Gua Sha Therapy Is A Tremendous Way To Dismantle Painful Scar Tissue

Skin Scraping therapy or Gua Sha therapy has its roots in the Old Stone Age. Since then, it has been an indispensable part of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) in many Asian Cultures where it’s used to treat and prevent a variety of illnesses. According to TCM, stagnation results in disease, therefore, movement is key to health and healing.

Gua Sha self therapy (Health Scraping) is an everyday ritual for folks in several countries around the world. We use scraping over our clothes just as we use a loofa to rub our backs during a shower. To boost circulation and prevent illnesses, we use lotion or oil before or after we take a shower. When circulation of blood is increased in the site of restriction, irritation, or pain, healing commences due to nutrients and blood flooding into the interstitial space where one experiences pain.

This also allows toxins stuck in the tissue to be washed away causing a cycle of waste exchange to resume. Aside from enhancing blood circulation, Gua Sha is a tremendous way to dismantle scar tissue the causes diffuse achy pain, interstitial fluid movement obstruction, and limited movement of joints.

To gently scrape the surface of your skin tissue, a tool made from mineral stones like jade, buffalo horn, or smooth volcanic stone will be used by your massage therapist. Using massage lotion or oil, the treatment will produce an instant effect that boosts blood flow to the area experiencing tightness and/or pain. Sometimes a purplish red tiny speckled discoloration (petekei) will appear in some areas that look like a small dotted bruising. You should not worry when this appears since it simply means the Gua Sha treatment is working well on the site of stagnation. Within a few hours to a few days, the specking should heal by itself.

When utilizing Gua Sha, your practitioner may use a variety of Eastern and Western healing methods like compensation pattern identification, fascial plane evaluation, and Tissue stagnation to diagnose and heal your condition. If you’ve been getting massage and it feels like your progress has leveled off, Gua Sha may be your ticket to get over that allowing you to proceed with your treatment.

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Gua Sha Therapy For All Types Of Muscle Fatigue, Stiffness, Or Soreness

There has been a steady rise in the popularity of Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM these past few years. You may know acupuncture and Chinese reflexology, but you may never have heard of one healing practice called “gua sha.” Westerners sometimes call it “spooning” or “coining.” Gua sha works by scraping the skin surface in an attempt order to refresh and detoxify the body. While still a bit unknown in the West, gua sha is a very popular treatment in Asia since the results are so amazing and the treatment’s so easy.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, muscle injuries and soreness are basically due to blockages in both chi and blood. It doesn’t matter whether you buy in the notion of chi or not, there’s no question that when you suffer from soreness of the muscle, when you rub the ailing part of your body to boost blood flow, it will help alleviate the pain. This is essentially the idea in gua sha therapy. Treatment begins with a sauna or warm bath, and then the massage therapist will run a special spoon or scraping tool over the ailing area after applying massage oils. The Chinese believe this releases chi, and Western medicine explains this as a release of metabolic waste that has been accumulating in the congested muscles and tissues. The scraping acts like an intense kind of exfoliation that leaves behind redness and marks that vanishes a few days after treatment.

What are the uses of Chinese gua sha therapy?

1. PMS – While gua sha is an excellent form of treatment for tense and aching muscles, it can also be used to treat monthly menstrual pains and aches. Your massage therapist will scrape various areas of your body to ameliorate soreness in your lower stomach through the principles of reflexology.

If you plan to perform this treatment on yourself, talk first to your acupuncturist, or you can use a spoon or purchase a gua sha tool and try it for yourself at home.

2. Head colds – At some point in our lives, illnesses of the upper respiratory tract has afflicted us, often in the cold of winter. One of the best ways to cure a cold is to take a sauna or a hot bath followed by gua sha. Your therapist will run the scraping tool over your shoulders, neck, and upper back to remove fluids that have accumulated in your chest and alleviate congestion. You’ll feel relief afterwards almost immediately!

