Suction or Fire Cupping Therapy Can Produce Tremendous Healing Benefits

Lately some bizarre round marks were left on the back of new mom and actress Gwyneth Paltrow. According to Acupuncture Society of New York president, Michael Gaeta, these mystery round marks are nothing more than the after effects of cupping therapy, an alternative type of pain treatment.

In a television show, Gaeta showed the same cupping marks seen on Ms. Paltrow, on the back of one of his patients.

Gaeta describes cupping therapy “As a treatment in which the healer generates suction in a cup and then applies that cup to the body. The suction effect then draws the skin on the cup.”

Fire is used in the traditional method of this therapy. Gaeta picks up a cotton ball and soaks it with alcohol. He then lights up the alcohol-soaked cotton ball and drops it in the cup.

He states, “One type of Cupping uses fire to generate a suction effect in the cup – the flame is placed on the cup.” The suction sucks up the skin causing the blood to rush up to the skin”.

Gaeta continues, “Cupping sends fresh blood to the targeted part of the body helping improve the flow of blood to the ailing parts of the body. It also helps benefits the lungs and opens up the chest as well as treats digestive and menstrual problems. In most cases, cupping is utilized to relieve various types of pains and aches as well as wheezing coughs, and other respiratory problems.”

People who have tried cupping say the procedure can feel a bit strange although they felt no pain. They said the procedure feels like “someone pulling at their skin”.

According to Gaeta, “Many acupuncturists combine cupping with needling therapy. Both therapies have been integral components of Chinese medicine for more than two and a half millennia. The first cups used in the therapy were animal horns. Later on, bamboo, ceramic, and brass cups were used.”

Gaeta says the procedure looks like something out of medieval alchemy, but it is actually harmless that’s classified under alternative medicine.

He said, “the most effective and traditional type of cupping is fire cupping. There are some healers who prefer the suction cup technique in which the healer pumps up the suction cup to create a suction effect.”

Some of the conditions in which cupping is contraindicated include a tendency to bleed easily, skin disease, or high fever.

A typical cupping session may last for 10 – 15 minutes and once the marks are cleared, sometimes the procedure is repeated until the ailment is treated. Gaeta advises people interested in trying out cupping therapy to seek treatment from a licensed acupuncturist in Tarzana.

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