How The Trilogy Of Chinese Medicine, Chinese Astrology, And Feng Shui Are Connected To Each Other

While Feng Shui is part of a trilogy of traditional healing modalities, the art and science of this ancient discipline explains why we are affected by both the natural environment and built environment we live in.

Chinese Medicine and Chinese Astrology are the other two parts to this healing trilogy.

Any of these three traditions is comprised of very useful guidance and wisdom in how to live our lives in a more productive, focused, and balanced way.

In Chinese Astrology, we are furnished with a road map to our lives during times when are challenged and times when our lives seem to be much easier and more natural. Chinese Astrology can be extremely specific and it helps us to make timely decisions in matters of health, career, and love.

On the other hand, Chinese Medicine can determine how we can deal with our innate weaknesses and what our constitutional health is like. It treats illnesses with acupuncture vancouver, food, herbs and other health connected solutions.

Feng Shui shows how our work or home environment is affecting us, socially, spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

How all these systems are connected to each other can be gleaned in this theoretical example: A person’s astrology reading may signify that he will have a problem with his health somewhere between the ages of 25 to 30 years. Using Chinese medicine diagnostic tools, the Chinese medicine practitioner may be able to determine what kind of health condition can develop. (This may also be determined by Chinese Astrology). Feng Shui can then determine whether a residence will inhibit or assist the health of the occupant and even foretell the years when the influence of the house will worsen or better the occupant’s health. When you combine all these influences together, you can come up with a vivid understanding and life plan of what a person needs to do at various stages in his life.

This is similar in how the essence of various religions arrives at the same ultimate Truths. It’s fascinating to know that besides the Chinese other cultures have similar renditions of this trilogy. The version of feng shui for the Indians is known as the Vaastu Shastra which complements and works with East-Indian (Vedic) Astrology and Aryuvedic medicine.

Modern living, in general, is now more or less compartmentalized. We now have difficulty in seeing the connections between significant chapters of our lives. Still, everything affects everything else! We simply hardly ever perceive it. On the other hand, we’re now witnessing from an environmental, political, and economic point of view, that we’re all responsible for and related to each other. Unfortunately, the west coast of the United States is being affected by the pollution coming from China.

By applying Feng Shui applications and theories, we are constantly searching for a connection between the natural environment, the human being, and the universe. We even have terms to describe the numerous influences on our lives: “earth luck,” “man luck,” and “heaven luck”. The relationship of the earth to the moon and sun is deep and we can also measure those yang and yin forces on a small scale within a structured environment.

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How To Breathe Properly Through The Practice Of Qigong Breathing

Pronounced Chee Gung, Qigong is the age-old Chinese practice of bolstering health by means of methodical breathing. The basics are easy to learn.

Qigong instructors tell their new students to take a deep breath before starting class. Many of these instructors have observed that their students’ shoulders rise and their chests puff out. Some start to feel dizzy and some begin to cough.

When their shoulders and chests rise, the students are observed to be taking inefficient breaths. The human lungs are extremely complicated and people need to initially work on breathing downwards so that their lungs will be properly filled.

The important thing is to sit or stand straight. As you breathe in, put your hands over your stomach and focus on pulling your breath down so that your abdomen pushes slightly outwards. This will make sure that your lungs are being fully filled with air.

What’s so important about this?

Imagine that you’re planning to climb several flights of stairs, and so you may require x amount of oxygen to have the energy and sustain it to reach the top without collapsing. If you just breathe into the top 50 percent of your lungs, you may then need a hundred breaths to reach the top.

However, if you’re using the entire capacity of your lungs, you may then need just fifty breaths to supply your lungs and muscles with the same amount of oxygen.

This is important in the sense that if you breathe properly, your heart has to only work half as hard to get you up the stairs. You’ll not be as exhausted as when using the top half of your lungs to breathe, since half of your effort goes to pumping sufficient amounts of oxygen throughout your system.

Therefore, your heart is spared the stress of normal breathing, you only work half as hard, and you reach the top without gasping for breath and sweating like a pig.