3. Tired Muscles – if you happen to have a hard day at the office, then you’ll probably experience the dreaded feeling called Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) that sets in the next day. The dreadful DOMS is an inescapable side effect especially when you’re trying to get back in shape after a long break. To offset this severe muscle soreness, after a hard work out with lots of water, stretching, and a session of gua sha – eliminate all that lactic acid in your body, and give your new muscles an opportunity to grow! Gua sha is an excellent therapy for all types of muscle fatigue, stiffness, or soreness.

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Understanding The Principles Of Gua Sha Therapy

Traditional Chinese medicine encompasses the aspects of holographic diagnosis and treatment and knowledge of acupuncture points and meridians. One branch of this form of medicine is gua sha or scraping therapy which is used for various types of disorders in both Western and Chinese medicine.

Scientific Applications

The clinical applications and treatment procedures of gua sha therapy go beyond the symptomatic ramifications of a disease and address the underlying cause of illness most of which is stress related. The differentiation of syndromes in Chinese medicine and the emphasis on palliative measures in Western medicine should be combined in practical application.

While there are over 140,000 types of health conditions in Western medicine, in traditional Chinese medicine, all these issues are tied in one way or another to problems related to the internal organ systems and the 14 energy channels or meridians. The aim of gua sha therapy is to resolve the imbalance in the organ systems and meridians in an attempt to bring back normal bodily functions. Therefore, performing this therapy on a number of acupuncture points can help treat several illnesses. When dealing with the clinical applications of gua sha, there are just a hundred forms of common illnesses that are mentioned although the actual number can be much more than that.

Practical Applications

Using diagrams, pictures, and language, anyone can understand the principles of gua sha therapy. It can be easily memorized, understood, and applied by readers who have no previous medical knowledge. They can perform this procedure on themselves or others so long as they learn the techniques of the treatment. Aside from gua sha, Chinese herbal therapy alongside gua sha can be understood and used for each syndrome or disease.

The holographic diagnosis and treatment will increase the certitude of diagnosis and raise the efficacy of scraping therapy.

Gua sha therapy has been welcomed by both lay people and medical specialists alike since the Chinese edition of the book was first published and distributed in July 1995. This book was adopted and republished as a textbook and March 1996 by the School for Advanced Studies of TCM associated with China’s Institute of Moxibustion and Acupuncture in the Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

To make traditional Chinese medicine in Jacksonville better appreciated and to deliver this traditional form of health care to a growing number of people, the publishers have replenished and modified this book in the spirit of continuous improvement to promote the well being of humanity. This natural therapy causes no pollution and has no adverse side-effects.

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The Various Treatments Of Traditional Chinese Medicine

TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine in Vancouver is a medical system that comprises a wide variety of treatments from different parts of East Asia. It’s a very popular and long-standing medical practice in several Asian countries despite being considered an alternative form of treatment in Western cultures. But what is TCM exactly?

The Definition of TCM

Traditional Chinese Medicine basically pertains to balance and is a holistic healing system that treats the spirit, body, and mind as a whole. Any one area of an entire person that becomes imbalanced – in both the meta-physical and physical sense, will lead to disease.

TCM derives its origins from the concept of yin yang (a theory that’s been absorbed by Taoism). This concept is again all about balance and states that everything in the universe can be classified into two complementary and yet opposing parts. Some common examples of this are dark/light, moon/sun, cold/hot, female/male and so forth. Traditional Chinese Medicine is designed to preserve health and balance in a person.

Meridians and Chi

Chi or Qi pertains to the life energy of the body. It’s usually mistaken to mean “soul” or “spirit,” when in fact, it is more like the energy in the blood that circulates throughout the body. Chi moves through the body via a network of energy channels called meridians.

The specifics of chi alone can itself be a lifetime study, and it is a whole new topic that’s way beyond the scope of this article. In simple terms, chi is an energy that circulates throughout the body and in Chinese medicine it is an extremely important concept.

Treatments Offered in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a form of holistic treatment that includes an amazing range of treatments such as:


Acupuncture is the ancient Chinese art of sticking very thin needles into the skin of a person. Acupuncture traditionally follows the meridian channels of the body although today, practitioners are inclined to use their own spin to this therapy’s techniques. Commonly used for nervous-system problems, psychological disorders, and chronic pain, acupuncture is now recommended by its most devout supporters for just about any disease.

