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Acupressure For Low Back Pain And Sleepiness During The Day

The Chinese believe that acupressure has been practiced for 5,000 years and people involved in wellness and Holistic therapies are firmly convinced that the methods employed within this sphere are more effective than physical therapy. According to Chinese medicine, each living thing possess a life force called qi or chi. When it’s flowing freely, this […]
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Various Clinical Studies Validate the Use of Acupuncture in Treating Low Back Pain

Nobody can still say for sure how acupuncture exactly works, in spite of thousands of years of practical results. Ongoing studies are aimed to gather more information about the mechanisms that are in play during acupuncture treatment that helps the body heal itself, as well as the conditions that acupuncture can address. Both were the […]
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Acupuncture and Massage Are Very Good Therapies for Treating Low Back Pain

In a typical year, around 40% of people living in the United States will suffer from low back pain. Most of them will complain of lower back pain lasting for a few days or so. Unfortunately, 15% of these sufferers will complain of pain lasting several days or even weeks and for significant amounts of […]
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