If you practice Qigong breathing every day, you’ll spend significantly less energy on breathing leaving you with a lot more spare energy to enjoy your day.

The important thing is to realize when you’re starting to puff, pause for a moment from whatever it is you’re doing and begin doing those deep and slow Qigong breaths. It’s extremely important to relax when you become stressed and start to breathe rapidly.

Just remember, pause and take a few deep breaths when you feel stressed out and after a little while, you’ll see that everything will be okay. Feed your brain with enough oxygen and you’ll be able to think more clearly. I mentioned at the beginning of this article that some people get dizzy.

This occurs when your breath is too shallow and too fast. When you make Qigong breathing a natural habit, you will never feel any dizziness. This type of breathing will remove the carbon dioxide from your blood stream and constantly feed oxygen to your brain.

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The Enduring Wisdom Of The I Ching For Our Modern Way Of Life

In the contemporary world of holistic living and complementary health, we have several exciting and new topics that would offer us new insights and help fire up our imagination. However, there is one ancient fount of wisdom that is timeless and is as pertinent today as it was the very day it was written. This is the I Ching. A philosophical book that delineates the beginning and essence of life on earth, the I Ching has never been modified or edited or altered in any way since its inception. It is about 5,000 years old, making it one of the most ancient books in history.

Everything in the world from the viewpoint of the ancient Chinese was ruled by the principles of the five elements and Yin/Yang. The latter was a belief that the world is in a never-ending state of change with the change being deliberate and never random. Actually, according to the laws of yin and yang, the world was changing based on a predictable pattern.

The other principle, the Five Element theory, was derived from a precise observation of nature going back thousands of years ago, whereby the wise men of ancient times attempted to explain and understand the natural rhythms of life. The five elements produced certain influences and trends by interacting with each other in certain ways in the life of the planet and the lives of people in the planet.

Productive Cycle: Wood is greater than Fire, which is greater than Earth, which is greater than Metal, which is greater than Water

Water nourishes Wood;

The Cycles of Destruction: Wood turns to Earth, which turns to Water, which turns to Fire, which turns to Metal.

Metal transforms to Wood

At any given moment, when a specific element is in excess or is active, it exerts an influence on one of the other elements, leading to shortage (example, excess Wood results in a shortage of Earth). If one element is passive weak or passive, this can have an impact on the element that goes before it in the clash cycle, providing it in turn, with excess (example, passive Wood results in Metal excess).

What this implies is the relevance of a normal relationship between the five elements.


When assisting the five elements associate with each other in a, ‘harmonious’ way, one can attain the goal of harmony and balance. When an expert comprehends the five element theory with the view to attaining the proper balance, he or she can work out the best way to bring a certain situation towards a healthier and proper conclusion.

Hence, by introducing a certain element into an equation, a person can significantly help to bring about the proper outcome:

Each element can be fitted in to the Chinese calendar and in to time;

Each element possesses a number;

Each element possesses a trigram;

Each element comes with a color;

Each element is affiliated with a certain area of the body;

The Trigrams

There are eight trigrams with each trigram having a symbol that’s denoted by three lines (either negative and broken or positive and solid) associated with either Yin or Yang. These eight trigrams have directions, names, body parts, family links, elements, body areas, elemental features (shapes) and seasons. The I Ching is made up of 64 Hexagrams that emanate from the eight trigrams. One relationship of a trigram is represented by a hexagram that has a relationship with itself in addition to the seven other trigrams providing eight kinds of energetic effects. When we add together all the eight trigram effects, we come up with sixty four. In each Hexagram, the trigram is a vita and indispensable element.

More popularly known as an oracle tool, the I Ching is a way of deriving answers to questions of relevance and advice that pertains to the life of a person. The I Ching is made up of 64 symbols. One Hexagram is made up of six lines associated with Yin and Yang. There is a specific name in each Hexagram that will provide a person with a general interpretation of a certain state of energy or an active state of being.

