Acupuncture for Anxiety

Is anxiety a problem you’ve been coping with for so many years?  Do you, time and time again, feel overwhelmed and out of control?  The symptoms of anxiety can include apprehension and uneasiness about future events, obsessive thinking, sweating and palpitations.

Acupuncture in Bellingham Can Help Treat Anxiety

For many anxiety patients, acupuncture has been the best, albeit the final answer to their problem after all modes of conventional therapies has been tried without success.  Acupuncturists have treated patients who were sure that they had exhausted all options and after discovering that talk therapy and/or drug therapy is insufficient for their needs.  As mentioned, lots of these people only consider acupuncture as an afterthought. Acupuncturists staunchly believe that a combination of aromatherapy counseling, Qi gong, Chinese herbal therapy and acupuncture can provide tremendous help in addressing the underlying cause(s) of this condition.  This plan of treatment is much less invasive to the brain and quite comprehensive than taking SSRI drugs. It considers not only biochemical factors, but also spiritual, nutritional and energetic aspects of the patient as well.

Almost 40 million people in the United States have a condition known as depression with longstanding anxiety. For every eight adults, one is currently under anti-depressant medications and even if these drugs give some type of results, there are a lot of individuals who do not receive any positive effects from the medications at all. This may be due to the following things:

-A belief system that states that one’s anxiety is an imbalance emanating from a deeper spiritual problem and not from a biochemical issue
-Extreme sensitivity to the potency of the drugs the person is using
-A tolerance to the medication that has developed in the course of time causing the benefit to decrease
-The side effects of the drugs that outweigh their benefits


Acupuncture has been a part of Chinese medicine for thousands of years and has been treating maladies for the same length of time. It is a healing art that restores the energetic level of the mind and body of a person. Most people may not know it but acupuncture is typically a therapy that brings incredible relaxation as well as a deep quality of balance and restoration to the central nervous system.  Majority of people who come for acupuncture feel sleepy, dreamy, relaxed or altered during and after treatment. This profound experience tends to linger for a few hours after the treatment session is over and eventually with repetitive sessions, becomes a more regular sensation.  Acupuncture treatment always aims in balancing the flow of vital energy which is known as Q in the body. Anxiety is usually caused by a weak Qi in the kidneys or heart. It often brings symptoms such as nightmares, irritability, insomnia, heart palpitations and low back pain, among others.

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and meditation has gained a growing number of adherents over the years. Many find them to be very powerful remedies for anxiety. With regular practice of different yoga postures and breathing techniques, people discover that they can have greater control over their anxiety and that it need not complicate their life anymore. These activities can be the most effective way to rest and restore the health of the nervous system. In terms of spiritual benefits, yoga and meditation can connect us spiritually to the universe and develop in us an unwavering sense of safety and trust and safety in the benevolence of the universe.


The stabilization of your blood sugar level is one of the most important things to consider every day.  Most of the patients with anxiety have a condition known as hypoglycemia which is a low blood sugar level. These patients usually drink coffee and/or consume refined carbohydrates to begin their day; this always leads to a “sugar crash” around 2 to 4 pm. In order to stabilize your blood sugar, start your day with a high protein breakfast that may include smoothies with goat protein or whey, whole oats, turkey bacon and eggs. Then, after every two to three hours, you can eat some low glycemic snack.  Stay away from coffee and other caffeine-laden products.  Also try to avoid foods (for at least a month) that are potential allergens like refined sugar, pasteurized dairy, gluten and wheat to see if your anxiety lessens or goes away.

Here are some the nutritional supplements that can aid you in treating anxiety:

-B vitamin complex
-Fish oil

Chinese Herbs

Some of the Chinese herbal preparations for anxiety are incredibly effective. They can easily bring good results in anxiety disorders. Some of the herbal formulas used for anxiety treatment include:

-Calm spirit by Health Concerns
-Suan zao ren tang
-Free and easy wanderer
-Heavenly emperor’s formula
-Salvia and amber by 7 Forests
-Peaceful spirit formula by Golden Flower

Some of the Western herbs that are available at local health food stores used to treat anxiety include:

-Passion flower
-Lemon balm

Essential Oil Therapy

For anxiety disorders, these essential oils can work wonders


From the point of view of holistic medicine, symptoms just never come about without any reason. There will always be a reason why they develop. For anxiety conditions, disengaging from our personal feelings and viewing the bigger picture is a helpful way to avoid this problem. Anxiety symptoms may be an indication that there is something missing in our lives and this needs to be addressed. Be that as it may the treatments mentioned in this article can give you some kind of support in addressing the underlying cause or causes of your anxiety and can help you set a less turbulent course toward an insightful and calm life.