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What You Should Know About Gua Sha Therapy

Most of us have never heard of gua sha — but if you experience persistent joint or muscle pain, especially in the shoulder, neck, or back, this hands-on drug-free form of treatment is definitely worth knowing about. Gua sha therapy is an East Asian healing procedure that’s commonly administered by an acupuncturist, although it does […]
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Gua Sha Therapy Is A Tremendous Way To Dismantle Painful Scar Tissue

Skin Scraping therapy or Gua Sha therapy has its roots in the Old Stone Age. Since then, it has been an indispensable part of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) in many Asian Cultures where it’s used to treat and prevent a variety of illnesses. According to TCM, stagnation results in disease, therefore, movement is key to […]
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Gua Sha Therapy For All Types Of Muscle Fatigue, Stiffness, Or Soreness

There has been a steady rise in the popularity of Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM these past few years. You may know acupuncture and Chinese reflexology, but you may never have heard of one healing practice called “gua sha.” Westerners sometimes call it “spooning” or “coining.” Gua sha works by scraping the skin surface in […]
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Understanding The Principles Of Gua Sha Therapy

Traditional Chinese medicine encompasses the aspects of holographic diagnosis and treatment and knowledge of acupuncture points and meridians. One branch of this form of medicine is gua sha or scraping therapy which is used for various types of disorders in both Western and Chinese medicine. Scientific Applications The clinical applications and treatment procedures of gua […]
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Gua Sha Therapy For Recurrent Joint Or Muscle, Shoulder, Neck, Or Back Pain

If you still haven’t heard about gua sha therapy, it is a hands-on drug-free therapy that is definitely worth knowing especially if you suffer from recurrent joint or muscle pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, or back pain. Gua sha is an ancient Chinese healing technique that is usually administered by an acupuncturist although it does […]
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