According to Taoist philosophy, everything changes and nothing is permanent or fixed. This basic fact is essential in the understanding of I Ching. Time is an aspect of what we refer to as change. When translated, the I Ching means the Book of Changes. It is immortal and is an overarching code of life.

Good Health and the I Ching

Every now and then, all of us may require advice and assistance with regard to our well being and health both mentally and physically. The I Ching is a book offers not only much needed guidance but also a certain sense of spiritual wisdom. This Book of Changes is all about regeneration change, and development. In it, a person can discover conversations about natural forces, key points, negative and positive polarities, and trends and predispositions. Over the last one hundred years, modern physics is now only beginning to expand its horizons in terms of understanding the universe and life on this planet. This discipline has also difficulty in presenting its experiments and formulas in a language that is easily understood that’s in compliance with the laws of nature. Nevertheless, the achievements that have been made in quantum mechanics and physics have resulted into something really interesting: its theories have some parallels with Eastern philosophies.

It is totally plausible that the age-old understanding of the universe and its states of being and energies (via the I Ching) can be considered far superior to modern science. Not only is the I Ching considered a guide to science and natural laws, it also can describe psychological and emotional states from a humanistic point of view.

The universe’s hidden truth is the Dao. Dao is the path to all things. There is faint energy existing everywhere and in everything that is interlinked and connected. This can be best symbolized by the well-known symbol of Tai Chi. The Dao is the circle of Tai chi, which itself is invisible and filled with mystery. The interactivity between the dualistic energies of Yin and Yang are one of its expressions.

World renowned Swedish psychologist Carl Jung, whose work many current therapies and counseling are based on, spent an entire season attempting to discredit the I Ching. But instead of disproving it, he actually came to respect it so much so that he began integrating it into his work! Jung called certain aspects that are somehow tied to coincidences or unexpected as a form of ‘synchronicity.’ One can describe synchronicity as when a person thinks of someone and that someone phones, or when someone looks for something and fortuitously finds what he is looking in a book, magazine, or newspaper.

Tai Chi, Acupuncture vancouver bc, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qi Gong, the Art of War by Sun Tzu, Reflexology, Chinese Herbal Therapy, Chinese Nutritional therapy, Ba Zi Chinese Horoscope, Feng Shui, and the genetic code of the DNA of all living things are all sciences and disciplines that are derived and connected to the 64 Hexagrams and the I Ching in one form or another.

The I Ching has 64 Hexagrams. There are 64 parts code words or parts of the DNA of a human being. All of these fields of study are medical sciences; the I Ching plays a huge role and has a profound influence in the well being and health of a society and a person as a whole.

The DNA helix has the universal code written on the steps of its coiled ladder. This helix has eight steps that come with a 360° turn. Within the I Ching and Feng Shui are 8 trigrams that symbolize the 8 directions within a 360° turn degree turn.

One progression towards spiritual development and physical well being is to develop a consciousness about the reality of Qi. Typically, the nervous systems and consciousness of individuals are not sensitive enough to feel the Qi that is both outside and inside their bodies. Qi cannot be seen but its internal and external effects can be discerned through the mystery of life and death.

Diligent practice and study of the healing arts of ancient China, plus the thorough understanding of the I Ching can hone our inherent energies to the max, which in a lot of instances the indirect outcome will be been the complete treatment of several types of diseases, that can range from fatigue to high blood pressure and from migraines to cardiovascular diseases. Its most important aspect is its amazing ability to prevent illness by maintaining state of balance of our internal energies. According to ancient Chinese medical belief, illness is the externalization of energy distortion and disorder inside the body. It’s a state wherein the nervous system and the various organs are working inefficiently or ineffectively in a manner that is either, too strong or too weak, too fast or too slow, or too wet or too dry. When the Qi moves through the various energy pathways or meridians of our body smoothly without a hitch, the organs of our body are in a state of harmony and balance and are thus healthy and strong. Disease will only come about when this Qi becomes obstructed or imbalanced, which implies that the circulation of Qi needs to be rectified.

