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Gua Sha Facial Therapy Eliminates Skin Conditions And Fosters Balance And Youth Within

Women and men seeking the proverbial fountain of youth may need not undergo costly painful injections or go to under the knife in their quest for younger looking skin. Many long time practitioners of Chinese medicine who have extensive experience performing facial rejuvenation Chinese Herbal Medicine, acupressure, and acupuncture recommend a traditional Chinese treatment called […]
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Facial Gua Sha, A Natural Solution To Skin Problems And Aging

A few decades ago, no one heard about facial cupping, facial acupuncture, and especially facial gua sha. Now they are rapidly becoming a highly sought after form of alternative skin care treatment because they work and are an all natural solution to skin conditions and aging. Gua sha therapy is a Chinese medicine technique entailing […]
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What Is Yin And Yang?

The concept that underlies Yin Yang stretches to all religions and cultures. This concept is founded on the universal law of duality that all living things in this world follow. There is a natural instinctive cycle that is followed by every living thing and the concept of yin and yang is that cycle. For instance, […]
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The Origin And Basis Of Chi

Modern science has come to understand that the presence of energy is the one common non-physical major element in all life. More often than not, energy is manifested in the form of electro-magnetic fields, which the Chinese refer to as chi. Actually, the shortage of magnetic fields in the soil is one of the biggest […]
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Gua Sha Therapy For Recurrent Joint Or Muscle, Shoulder, Neck, Or Back Pain

If you still haven’t heard about gua sha therapy, it is a hands-on drug-free therapy that is definitely worth knowing especially if you suffer from recurrent joint or muscle pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, or back pain. Gua sha is an ancient Chinese healing technique that is usually administered by an acupuncturist although it does […]
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Foot Acupressure To Alleviate Stress And Help You To Deeply Relax

Yes, acupressure can never replace Western Medicine as a primary form of treatment; however, there is proof that this ancient Eastern art works on specific health problems. Acupressure is a lot like acupuncture in so many ways. One similarity is that both have been practiced for over 3,000 years. Acupuncture involves the insertion of needles […]
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Want To Lose Weight? Try Ear Staples Acupuncture Weight Loss Treatment

Before you have it done, you may want to find out about ear staples acupuncture for weight loss. If you are overweight, perhaps one of the most important things you want to do for your health is to lose weight. However, if ear staples acupuncture for weight loss treatment is not done properly, it might […]
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Auricular Acupuncture Relieves Illness And Pain

Your whole body amazingly can be treated by applying pressure to acupuncture points in your outer ear. The premise for this odd idea is the theory of the inverted fetus, which is a concept formulated by Dr. Nogier regarding the acupuncture map of the ear. As a result of his studies and experiments, auricular acupuncture […]
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Tui Na Targets Problems Such As Chronic Pain In The Skeletal System, Joints, And Muscles

For those who have experienced both Shiatsu and acupressure, Tui Na massage therapy may feel like a cross between the two. Tui Na, like Shiatsu, makes use of rhythmic compression along the meridians which are the energy pathways of the body, as well as a number of modalities that lubricate and manipulate the joints. Tui […]
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Tui Na For Emotional Problems, PMS, Constipation, IBS, Migraines, And Headaches

Tui Na is especially effective for chronic pain, especially pain related to injuries and musculo-skeletal conditions. All these following ailments all respond very well to tui na: Tennis elbow, sciatica, immobility, back pain, shoulder pain and neck. However, it may not be possible for this therapy to work on a certain condition without boosting the […]
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