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Cupping Therapy As A Way To Relieve Or Cure The Symptoms Of Eczema

An ancient form of Chinese healing, just like acupuncture, cupping therapy in Bellingham is a technique that uses glass or plastic cups as well as suction balls that are placed against your skin in order to create a vacuum. The vacuum sucks up your skin causing local congestion, and dilates the energy channels (known as […]
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Acupuncture and Eczema

A form of upper skin layer inflammation or dermatitis, eczema is a term that is loosely applied to a number of continually recurring skin rashes that is marked by dryness, itching, skin edema, and redness, with possible bleeding, oozing, cracking, blistering, flaking, or crusting. Scarring is rare although patches of skin discoloration may mark the […]
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Acupuncture Treatment for Itch (Eczema)

One of the most common skin conditions suffered by tens of millions of Americans these days is eczema or itch. Obviously itching (pruritus) is the number one symptom of eczema forcing sufferers to seek an answer to this discomfort. Removing or better control of the itching is one of the most important goals of both […]
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