Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Treatments Are Used to Address the Different Underlying Causes and Symptoms of Depression

Chinese medicine has long been used as an alternative approach for treating illnesses. It uses Chinese treatment methods and herbs that are considered to be very effective for various kinds of diseases. These days, Chinese medicines are utilized for the treatment of behavioral and mental problems such as depression.

Currently, Chinese medicine is used for different types of depressive disorders. These include SAD (seasonal affective disorder), bipolar depression, and dysthymic disorder among others. Acupuncture is the most commonly used Chinese medicine technique among all the types of Chinese procedures and medicines available today. These days, acupuncture is widely practiced all over the world, not only in China. In the United States and Europe, it is one of the most popular alternative therapies used for a wide variety of physical and mental conditions.

Qi Gong for the Treatment of Depression

A type of a Chinese passive exercise program, Qi gong can be of great help to a person suffering from depression. This exercise involves gentle, rhythmic, and slow body movements that can help relax and soothe the mind. The symptoms of depression are known to dissipate with Qi gong exercises.

Mood Smooth Herbal Supplement for the Treatment of Depression

The Chinese herbal supplement known as Mood Smooth (Jia Hsiao Yao Wan) has been used for over 600 as a treatment for depression. The Chinese refer to this supplement as happy pill because it tends to make depressed people happy. In the West, the most common treatment for depression is the drug Prozac. If you want a safer and equally effective treatment, then Mood smooth is the best alternative to consider.

Acupuncture, A Natural Cure for Depression

In China, as well as in the UK and US, acupuncture is a widely used treatment for depression. Acupuncture treatment for depression in West Orange uses acupuncture points associated with the heart and the pericardium. For it to be truly effective, the treatment should be done by a qualified, accredited, and experienced practitioner. This professional would start by evaluating the patient so that the underlying cause of the depression can be identified. Once the root cause is known, the right procedures can be performed.

A Natural Herbal Cure for Depression

Acupuncturists usually prescribe Yang Tonic for the Kidneys to resolve the symptoms and the underlying cause of depression. This tonic addresses the different levels of depression in a patient and helps nourish the kidneys of the patient. Yang Tonic is made of various herbs including Fu Ling, Tse Hsie, Gui Shi, and Fu Hsi, among many others.

According to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), depression is known as the Yu Syndrome which is directly associated with Zang Zao or restlessness. In TCM, depression is seen as the abnormal holding of emotions that causes the flow of vital energy (Qi) to stagnate. This results in extreme unhappiness, as well as a desire to be always left alone, not talking much, and long crying spells. These typical depressive signs are further categorized in TCM as depression as a result of yin deficiency, disturbance of the mind, or deficiency of the heart and spleen.

When the main cause of depression is yin deficiency, some of the symptoms that may come about include hot temperedness, tinnitus, irritability, insomnia, dizziness, and palpitations. to expel heat is to nourish the yin. it would also help relax the body and calm the mind. Liu Wei Dihuang Wan is the most commonly prescribed Chinese herbal formula to attain that state of relaxation and calmness. All the symptoms of depression are definitely relieved in no time after you take this decoction.

The Chinese medicine Gan Mai Dazao Tang is normally used to address depression caused by the disruption of the normal processes of the mind. This formula is made up of various types of Chinese herbs including fu shen, long chi, gancao, licorice, and several others.

If the main cause of depression involve both the spleen the heart, then the mode of treatment would be mainly focused on the replenishment of the blood and on the build up of the spleen. Building up the spleen will result in the reinforcement or tonification of Qi. On the other hand, the replenishment of the blood would nourish the heart. To help nourish the blood a decoction of Gui Pi Tang is perhaps the best Chinese herbal remedy you can try.