Via the understanding of the five element theory and the I Ching, the vigor that has been trapped inside an imbalanced and taut body is freed and allowed to sustain and resuscitate natural health. This applies to all of the healing arts of ancient China.

The tendency to disregard the natural laws of the universe becomes highly likely when we’re not aware of these laws. This leads to a loss of harmony and balance both externally and internally. If these disharmonies and imbalances keep on recurring, they will ruin mental and physical health. When we begin to realize that every aspect of our life and energy is a manifestation of the natural law of the universe, we become instantaneously become one with the universe, and as a result, we naturally become recipients of the blessings and benefits nature and the universe has to give.

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Relieving Chronic Bronchitis With Chinese Nutritional Therapy

Chronic bronchitis is one among the many lung diseases bracketed under the term COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). Chronic bronchitis causes irritation and inflammation of the air passages, which are the pathways in the lungs where air goes in and out of your body. These air passages are also referred to as bronchial tubes, from which the term bronchitis is derived. Thick mucus starts to develop in the air passages when they are irritated and inflamed. The mucus, over time, will block the air pathways of the lungs making breathing difficult.

Chronic bronchitis cannot be reversed, acute bronchitis can. The bronchial tubes is also one the most frequently affected.

“Let medicine be your food and food be your medicine.” One of the basis of Chinese traditional medicine (TCM) in Jacksonville is nutritional therapy. For ages, TCM has concentrated on food treatments.

In the treatment of chronic bronchitis, here are a couple of Chinese nutritional therapy remedies you can try:

  1. An easy and simple  way to treat chronic bronchitis

If you suffer from have chronic bronchitis, at the onset of the hot summer period, for one day, you need to eat only boiled hens eggs and raw sterilized cucumbers. One should not add any salt to the eggs or cucumbers nor should they drink any water. Consume the boiled eggs when you are hungry; eat the cucumber when you are thirsty. For just one day, live your life this way, and for years, you’ll be able to avoid chronic bronchitis symptoms and pain.

  • A way to eradicate chronic bronchitis

A person who has been infected by a cold pathogen and developed cough may ignore or underestimate his condition and so might eventually succumb to chronic bronchitis. This is perhaps the only time he goes to a doctor. However, the drugs that his doctor might give him may not be effective enough to relieve his symptoms. His coughing is be treated and his body keeps on producing a lot of sputum. What other recourse does he have? We recommend that he consumes a delectable fare of three Chinese fruits dried and added with rock candy. These fruits include the Chinese hawthorn (in china, this is known as shanza), jujube (the Chinese call this hong zao, and longan (in China, this is known as guiyuan. The most important of these three fruits is jujube.

  • Preparing the fruits

For a single winter, half a kilogram of the meat of longan will suffice, as well as a rather small amount of hawthorn. Mixed with a proper amount rock candy, the three dried fruits are then stewed until they turn into gruel. The gruel is then placed in a refrigerator. The gruel is served around Christmastime and for the next 81 days or until it is totally consumed. An intake of 2 tablespoonfuls a day is the proper way to administer the doses. For the person concerned, he will be immune to coughing even if he develops bronchitis later at any time. And thanks to this sweet dish, neither will cold. Anyone can purchase these fruits in dried form at any Chinese grocery.

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Cupping Therapy And The Olympics

The titans at the last Olympics have never failed to amaze. We are smitten with admiration, wonder, and awe for the unbelievable levels of sustained laser focus, brutal training, and genius-level skills shown by those who ascended to Olympian heights. And then there are individuals like Usain Bolt, Simone Biles, Katie Ledecky, Michael Phelps, and other demigods, who you could not convince me as having been born on this planet. Something seems suspicious, and I pray Donald Trump will be asking questions soon, who have raised suspicions about these ubermenschen personalities who installed themselves among us mere mortals.

With regard to Michael Phelps, we need to ask a question: “What are those round bruise-like marks on his back?” A bit of research shows that Michael might be into some kind of alternative, New Age traditional integrative Chinese medicine stuff.

