What Is Yin And Yang?

The concept that underlies Yin Yang stretches to all religions and cultures. This concept is founded on the universal law of duality that all living things in this world follow. There is a natural instinctive cycle that is followed by every living thing and the concept of yin and yang is that cycle.

For instance, from the growth of a plant to the ebb and flow of the tides; yin and yang can be seen in all things. It also repeats ad infinitum its natural cycle – going from yin to yang, back to yin and then yang for all eternity. What blooms from a seed or nut into a tree or flower must die eventually in order for the cycle to repeat.

While yin and yang totally represent opposite phases of each other, there cannot be one without the other. They are opposite and complementary at the same time. There would be no dark if there was no light. Neither would exist if one is missing. They depend on each other to be whole and to complete the cycle.

Yin represents the feminine aspect of the Universe and Mother Nature. It symbolizes the earth, water, and moon. Yin governs the night time when you are sleeping, relaxed, comfortable, and at peace.

Yang, on the other hand, is a busy and fast day when things seem to move at a more rapid pace like in a busy airport or office in a bus. Yan governs the fire, sky, and sun fire.

Yin yang is represented symbolically by the symbol of the Taiji or tai chi, which in today’s society is a very familiar symbol. The white circle single black quote shape is the Yin while the Yang is the black circle inverted white quote shape – it is an inversion of yin. They form one whole when they’re together.

For peace, energies in your environment must be in balance just like yin yang. Negative (yin) and Positive (yang) forces must be in harmony.

If there is not enough negative energy and excess positive energy, or too much negative energy and not enough positive energy, this could lead to disaster. Balancing the scales this way can result in pandemonium.

Yin yang is the basis of feng Shui and the balance of forces (energies) to attain harmony in your place of work, room, office, or home. It does so by enhancing, removing, replacing, or adding things that symbolize different energies and reducing the preponderant energies for more balance.

You inundate yourself with harmonious energy when you use the principle of yin yang and feng shui in the areas that you hang out most often and this provides you with better circumstances for luck you want to attract and aspects of your life you want to enhance.

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