Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Eviscerate Those Nasty Allergy Signs and Symptoms

Those embarrassing sneezes at the most inopportune times, the watery eyes, stuffy nose, and the sniffles that plague a third 1/3 of Americans – this can only mean one thing…it’s the allergy season!

Allergies are an exaggerated immune reaction or response to substances that are typically innocuous or harmless. A lot of people with allergy choose over-the-counter or prescription drugs to get rid of their symptoms. Licensed acupuncturist, Denise Ellinger, L.Ac states that one can actually keep away from a lot of these allergy symptoms. She argues that one’s health is a person’s most precious commodity. The key to maintaining and safeguarding this treasure is a healthy balance in all aspects of life. Besides that, the typical regimen of searching for that ‘magic pill’ is not the answer. Multi-millennial Chinese medicine modalities can often provide long-lasting relief without harmful side effects. Chinese Medicine is premised on the resolution of the underlying cause of the problem. When it comes to Western pharmaceutical products, the one most commonly used for seasonal allergy are decongestants and antihistamines, and corticosteroids for really serious reactions. These drugs all have negative side effects, and they usually only control the symptoms for a short while. Allergy drugs come with some of the following common side effects:

Depression – Certain asthma drugs actually can aggravate exacerbate suicidal thoughts or depression. The patient’s mental status should be assessed on a regular basis.

Increased appetite – An increased appetite is another possible side effect when taking antihistamines. This side effect is obviously a plus only when you are trying to gain weight. You might be surprised that you’ve already eaten an extra hundred calories or more creating a spare tire around the middle or perhaps the fat lands in your belly.

Sleepiness – A lot of antihistamines come with the sleepiness side effect. If you are operating machinery or drive, this can be potentially dangerous. Decongestant nasal sprays should never be used for more than three to five days. Allergic symptoms can exacerbate and swelling in the nasal passages can occur if you use them beyond those days. With regard to oral decongestants, side effects from their use can include difficulty falling asleep and wakefulness, aggravation or causing heart rhythm abnormalities, and elevated blood pressure.


Under the skilled hands of a licensed, qualified and trained practitioner, acupuncture in Jacksonville is an extremely safe treatment for allergy. However, in order to restore balance in your body, a precise diagnosis of what imbalances are causing your allergies, lifestyle and dietary advice, and herbal remedies may also be required. Actually, acupuncture and Chinese medicine can also have some side effects but these are the ones that are welcomed by the body. They can include relief from headaches, arthritis, and stress as well as PMS relief, asthma relief, less chronic pain, and enhanced energy among many others. Perhaps, you need a quick fix for cold or flu symptoms, an aching back, tennis elbow or jet lag. Chinese Medicine is designed to balance a person’s vital energy and balanced vital energy leads to health. Just as mitochondria receives information to create energy and to send instructions for cell health,maintaining and balancing the energy flow of the body results in a healthy communication within the body. Your health needs to be maintained on several levels (spiritual, physical, mental,) and cared for every day. Chinese medicine is the quintessential Anti-Aging therapy!

After the practitioner has evaluated the patient’s signs and symptoms and main compliant, he locates acupuncture points along the proper energy channels (meridians)wherein energy flows associated with the affected organ systems. Sterile and thin, needles are then stuck into these points. Energy flow is redirected to rectify any imbalance. The needles are removed after the end of the treatment which typically last for 20 to 30 minutes.

What a joy it is to be free from the sneezes, watery eyes,, stuffy nose, and sniffles. One can also expect to have better sleep at night, renewed energy and less stress in his/her body.