Jacksonville Acupuncture for Migraine Treatment

Traditional Chinese medicine sees pain as the result of an imbalance in the energy and blood flow in the body caused by a blockage in the energy channels called meridians.  In order to relieve the pain, the energy blockage must be removed.  An acupuncturist does this by inserting needles into different points in the body.  For migraines, Jacksonville acupuncture needles help increase blood circulation to the brain, which greatly lessens the migraine pain.  The blood vessels relax as the needles help regulate the serotonin levels in the body, which takes away the pressure in the head and allows the blood vessels to dilate and bring more blood to the brain.  Many believe that undergoing frequent acupuncture treatments for migraine lessens migraine attacks and a time will come when the body itself learns to control the migraine pain without the need anymore for more acupuncture treatment.

The process for acupuncture treatment for migraine begins with a review of the medical history of the patient by the acupuncturist.  Next the patient’s pulse is checked and then filiform needles are applied to different parts of the person’s body.  The needles generate a stimulating effect that causes the brain to release beneficial chemicals to neutralize the pain.  Treatment results are often dramatic.  Migraine sufferers who have had weeks of excruciating pain were completely relieved of their pain after only one to three sessions of acupuncture.

Besides migraine pain, other ailments that cause pain and distress can be successfully treated with acupuncture.  Some of these ailments include ear, nose and throat pain; migraines, nausea, PMS, oral surgery pain, back pain and arthritis.  For those suffering from debilitating disorders that cause them lost days of work, acupuncture can prevent these ailments from being so severe that prevents them from going to work.

Though effective as a great pain reliever, acupuncture may have varying degrees of potency per individual.  A person’s unique constitution and the severity of a person’s migraine are key factors on whether treatment results for acupuncture will be much better than others.

It is highly recommended to get treatment from a licensed acupuncturist to prevent complications or side effects such as hematoma or pneumothorax.  Another risk factor to consider is needle infection especially if the acupuncturist is not using sterilized, single-use disposable and new needles.  The patient should always request for the use of disposable needles to protect him/her from blood carried pathogens.

Acupuncture is a safe and non-invasive treatment.  One can ask his/her physician for a referral from a licensed acupuncturist since many physicians now have accepted acupuncture as a viable alternative treatment for painful disorders.  The most important points to remember are to go to an acupuncturist who is licensed and extensively trained in the practice of this ancient medical tradition and the use of sterilized single use disposable needles during treatment.