Is cupping therapy just a fad that has been thrust into the spotlight by sports and movie celebrities such as Michael Phelps and Gwyneth Paltrow?  Or is there really something to it that make these stars bold enough to seriously display it on their bodies and make them healthy and strong? 

According to Chinese medicine, cupping therapy enhances the flow circulation of a person’s life force in the body through the suction of heated glass bowls administered to the skin. Why do many American Olympians and other Olympic athletes flaunt their cups on prime time world TV if they’re not sure cupping really works? Surely, they have been using this ancient procedure long before the start of the Olympics simply for the fact that it truly works. Now this is hardly considered as a form of pseudoscience on the part of these people. The showing of cupping marks on winners conferred an air of legitimacy on potentially harmful and baseless therapies-all of it seared into the consciousness of gullible adults and impressionable children. I could care less.

Cupping therapy actually has no scientific or medical basis and it can cause injuries, many times resulting in infections and burns.

Olympic Superstitions

Has anyone noticed the indicators of irrational oral statements during interviews? No, I’m not talking about the hundred signs of the cross prior to or after events, (as if God would really prefer one over simply because that individual performed that gesture oftentimes, done hastily in an irreverent way) or the pointing of the fingers in the air as if a deity in the sky was watching the event or other signs that sports competitors believe and rely upon in vancouver acupuncture , cupping, homeopathy, and kinesiology tape.

Cupping basically involves the sticking of heated glass bulbs or suction cups on your skin. Olympic athletes sated they use cupping to alleviate soreness and pain so that they can do whatever they wanted cupping to do for them like run or swim faster, stay cooler, jump higher, or balance their chi and chakras. And the good thing about is that it works no matter whether they believe in it or not.

Aside from the ancient Chinese, it appears certain North American natives have used cupping therapy, as did Egyptians thousands of years ago. At one time, it was part of bloodletting that might now be considered as another type of alternative therapy that might make a comeback one of these days, if a Deepak, Dr. Oz, celebrity, or movie star recommends it.

Cupping therapy aside, there’s nothing but appreciation and wonder for the amazing performances exhibited by practically all the athletes who participated competitors. These competitors are indeed terrific.

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Paida Lajin Exercises For A Strong And Healthy Body

Paida lajin exercises are designed to free up your energy channels called meridians, helping improve sexual function, strengthening your immune system, cleansing your body of toxins, and treating illnesses. It can also increase your body length, uplift your appearance, help you lose unwanted weight, and reduce acne, wrinkles, and freckles. Body lengthening can occur in adolescents and in middle aged people; this benefits the elderly the most since a lot of them have stiffened tendons and suffer from a hunched back to varying degrees.

 The slapping and patting of the joints and skin which is part of the Paida lajin regimen helps stimulate the flow of vital energy called “Chi” giving vitality and life to your body. Paida lajin extracts the Yin chi or the negative Chi out of your body and invigorates you with Yang Chi or positive energy. Paida lajin stimulates your meridians with positive Chi which thus fills your body with vitality. The slapped and patted areas of your body will automatically activate blood and Chi enhancing their circulation. As a detoxifier, the increased Chi will scan your body to identify blocked energy channels and then clean them. The result is the clearing of tumors and the removal of toxic waste in your body.

As mentioned before, Paida Lajin improves sexual function, strengthens the immune system, and cleanses the body of toxins. In addition, this exercise therapy can cure or relieve problems in the reproductive and urinary systems.  It also is effective in dealing with gastroenteritis and other stomach problems; swelling and pain in the feet and hands; numbness in the body; problems affecting the cerebrovascular and cardiovascular systems; diabetes; dermatitis; and gallbladder and liver problems. 

But the biggest benefit of paida lajin is that you can do it yourself. It inexpensive and usually doesn’t cost you any money at all. You can learn in just a few minutes and can treat practically any type of disease. 

Thrive Wellness Center is an acupuncture clinic in Fort Lauderdale, FL with licensed acupuncturists, physicians and therapists.