Chinese Herbal medicine

This therapy involves the use of natural products such as mushrooms, roots, and herbs for their medicinal value. Some practitioners use minerals and certain illegal animal parts, which for some strange reason is not frowned upon by the Chinese Communist government. Some herbal remedies treat virtually any condition and sickness known to Western medicine, and even some that aren’t.

Gua sha

Gua sha therapy is an unusual healing technique involving the rubbing of the skin with a smooth tusk, bone, stone, or jade, usually leading to painful red marks or bruising on the skin. The medical applications of gua sha are quite broad and can be used for illnesses ranging from fever to cholera. This therapy is not for someone who has a low threshold for pain.


The ancient healing art of cupping therapy is a distinct type of detoxification/massage treatment. It involves the use of special glass cups that have the internal air of the cup heated by smoke or fire. The cups are placed on the back while still warm to suction the skin into the cup. Some holistic clinics use cups designed with pumps installed. Cupping is not recommended for people who soon plan to go to the beach as it leaves huge reddish circles all over the back. It is designed to detoxify the body of chemicals and toxins.

Breathing and Physical Exercises

Practitioners and patients of Traditional Chinese Medicine are also encouraged to engage in healthy exercise. However, proper exercises will only do in order to balance and restore the smooth flow of chi. As with various breathing exercises and meditation, yoga, qi gong, and taichi are all deemed to be ideal exercises within the scope of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Is It safe to Undergo Traditional Chinese Medicine?

If used correctly, Traditional Chinese Medicine is a very safe treatment for all types of people. It definitely provides significant therapeutic value but as with any form of medicine, it can be dangerous and harmful if it’s used improperly. Before starting on a new treatment, you need to talk to a health care professional.

Traditional Chinese Medicine also is known to be a less regulated treatment. Con and scam artists proliferate which makes it doubly important to very carefully check the background and reputation of the practitioner. Also, this lack of regulation can mean that the scientific community has not yet tested many of these Chinese medical practices, which can then mean that the therapies can vary from useless to harmful or beneficial. Common sense and thorough care should be once again your guide.

Can I Use Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Simply put, it depends. Lots of people are now turning to alternative therapies because of very high medical costs, doctor’s errors, and drug recalls. There are various ways it can benefit patients. However, it may not be the best choice for some people. These include people with appendicitis and other acute conditions and people with cancer. Nonetheless, this doesn’t suggest that other conventional or alternative treatments can’t be complemented with Traditional Chinese Medicine to augment the treatment. In the end, it is up to the person to decide what healthcare plan is best for him or her.

In the growing field of alternative medicine, traditional Chinese medicine is just one among many potential treatments now available.

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The Benefits Of Gua Sha And Facial Cupping Therapy

The Chinese have been using therapeutic cupping for various physical concerns like sinus congestion, TMJ, pain, fever, and asthma for thousands of years. Facial cupping as an adjunct to acupuncture facial rejuvenation or as a standalone treatment can help improve your facial appearance and your skin. A few of its benefits include an improvement in the absorption of serums or lotions, better transport of nutrients to the surface of the skin, and a boost in local circulation to the skin. Facial cupping also eases puffiness, drains out stagnant fluids, and enhances blood circulation. By improving blood circulation and flow to the skin, cupping helps restore the skin to its youthful appearance.

The small cups used in this therapy come in various shapes and are especially customized for your face. Once a special lotion is applied, the therapist either “parks” a small cup over a deep wrinkle for a few seconds to boost blood flow to the area, or moves the cup across the face and downward to the neck to stimulate blood flow and drain lymphatic fluid.

Facial cupping helps move collagen to the surface of the skin, helping drain the lymphatic system and nasal sinuses, reducing facial lines, and eliminating dark circles and puffiness. It also relieves issues such as sinus pressure and TMJ. The boost in local and microcirculation transports nourishment to the skin and muscles and washes out toxins through the lymphatic system and the veins. Some patients report a feeling of profound warmth and extreme relaxation as well as a tingling feeling long after the end of the treatment.

