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Chinese Herbs And Plants As Potential Cures For Dementia

For hundreds of years, herbs and plants have been used in Asian cultures long before medicines were discovered. They definitely offer outstanding results and they’re actually still being used today. But anyone who intends to try any new herbal and foods combinations, they should first consult with their doctor. As more researchers perform thorough testing […]
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A Precisely Blended Chinese Herbs Promote The Wonderful Feeling Of Health

Chinese medicine adopts an integrative strategy to well-being and health by combining Chi Kung (qi gong), acupressure, acupuncture, and Chinese herbs. For thousands of years, these potent healing remedies have been utilized and are extremely useful for treating a wide range of illnesses, as well as for maintaining and cultivating long-term health. Chinese Herbal Medicine […]
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Chinese Herbs That Can Address Kidney Yin or Yang Deficiency

According to Chinese medicine, the kidney is the organ in which the essence of the body is believed to reside. It is also related to the water element. These are the reasons why this organ is behind the excretion of toxins through the process of urination. Some traditional Chinese practitioners poetically refer to the kidneys […]
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