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The Healthy Feng Shui Effects Of Live Plants In Your Area

A safe and wonderful home includes a lot of live plants throughout the entire house. It’s a fact that plants provide clean oxygen and help freshen the air. You may remember from your grade school biology subject of a process known as photosynthesis.

Plants may help keep you breathe easier by providing humidity. In winter, the air can quickly dry out by electric heating and woodstoves. Having healthy plants in the room can generate a small amount of moisture into the air.

The traditional Chinese technique of Feng Shui involves plants in its beautification. Plants give you a sense of health and freshness in an environment. By simply observing the and considering the beauty of a plant, your blood pressure can be dramatically reduced.

For some, caring for a live plant can also be a healing experience. Lots of individuals take pride in the way their plants look and love talking to them. The moments you spend caring and watering for your plants can be a cathartic experience and allows you to delight in the natural beauty of another living thing and helps you to relax. This contemplative act can help someone think straight and gather his thoughts together.

Some people believe that plants have the power to diminish the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. More and more hospitals are adding gardens in their interior to help surgery patients recuperate faster. For somebody who needs a little pick me up, mentally or physically, a plant makes an ideal gift.

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Moxibustion Therapy Standalone Treatment Or As Adjunct To Acupuncture Is Effective Both Ways

Most Westerners have heard about acupuncture but only a few have heard about a Chinese complementary therapy called moxibustion, which adds a new aspect to acupuncture.

Acupuncture vancouver has been recorded in Chinese medical documents that date as far back as the second Century BCE and is one of most ancient healing practices in the world. It’s a branch of a medical system known as TCM or traditional Chinese medicine. Acupuncture aims to preserve and restore health by innervating selected points on the body known as acupoints through the use of filiform needles.

But the thing is the Chinese character for acupuncture is (针灸), which in English translates to “acupuncture moxibustion.” Acupuncture, we know that, check. But what is moxibustion?

Moxibustion is an acupuncture variant that involves the administration of heat to the same acupoints, by means acupuncture needles or by direct application of heat on the points.

The Principle behind Acupuncture and Moxibustion

According to TCM, the human body is an organism that has two complementary and opposing forces called yin and yang. They exist in a delicate balance that helps keep the whole body in a good state of health. Yin represents the passive, slow, or cold principle, and yang, the active, excited, and hot principle. When balance is maintained between these two forces, good health is the result.

From the standpoint of Taoist philosophy (that, in turn, is the foundation of Chinese philosophy), each person is filled with a life force known as Chi or qi (pronounced “chee”). When the forces of yin and yang are in relative balance, chi is also in balance and equally distributed all over the body. Vital life energy then circulates harmoniously and smoothly across invisible energy channels in the body called meridians that are interconnected to 2,000 various acupoints throughout the body.

Every one of these acupoints influences certain parts or organs of the body. Health is impaired and negative symptoms begin to appear when the flow of chi is blocked or becomes imbalanced for whatever reason.

Based on TCM principles, disease is simply an internal imbalance of yin and yang resulting in a blockage to chi flow or an imbalance of chi. When the acupoints are stimulated throughout the meridians connected to the affected region of the body, acupuncturists will work on the patient’s health restoring the smooth flow of chi by eliminating the blockage to its flow. This will repair any imbalances and restore the chi of the body to its normal state.

What Transpires During an Acupuncture-moxibustion Therapy?

In a regular acupuncture therapy session, the acupuncturist will stick clean stainless steel slender needles into selected acupoints in the patient’s body. Moxibustion complements this by administering heat therapy to the acupoints.

Acupuncturists administer heat to the points by burning a bunch of tightly bound plants called moxa. These herbs are produced by collecting dried mugwort leaves and shaping them into small cigar or cone-like shapes.

In European folk medicine, the mugwort plant has been used for centuries to heal a number of illnesses. Used traditionally for healing, mugwort is a ubiquitous plant that can be found along roads and streets and during ancient Roman times, is believed to bring good fortune to travelers who would place these plants in their shoes to soothe their tired aching feet. They were used in Pagan celebrations during the summer solstice, to bring protection for the rest of the year.

