The Simple Truth Behind Cupping Therapy

The ancient Chinese people, like a lot of ancient civilizations, spent most of their time working in the fields or hunting for food. Pain and aches always accompanied such hard work and during then, mostly poor technology was available to these people. They had to avail of the cheapest ways to alleviate themselves of their health problems. With just a flame and some cups, they ingeniously came up with what is known today as cupping therapy.

Traditionally, a cupping procedure primarily involves the use of cups. Three kinds of cups can be used – plastic cups, the narrow cylindrical bamboo cups, and the round glass cups. They are most often placed on the body of the patient through the use of suction force. In plastic cups, the cups are connected to a vacuum pump that sucks out the air inside the cup. Bamboo cups can be heated in warm water. For glass cups, part of the air is forced out of the cups and small flames are used to expand the remaining air inside the cup that upon contact with the body will contract and cool.

The simple method behind cupping is that the force of the suction draws out the agent causing the illness within the body. However, cupping therapy has a lot more benefits that go beyond the removal of illness. According to Chinese medicine, each of us has vital energy or qi in our body that keeps us functioning and functioning well. Blood is essential for transporting nutrients around the body. Both blood and qi are interrelated to each other – qi makes the blood move while blood transports qi. On one hand, acupuncture directly affects the qi and therefore, affects the blood the indirectly. Cupping therapy, on the other hand, directly affects both blood and qi, but its affect on qi is minimal. Through the force of the suction, blood and qi are easily drawn to the area where the cup is applied. This boost in blood and qi promotes quicker healing since the targeted part of the body would be better furnished with the vital nutrients needed for maximum healing to occur. This enhanced healing effect is most evident in new ailments; for older conditions however, a longer healing time may be required.

There is no pain involved in cupping therapy in Overland Park, In fact it, is an extremely comfortable process that has brought much relief to a lot of people, whether they have been suffering from chronic pains in the joints or from a sudden bout of flu. Its healing effects have gained it so much popularity as a less intimidating and more comfortable type of Chinese medicine treatment compared to acupuncture. If you think that it can help resolve your ailment, it is important to go to a Chinese medicine doctor near you and ask for advice on whether it is suitable for you.

In Chinese medicine, cupping is but one way of treatment. Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine are the more popular treatments as they are both able to address a wider range of illnesses.

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