A deep treatment mineral mask is left on the skin after the therapy. This indicates the treatment’s efficacy due to the improved blood circulation. Cupping therapy for facial rejuvenation is a completely painless procedure and does not irritate the skin; it can be used on sensitive skin and on melasma and rosacea.

Gua Sha and Facial Cupping

In Gua Sha facial therapy, an especially hand crafted piece of smooth jade is used to increase blood supply, smooth out wrinkles, and rejuvenate the skin. Gua Sha facial therapy is an ideal way of treating a wide range of skin conditions including dark circles, melasma, rosacea, and acne. It can be used as part of an integrated acupuncture facial rejuvenation therapy for puffiness, sagging skin, and wrinkles. It can resolve issues such as neck jowls that are susceptible to sagginess. The improved blood flow helps detoxify the face, moves stagnant blood, and treats inflammation that may develop under the eyes. The facial skin is much healthier and well nourished when there is a rise in blood flow to the face.

Another benefit of gua sha facial therapy is that it massages acupuncture points on the face that in turn, helps improve the function of the internal organs. The healthier your skin will appear when your kidney and liver are functioning at their optimum.

A gentle facial massage can be performed to eliminate deep lines, such as those on the forehead and between the eyebrows. This procedure rejuvenates the skin, increases blood flow, and relaxes the muscles and the more relaxed your muscles are, the more relaxed you feel. This is similar to the effect of smiling which causes you to feel happy, as opposed to a tensely furrowed brow that elicits anger, pensiveness, and, worry.

Most Chinese medicine practitioners in Marlton offer Gua Sha Facial and Facial Cupping either as a standalone treatment or as part of a comprehensive facial rejuvenation program.

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Gua Sha Facial Therapy Eliminates Skin Conditions And Fosters Balance And Youth Within

Women and men seeking the proverbial fountain of youth may need not undergo costly painful injections or go to under the knife in their quest for younger looking skin. Many long time practitioners of Chinese medicine who have extensive experience performing facial rejuvenation Chinese Herbal Medicine, acupressure, and acupuncture recommend a traditional Chinese treatment called Gua Sha which can be used to eliminate dark circles, sagging, and wrinkles.

An ancient Chinese procedure that involves the use of a small medicinal board tool to gently stimulate, manipulate, and massage energy points along the body and face, Gua Sha is designed to eliminate toxins from the body and stimulate the movement of energy or Qi within the energy channels of the body. Its beauty enhancing benefits include the removal of an overall dull complexion, discolorations, dark eye circles, sagging, wrinkles, and age spots.

Gua Sha facial therapy works by stimulating the self healing ability of the skin to lift, firm, and regenerate the whole face. It vitalizes the inner vigor of the face in various levels: the different skin levels, the facial muscle, and the facial fascia are all stimulated in order to bring about the youthful appearance of facial contours, lift sagging from jaw line and neck line, and smooth out winkles. This technique activates the acupuncture points and more without the use of needles. Its health benefits include the restoration of smooth blood and Qi flow of the facial area, detoxification of the channel system, and the improvement of lymph drainage.

From the viewpoint of anti-aging, Gua Sha facial therapy not only provides a temporary skin deep treatment, it is a form of energy workout that fosters balance and youth from within. Its effects are optimized when it’s done with creams and herbal infusions customized for the technique that allows the healing power of the nutrients, and the medicinal and beautification herbs to be released and delivered. This kind of treatment has been supported by years of clinical experience and has proven to be extremely effective.

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Why Asians Look Younger Than Their Age

Have you perchance noticed that most Asians look younger than their actual age? If you put an average European or American and compare his appearance with an average Asian of the same age, there is a definite difference in their appearances. Compared to their Asian counterparts, it would appear that Europeans and Americans appear a bit more matured.