Initially, “direct” moxibustion therapy in association with acupuncture was first practiced in the cold, mountain areas of northern China whereby people lit a cone of moxa and directly placed it on the acupoints on the skin. This manner of heating the body was thought to facilitate healing and prevent illness.

Direct moxibustion was not obviously widely practiced since it was painful and has resulted in scarring.

Another moxibustion technique known as “Indirect” moxibustion involved the administration of heat to needle points from an electrical source or by burning of moxa on the upper tip of an acupuncture needle stuck on the patient’s skin. Acupuncturists usually hold the smoldering moxa over the patient’s skin or place a slice of salt, garlic, or ginger over the skin and then place the smoldering moxa on top of that. The result is a soothing, penetrating and profound therapeutic heat.

Other techniques include warm needle moxibustion, which uses heated acupuncture needles; incense thread moxibustion wherein the practitioner lights up thin strips of moxa; and lighter burnt match moxibustion whereby the therapist rapidly taps one or two points on the ear with the head of a burnt match.

But Isn’t Acupuncture Alone Strong Enough to Provide Adequate Treatment to Illnesses?

Good question. By using needles alone, acupuncture can be a powerful treatment for certain types of illnesses. However, practitioners believe that moxibustion is more effective than acupuncture in the treatment of menstrual cramps, spastic colon, colds and back pain. It’s even alleged to work for chronic diseases such as arthritis.

A lot of scientific research on moxibustion has so far been done in combination with acupuncture, so it is very difficult to isolate the cause and effect which makes it scientifically hard to ascertain whether moxibustion alone has a definite therapeutic effect on the body.

To be frank, scientists are still at a loss on how acupuncture exactly works, either. The only thing they know for sure is that it works. In fact, we have an incredible long list of health issues problems where acupuncture can be used — even in hospital settings.

Clinical studies have proven that moxibustion can help prevent breech births. This therapy has also shown to boost circulation of blood to the uterus and pelvis making it effective in the treatment of menstrual cramps. It also has an effect on prohibiting delivery of breech babies by helping the baby move into its proper position in preparation for a normal birth.

In an open controlled, randomized, clinical trial re moxibustion therapy use for the prevention breech birth, the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) reported in 1998 that moxibustion therapy in women resulted in the proper turning of breech presentation babies in 75 percent of women who received moxibustion therapy for seven to 14 weeks. In the control group that did not receive moxibustion therapy, only 47 percent of the babies turned.

Acupuncturists also use moxibustion to address inflamed regions of the body making this modality extremely helpful in treating ailments such as lower back pain. Moxibustion’s therapeutic heat serves as a safe analgesic to help alleviate stiff joints and painful muscles.

Because there are very few complications or contradictions related to indirect moxibustion and acupuncture, they should definitely be considered a treatment for painful conditions.

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The Amazing Versatility Of Acupressure Therapy

Some researchers believe that acupressure originated in China thousands of years ago, and there are ancient uncovered artifacts that show this healing technique practiced as early as the Neolithic Age!

In China, acupressure is often used to relieve post surgery nausea and vomiting in children. It also is known to alleviate nausea in cancer patients after undergoing chemotherapy. It can be administered anytime anywhere without the need for special equipment.

As long as you are familiar with the instructions given to you by a qualified acupuncturist or acupressure therapist, you can safely administer acupressure on yourself and on others. Acupressure allows the body to relax, alleviates pain and tension, and enhances blood flow throughout the body, if it’s properly done. It can also foster wellness and reinforce your immune system.

This therapy should be done gently and slowly since performing it too vigorously or quickly can result in some damage, particularly when it is applied in the stomach area. Extra caution and care is essential when the therapy is administered on pregnant women or on people suffering from recent injuries, infections, or burns.

In many ways, for most patients suffering from low back pain, acupressure has been proven to be more effective than physical therapy. Acupressure therapy on the ear can help alleviate anxiety and stress. Body acupressure can help lessen anxiety and fear of pre-operative care patients and in victims of trauma.

