Acupuncture Jacksonville Treatment for Alcoholism

Alcoholism damages the organs such as the duodenum, liver, kidneys, the brain and the nervous system.  These damages may take several years to manifest and if the alcoholic persists in its addiction, his/her life span can be reduced by 10 years or more.

Alcohol is processed through the liver.  Prolonged alcohol consumption affects the liver enzymes and results in the body’s inability to absorb nutrients and certain vitamins.  Whatever nutrients are stored in the body gets lost through urination.  Alcoholism tends to allow storage of excessive amounts of fat liver, which weakens the liver’s functions considerably.  Hepatitis may ensue due to liver weakening and cirrhosis, a serious state where liver cells become inflamed, can develop which may result in death.  Cirrhosis makes it difficult for blood to flow normally through the liver harming the liver’s ability to filter out toxins and foreign substances.  The liver may handle many toxic substances and can regenerate itself when taken care of; however, alcohol is often fatal for liver especially when it is taken in for many years.

Alcohol not only damages the body but also destroys the social life of the alcoholic.  Alcoholics usually end up alone and jobless because of the inherent destructive effect of alcohol on social relationships.  This situation can lead the alcoholic to resort to alcohol even more.  Alcoholism is caused by a number of factors:  genetic predisposition, psychiatric disorders such as depression or sadness and stress.  Acupuncture Jacksonville is one of the programs where alcoholics see real progress in their lives helping them to wean out of this destructive lifestyle and get back their normal lives.

Upon the first week in an acupuncture program, alcoholics will experience withdrawal symptoms when they stop drinking.  Problems such as insomnia, visual and auditory hallucinations and convulsions among others maybe experienced in the first week of treatment.  However, with good supervision and in the course of the treatment, these symptoms will dissipate and the progress to recovery becomes much easier.

Ear and/or body acupuncture are used by acupuncturists to treat people with alcoholism after assessment of the individual of the excesses and deficiencies of chi or life force located in various meridians in their body. For alcoholism, chi deficiency is usually in the liver area, while the gallbladder area usually has the excess chi.  Acupuncture removes the blockage of chi in the liver area.  According to TCM, the liver contains chemical residues reflecting the psychological history of the patient which alcohol has been trying to repress.

Acupuncturists may use other techniques such as moxibustion, herbal remedies, diet and therapeutic massage to maximize and facilitate the treatment.  As the treatment progresses, the patient begins to develop a new outlook in life filled with renewed optimism and vitality since acupuncture not only aims to cure the addiction of alcohol but it also endeavors curing the psychological aspect of the person as well.