1, Sp2, Sp3 and so forth.

Heart meridian – This pathway possesses 9 acupoints.  Needles or pressure applied here will render comfort from sleeping disorders, hysteria and shoulder and arm pain. The letter H is marked for this meridian.

Small intestine meridian – These meridians have 19 points. Neck and joint pains, toothache or facial paralysis is treated in these sites. They are labeled the letter S.

Urinary bladder meridian – This pathway possesses 67 acupoints. Acupuncture application here can treat Headaches, urine retention, paralysis, dysentery, constipation, alopecia and skin diseases.  This pathway is marked BL.

Pericardium meridian – This energy pathway possesses 9 acupoints, aids in curing insomnia, joint, malaria, neck pain and others.  This meridian is tagged PC.

Kidney meridian – This pathway has 27 points and aids in treating hernia, hysteria, menstrual issues, inflammation of testes, uterine bleeding or constipation.  It is symbolized with a K.

Gall bladder meridian – Possesses 44 acupoints. The points abet the cure of epilepsy, menstrual issues, back pain and other.  GB is the designated code for these points.

Liver meridian – 14 acupoints, which aid in problems such as knee joint pains, male impotency and urine problems.  LI is the designated code for this pathway.

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