Acne Complications


If you do not handle your acne with extra care, scarring can develop from this skin problem.  One can cause scarring in the skin when cysts and nodules are manually ruptured damaging the skin tissue. If you squeeze or pick those affected spots, scarring can result from it.  There are three types of acne scarring.  They include:

  • Boxcar scars – These cause the formation of craters and depression on the skin.
  • Rolling scars – They cause the skin to look uneven and rolling due to bands of scar tissue
  • Ice pick scars – Small holes in the skin that give the appearance of punctured marks in the skin


Discoloration is not as severe a complication as scarring and often results when the acne starts to heal. There is a rare condition, however, called hyperpigmentation that is also the result of acne which may take years to totally disappear.  Like scarring, discoloration has three kinds:

  • Post inflammatory erythema – These look like purple or red patches that form on the healed blemish.
  • Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation – Presents as black or brown in color also at the area of the healed pimple.
  • Post inflammatory hypopigmentation – They look like white discolorations that have formed on the healed acne.


Acne can be devastating to the psyche of those who have it. They often lead to sadness, loss of self-confidence, anxiety and depression on the sufferer. People who have ance are often withdrawn and very reluctant to socialize.


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