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Symptoms of Back Pain

There are many factors that can cause back pain; however, almost always back pain can be traced to a person’s poor posture. Back pain can also be caused by sitting on non-ergonomic chairs where the lumbar muscles are subjected to extreme pressure and lack adequate support to the spine.  Some other causes of back pain […]
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Definition of Back Pain

Basically, back pain is pain that is experienced in the upper or lower back. Usually this type of pain can either be felt as a stabbing acute type of pain or as a dull tension or stiffness in the back. Back pain can be caused due to improper lifting mechanics, awkward sitting, excessive bending or […]
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Back Pain – Preparing for your Appointment

To get the best possible outcome when you visit your doctor for an appointment regarding your back pain, you will need to participate actively in your treatment process which the doctor’s appointment is but the start.  Maximizing your appointment time will end up leaving you satisfied and well-informed. To maximize your appointment, then you will […]
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