The Asians, especially the Chinese people, are the ones whose aging process seems to be delayed. The Chinese people with their youthful glow and radiant skin emerge as one of the youngest-looking folks in the world. But if you happen to know what their traditions, rituals, practices, and ways are like, you won’t be surprised why they appear as they are. The Chinese anti-aging disciplines of maintaining a regular fitness regimen, getting enough rest, and eating right will definitely work wonders not only for them but for anybody. These practices can make you look younger by holding back the actual years in your appearance.

Choosing the right foods to eat is one of the most important among those anti-aging practices. Eating foods rich in essential oils, omega-3, and antioxidants can set your age a step down. Those foods also help eliminate the illnesses and health infirmities that limit your body movement.

Engaging in Martial Arts is also a great way to stay healthy and keep fit. They are traditionally considered one of the best ways of developing fighting skills and are designed in combative form. But with other related disciplines such as Tai Chi, performing martial arts is considered as a means of eliminating illnesses and cultivating fitness and health. Tai Chi with its low-impact movements is an ideal activity for seniors and elderly people.

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Facial Gua Sha, A Natural Solution To Skin Problems And Aging

A few decades ago, no one heard about facial cupping, facial acupuncture, and especially facial gua sha. Now they are rapidly becoming a highly sought after form of alternative skin care treatment because they work and are an all natural solution to skin conditions and aging.

Gua sha therapy is a Chinese medicine technique entailing the pulling or scraping the skin with a rose quarts stone or a flat jade to flush out tissues and alleviate stiffness and pain. Gua sha, like cupping and acupuncture, is a body therapy designed to address breakouts and dryness and to reverse or slow down aging. While body gua sha body treatment creates bruise-like marks on the body, facial gua sha is leaves no marks as it is performed with therapeutic oils and a light hand.)

Why is gua sha now having its big moment? Perhaps, it integrates today’s beauty trends with that of all-natural remedies.

In facial gua sha, lymphatic fluids are moved releasing the fascia which relaxes hardness in muscles (like in the jaws), breaks down adhesions, and helps the skin function better. The overall effect is a meaningful increase in qi (energy) and blood flow to the skin, and an overall rise in the circulatory flow of fluids and blood. Research indicate a rise in circulation from the procedure as well as improvement in natural hydration which leads to a glowing skin tone, and boosts the ability of the skin to cleanse the sebum, dirt, general accumulation of bacteria in the pores that lead to acne.

One secret is to begin with the neck and work up to the forehead. This will lead to a funnel like effect that forces the negative elements to begin draining downward. As the procedure frees up the neck tissues, then the jaw tissues, and then to the eyes, it opens up circulation, and provides a place for the excess fluids to drain out. Besides resulting in more prominent-looking cheekbones and less puffy eyes, this therapy can significantly cure chronic acne, usually after eight to ten weeks of weekly sessions. In addition, the loosening of the facial muscles can reduce or prevent wrinkles and alleviate neck pain and headaches.

Unlike cupping and facial acupuncture, gua sha can be easily done at home, which is why is it’s guaranteed to become one of this year’s, biggest beauty obsessions. People who have doing gua sha on themselves for months have found it to be insanely relaxing (what’s more soothing than spending ten minutes each morning stroking rose quartz stones and pretty jade all over your face?) and because it makes their puffy cheeks and eyes go down quickly, their breakouts clear much faster and their feel jaw less tight. The truth is, when you begin performing facial gua sha on yourself, you’ll likely to have less and fewer severe acne breakouts than ever before. While best results can be seen by doing self administered treatment at home daily, even two to three times a week treatment can work wonders to your face.

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What Is Yin And Yang?

The concept that underlies Yin Yang stretches to all religions and cultures. This concept is founded on the universal law of duality that all living things in this world follow. There is a natural instinctive cycle that is followed by every living thing and the concept of yin and yang is that cycle.

For instance, from the growth of a plant to the ebb and flow of the tides; yin and yang can be seen in all things. It also repeats ad infinitum its natural cycle – going from yin to yang, back to yin and then yang for all eternity. What blooms from a seed or nut into a tree or flower must die eventually in order for the cycle to repeat.

While yin and yang totally represent opposite phases of each other, there cannot be one without the other. They are opposite and complementary at the same time. There would be no dark if there was no light. Neither would exist if one is missing. They depend on each other to be whole and to complete the cycle.

