Gua Sha Facial Therapy Eliminates Skin Conditions And Fosters Balance And Youth Within

Women and men seeking the proverbial fountain of youth may need not undergo costly painful injections or go to under the knife in their quest for younger looking skin. Many long time practitioners of Chinese medicine who have extensive experience performing facial rejuvenation Chinese Herbal Medicine, acupressure, and acupuncture recommend a traditional Chinese treatment called Gua Sha which can be used to eliminate dark circles, sagging, and wrinkles.

An ancient Chinese procedure that involves the use of a small medicinal board tool to gently stimulate, manipulate, and massage energy points along the body and face, Gua Sha is designed to eliminate toxins from the body and stimulate the movement of energy or Qi within the energy channels of the body. Its beauty enhancing benefits include the removal of an overall dull complexion, discolorations, dark eye circles, sagging, wrinkles, and age spots.

Gua Sha facial therapy works by stimulating the self healing ability of the skin to lift, firm, and regenerate the whole face. It vitalizes the inner vigor of the face in various levels: the different skin levels, the facial muscle, and the facial fascia are all stimulated in order to bring about the youthful appearance of facial contours, lift sagging from jaw line and neck line, and smooth out winkles. This technique activates the acupuncture points and more without the use of needles. Its health benefits include the restoration of smooth blood and Qi flow of the facial area, detoxification of the channel system, and the improvement of lymph drainage.

From the viewpoint of anti-aging, Gua Sha facial therapy not only provides a temporary skin deep treatment, it is a form of energy workout that fosters balance and youth from within. Its effects are optimized when it’s done with creams and herbal infusions customized for the technique that allows the healing power of the nutrients, and the medicinal and beautification herbs to be released and delivered. This kind of treatment has been supported by years of clinical experience and has proven to be extremely effective.

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