Acne – Preparing for your Appointment

If you really want to do something about your acne, then consult with your doctor or qualified dermatologist in order to find the best way to address this problem. Early treatment usually produces the best treatment result which can imply minimal risk of scarring and thereby no permanent negative effect on your self-esteem. Upon initial examination, your physician may recommend a dermatologist to diagnose and treat your acne.

Listed below are some tips to prepare yourself better for your appointment.

  1. Jot down all your pertinent medical information including any over-the-counter and prescription medications you are taking as well as the medical conditions you’ve been diagnosed.
  2. Include in your writing vital personal information that can include among others recent life changes and any major stresses in your life.
  3. Write down all the necessary questions you want to ask your doctor related to your acne problem. Having a list of questions can maximize the time you have with your doctor.

Some of the relevant questions you can ask your doctor about your acne can include:

What type of treatment is the best for my condition?

If this treatment does not work, what is/are the next best treatment(s)?

Regarding the medications you prescribe, what are their probable side effects?

How long do I need to safely utilize these prescribed and OTC medications?

How long do you think will I begin to see some signs of improvement from these medications?

When will I need to come back for evaluation to see if my treatment is working or not?

If I think my medications are not working, is it safe to stop taking them?

Do you have any advices for self-care to improve my symptoms?

What modifications to my diet can you advice?

What skin products like cosmetics, lotions and soaps can you recommend to help minimize or treat my acne? Do you recommend changes to some of the skin products I am using now?

Some Questions your Doctor may Ask You

When was the first time you noticed your acne? When do you think it first developed?

Do you notice anything that may have triggered the flare up of your acne? (These may be stressful events and in females, their menstrual cycle).

What medicines and drugs do you currently use? (They can include supplements and vitamins as well as prescription and non-prescription meds).

Do you have dry or oily skin?

Where in your body is your acne located?

For females, are you using oral contraceptives? Are you experiencing regular menstrual periods? Are you planning to be become pregnant very soon or are you pregnant?

What are the kinds of cosmetics, hair products and soaps do you use?

Has your acne affected your self-confidence, particularly regarding your confidence in social situations?

Do any members of your family have or had acne?

Have you tried any type of acne treatment and if yes, have any of them been good for your acne?

What the Physician or Dermatologist may Likely Do

When you go in for an initial appointment to your doctor or dermatologist, you will need to fill in some information about yourself. After filling out the required information, the doctor or dermatologist will then review your information and may ask you the aforementioned questions to help them know more about the nature of your acne.

After asking some of these questions, the specialist may observe your skin and may ask you more questions to help them get a better perspective on your skin problem. After this, they may tell you what kind of acne you have. They will prescribe some medications, soap, cosmetics and hair products for you to use and some tips that you can do to treat or minimize your acne. Most skin specialists will prescribe topical skin meds applied to the affected skin to heal it or minimize future outbreaks.


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