The Usefulness And Vast Applications Of Qi Gong In Your Life

Qi Gong (pronounced chee goong) is an ancient form of body movement and posture that that cleanses and strengthens and boosts the flow of qi or chi (vital energy) in the body through meditation and gentle movement. Ancient documents in China show that it has been practiced as far back as 600 B.C. In the US, a lot of people perform this activity generally for health and for other profound reasons. Qi Gong is designed to control and enhance the flow of qi in the body.

The mysterious controlled movements of this activity enable the practitioner to discharge electrical energy charge to others as long as they have control of their qi. People who perform qigong develop that via a train of meditative exercises. Some can be overlong and hard to remember and some may be as short as a five minute set. Fortunately, the simple and repetitive exercises are the ones most frequently used.

The healing technique of qigong is a self-maintaining measure. It instructs and develops both will power and concentration or focus. Qi Gong activity combines concentration, focused intent, and visualization that cause qi energy to circulate smoothly throughout the body. It also creates the capacity to boost will power even more and a much more resolved concentration. Each practice leads to the elevation of the mind and body to higher levels. The skills acquired enhance these same skills even when not performing Qi Gong.

Qi Gong enables you to incorporate various skills once it’s mastered. There are highly skilled qigong practitioners that are able to tap power of qi to administer healing both in person and at a distance. Some practitioners have developed the skill of out of body experiences, telekinesis, and clairvoyance. It is not uncommon for a qigong master to develop skills to move objects with the energy force, start fires, or heal people.

Various studies show that the activity and comprehension of Qi Gong also helps develop the intelligence. It can help evolve the nerve tracts between the hemispheres of the brain which gives the practitioner the ability to utilize the entire functioning of the brain. This helps the practitioner optimize the logical and creative aspects of the mind and create superior problem solving skills and incredibly lucid patterns of thinking. Scientific research has also demonstrated that the wave patterns on the brain changes during meditation until it is mainly the alpha wave that exists. This is the best condition for which learn and perform a number of psi tasks.

Other research reveals that psychic skills can be developed much easier in children than in adults. The reason is probably children still mainly breathe through their belly which is fundamental when performing Qi Gong. These children have still not been taught to breathe otherwise. An experiment was conducted involving a piece of paper containing a Chinese letter written on it. The paper was rolled into a ball. The experimenters gave the ball of paper to a child and the child was instructed to read the letter in their thoughts, without unscrambling the ball to see the word that was in it. Remarkably, more than 60 percent of the children were able to read the letter accurately.

In Qi Gong, not only will you be able to relax by learning the simple practices of qigong, it can also increase the capacities of your mind. This applies to happiness, goal achievement, business, and health.

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