Yin represents the feminine aspect of the Universe and Mother Nature. It symbolizes the earth, water, and moon. Yin governs the night time when you are sleeping, relaxed, comfortable, and at peace.

Yang, on the other hand, is a busy and fast day when things seem to move at a more rapid pace like in a busy airport or office in a bus. Yan governs the fire, sky, and sun fire.

Yin yang is represented symbolically by the symbol of the Taiji or tai chi, which in today’s society is a very familiar symbol. The white circle single black quote shape is the Yin while the Yang is the black circle inverted white quote shape – it is an inversion of yin. They form one whole when they’re together.

For peace, energies in your environment must be in balance just like yin yang. Negative (yin) and Positive (yang) forces must be in harmony.

If there is not enough negative energy and excess positive energy, or too much negative energy and not enough positive energy, this could lead to disaster. Balancing the scales this way can result in pandemonium.

Yin yang is the basis of feng Shui and the balance of forces (energies) to attain harmony in your place of work, room, office, or home. It does so by enhancing, removing, replacing, or adding things that symbolize different energies and reducing the preponderant energies for more balance.

You inundate yourself with harmonious energy when you use the principle of yin yang and feng shui in the areas that you hang out most often and this provides you with better circumstances for luck you want to attract and aspects of your life you want to enhance.

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The Origin And Basis Of Chi

Modern science has come to understand that the presence of energy is the one common non-physical major element in all life. More often than not, energy is manifested in the form of electro-magnetic fields, which the Chinese refer to as chi. Actually, the shortage of magnetic fields in the soil is one of the biggest causes of poor health and nutrition we see in crops today. Selenium and other various forms of minerals in the soil play a huge part in the flow and transmission of energy into the growing crops through the magnetic field of the earth. Therefore, any depletion in the soil minerals can reduce the health of the crops planted in such soil.

Why Chi is the single biggest factor in health is because a person’s whole body is basically, a huge bio-electric magnet. It is believed that life would not have come about weren’t for these magnetic fields. All cells posses an EM or an electromagnetic field which is the energy field that maintains the life of each cell. The strength of each cell depends on the strength of its EM field, and the stronger a cell is the greater it’s resistance and resilience to death and decay.

Electrons are needed for all chemical reactions to occur. If the flow of electrons from one atom to the next is stopped, then the reactions themselves are neutralized. There are more than a hundred thousand reactions per second in the cells of humans, which is faster than half the speed of light. Each reaction requires enzymes to occur; in turn, the enzymes need huge amounts of chi in order to execute their functions.

For humans, chi is derived from various sources, our parents being the main source during conception. In Chinese medicine, this is what’s known as “original chi” or “yuan”. This original chi is mainly housed in the sexual, adrenal, and other glands of the body. A huge chunk of what’s known as “post birth chi” is derived from the air and food we take in. This is the reason eating fresh, organic, and pure food is extremely essential in getting the greatest possible amount of potent and pure chi.

But where we get the biggest amount of life force energy or chi is through the act of breathing as it’s the constant intake of fresh “ionic energy” and breath from the air that really keeps us alive each second of our lives. This is the reason we can live for days without water and without food for weeks, but can’t live a quarter of an hour or less without breath because what keeps us truly alive each second of our lives is the breath of life.

In China, the role of chi and breathing in longevity and health has been known for over two millennia as proven by archeological excavations in the province in Hunan of the Ma Wang tombs. Archeologists have discovered illustrated instructions and assorted diagrams with charts of the energy system of the human body in these tombs as well as anatomical charts and how to perform various breathing exercises and their benefits to human health and energy.

These discoveries conclusively prove that the internal knowledge of energy and breathing had superseded the erroneous external school of toxic compounds and minerals as the real reason for human longevity and health, and they obviously demonstrate that by the 2nd century AD, the energy system of humans was known to be the most important factor to longevity and health.

Heather Shultz is a licensed acupuncturist in Marlton, NJ with advanced training in modern acupuncture techniques and traditional Asian therapies.

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