Acupuncture Jacksonville versus Western Pharmaceutical Drugs

Living in a city or an urban environment in the modern age has engendered the rise of several illnesses and health-related problems.  A good example is working for prolonged hours in front of a computer.  The eyes, shoulder, back and neck get strained causing them aches and pain.

The strain is brought about by the body’s enduring sustained hours of exposure to poor ergonomics, radiation coming from the monitor and CPU and no rest.  The body needs to relax after some hours of exposure to this environment but because of work demands, this does not happen often and the body suffers as a result.

Acupuncture Jacksonville can be a great benefit for people suffering from stress, strain and body aches.  Chinese practitioners are still using this wonderful natural treatment after thousands of years treating several kinds of disorders effectively throughout millennia.  Acupuncture treatment uses filiform needles inserted at points in the body called acupuncture points or just acupoints with the aim of restoring the balance of energy and the improvement of blood circulation to the undernourished parts of the body.

Traditional Chinese medicine has mapped more than 300 acupoints in the body and it theorizes that these points interconnect each other.  With acupuncture, the needles are not necessarily inserted at the problem areas; instead, they are placed at various parts of the body where the energy vessels called meridians are located to stimulate a specific body organ known to have a disorder.  For example, for fatigue, needles may be inserted on the ear because the ear has a meridian associated with the kidneys that has an energy deficiency causing the fatigue.

Body aches are realities and part of modern daily living due to physical and mental stress.  Overwork can lead to chronic body pain because of the body’s constant bombardment to pressure and stress.

It is not surprising to see the rise of acupuncture as a very popular treatment for stress- related disorders.  Many people are wary of taking drugs because of the undesirable side effects of these drugs and the fleeting and unsatisfactory benefits these give people.  Drugs do not address the underlying cause of the problem and thus the problems and symptoms of the disorder continue to persist.  Furthermore, constant intake of these drugs lessen their efficacy as time progresses thus the need for stronger doses just to elicit the same degree of relief.

People undergoing acupuncture treatment will never experience the problems drugs give. Acupuncture treatment is all natural, safe and addresses the cause of the problem as well as its symptoms.  Unlike medications, which cause drowsiness and a host of side effects that weaken the body, acupuncture revitalizes the body and strengthens the immune system making the body resilient to diseases and disorders.