These are the conditions that can be potentially treated with Acupressure:

• Migraine Headaches
• Tension Headaches
• Shoulder and Neck Pain
• Earache, Toothache, Jaw Pain
• Arm Hand, and Wrist, pain
• Loss of Voice, Sinus Infection, Sore throat, Flu, Colds,
• Foot, Ankle, Knee, Hip, and Back pain and ache
• Nervousness and Panic Attacks
• Allergies
• Insomnia
• Depression
• Hiccups
• Fainting
• High Blood Pressure, Heart Palpitations, and Angina
• Poor Concentration and Memory
• Painful Periods and PMS
• Stomach pain, Heartburn, Diarrhea and Constipation
• Urinary retention, Incontinence, Bed-wetting
• Hangover, Low Libido, Asthma, Itching, Nose bleeds
• Morning Sickness, Pregnancy Discomfort, Hot Flashes

Anyone can learn to administer acupressure at home to augment/complement professional treatment. It is especially helpful when you suddenly experience pain or illness and you can’t immediately go to the doctor.

Thrive Wellness Center is an acupuncture clinic in Fort Lauderdale, FL with licensed acupuncturists, physicians and therapists.

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Substance Abuse Treatment Using Auricular Acupuncture

Acupuncturist vancouver specializing in detoxification therapy are particularly interested in addressing the drug and alcohol addiction problem in their respective communities. They are equipped with pertinent historical information on how they are resolved based on auricular acupuncture therapy and use this treatment a complementary natural treatment to currently used therapies such as focused self help groups and addiction counseling.

The information below can also clear up the reason why acupuncture can be one of the alternative health options that can be unified with the already existing counseling centers or conventional drug and alcohol programs. However, we ought to consider this suggestion objectively without prejudice and with an open mind given the social and economic dilemma the present drug problem has vexed this country.

In Europe and America, there are hundreds of detoxification programs that follow the methods used by doctors at New York’s Lincoln Hospital, where every day, 250 addicts are treated with auricular acupuncture. The principle underlying this therapy is the belief that the human body can be activated by stimulating acupoints on the auricle or outer ear. Doctors have noticed that craving and withdrawal symptoms wane within minutes of auricular acupuncture therapy. Equally noticed is a meaningful decrease in hostility and panic typically observed in drug-rehab settings – transformations that make addicts more willing to undergo counseling.

This is not to say acupuncture is a cure all. It just implies that it’s a very good complement to counseling.

The NADA or National Acupuncture Detoxification Association was established by medical specialists and practitioners in 1985 who wished to propagate the modalities used in Lincoln Hospital into other treatment environments. Acupuncturists specializing in detoxification therapy follow protocols set by the NADA that are widely recognized in the realm of drug dependency. Today, in many areas of the US and Canada, acupuncture is considered a legitimate primary health care specialty.

American specialists in the field of chemical dependency in both the criminal justice system and private sector have expressed interest in NADA related programs especially programs used in the Lincoln Hospital. The integration of an acupuncture element to a currently used program offers an inexpensive way to provide outpatient therapy to a majority of drug addicts, whilst boosting the efficacy of current detoxification programs.

Irrespective of the substance abused and the treatment setting, auricular acupuncture has shown to work well in the detoxification of a patient. It achieves this by promoting the process of elimination in the main organs of the body, which helps accelerate the removal of toxins in the body. Auricular acupuncture offers the patient a sense of serenity and calmness and enhances their mental clarity and their capacity to focus. This promotes a better receptivity to counseling.

As gleaned in the explosion of drug-related problems in the past few decades such as a rising number of mental health problems, criminal offenses, and HIV infections, standard assisted western substance abuse therapy will only be effective if the patient remains in treatment for a long time; unfortunately, few patients are willing to wait that long. Long term follow-up research work has concluded that even long term therapy eventually leads to low rates of success.

While auricular acupuncture has much to offer, based on my three decades of dealing with substance abuse, the best approach is to detoxify the patient with auricular therapy combined with counseling, EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique, Chinese herbal medicine, qigong and Chi healing.

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