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Chinese Medicine And Autism

One of the most common brain development disorders is autism. These days, for every 166 child born, one will be diagnosed with some type of autism. Autistic children often suffer from auto immune problems and have weak immune systems. While autism is defined in conventional Western medicine as a medical condition in which a child […]
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Classifying Chinese Foods in Chinese Medicine

In Chinese medicine, a well balanced diet is roughly made up of 20 percent of each of the following five flavors or tastes: salty, spicy, bitter, sour, and sweet. The standard American diet is oftentimes improperly weighted with excessive amounts of sweet tastes and salt. As this type of diet leads to obesity and health […]
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Proving That Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Work

It seems that there’s someone who’s offering a magic potion or miracle cure that can allegedly alleviate your medical problem everywhere you turn. There are multitudes of options to turn to that makes choosing the best one difficult, or one that actually works at all. If you want an alternative treatment for Western medicine, there’s […]
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Acne Can Best Be Treated with Traditional Chinese Medicine

TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine has been continuously evolving for the past 4000 years. While Western medicine blames viruses, germs, bacteria, and such for illnesses and diseases, Chinese Medicine works in an entirely different way. Well-being, health, and nature, are all made up of two equal forces of Yin and Yang, which represents the female […]
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Assisting You to Lose Weight The Safe And Natural Way With Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

If you think the United States is the only country with an obesity problem, guess again. The World Health Organization has stated that obesity is a global epidemic that affects developed, developing, and underdeveloped nations alike. Some people facetiously call it globesity and it seems that it is a problem that began with humanity’s crusade […]
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Chronic Pain Treatment with San Diego Ca Acupuncture

Pain can affect almost every system in the body and develops from many sources. It can occur from a chronic immune disorder, after an infection, from a physical injury, or from emotional stress. Often, pain stays around a long time after an injury has healed. Chinese medicine such as acupuncture in San Diego, Ca addresses […]
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