Acne Sufferers May Respond in Different Ways to Acupuncture Treatment for Acne

Based on those who follow and practice TCM or traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture is one of the most potent and ideal modes of treatment for acne. This is due to its ability to restore balance in the human body and cure certain types of diseases. And since acne is due to some type of internal imbalance, acupuncture can help cure it in a much better way than conventional forms of treatment for acne.

Acupuncture works on the theory that the body is made up of certain pressure points (acupoints) and meridians (energy channels). When an illness occurs, the two aspects of vital energy, yin and yang (representing the cold and hot aspects of the body) become imbalanced resulting in physical conditions such as acne. So, to help restore proper balance, specific acupoints along meridians are stuck with needles. As the effect of the inserted needles is felt by the body, the flow of energy once again regains its balance, removing the disease in the process.

According to TCM, acne breakouts or zits are manifestations of excessive heat in the lungs. This means that in order to treat zits, the lungs, which control the skin needs to be cleansed and cooled down. This is done by inserting filiform acupuncture needles into certain pressure points along specific meridians in the body.

More than one treatment is required In order for acupuncture to be effective against acne and combined with acupuncture sessions, your practitioner may also perform an ancient Chinese healing technique known as cupping, which uses glass cups to suction certain parts of your skin to help detoxify the body and cool down your lungs that may be causing the imbalance.

Essentially quite different from Western medicine modalities, acupuncture involves a technique that is very different from Western medicinal methods since this needle-probing technique considers acne to be a part of a bigger picture. Acupuncture is a holistic type of medicine that cures the underlying imbalance of a disease as well as the manifestations of the disease.

One study has indicated that Miami electro-acupuncture treatment or EAT has the ability to resolve hormonal imbalance that may be the underlying factors for acne. If conventional medicine is able to produce drugs that can control directly the imbalance in hormones imbalance resulting in too much production of oil in the face and skin that’s causing the over production of oil in the face, EAT, on the other hand, is an electric current generated from an outside source connected to needles that have been inserted in the body through acupoints to help cure or control acne.

Other studies have also proven the effectiveness of acupuncture in curing zits and breakouts. More controlled studies are needed, however, in order to verify the treatment’s effectiveness and make it a scientific fact.

A person should make his own decision whether or not to go for acupuncture treatment for the curing or prevention of acne breakouts. Still, it would not hurt to confer with a dermatologist first who can recommend the most appropriate plan of treatment for you. People with really extreme types of acne should consider sticking to their conventional modes of acne treatment.

Each person responds to natural and conventional forms of acne treatment in a unique way. Since TCM and acupuncture are natural forms of healing, people should not expect immediate results with just a few sessions. It helps to do a little more research to know about other natural forms of treatment other than acupuncture to address your acne breakouts.