Facial Gua Sha, A Natural Solution To Skin Problems And Aging

A few decades ago, no one heard about facial cupping, facial acupuncture, and especially facial gua sha. Now they are rapidly becoming a highly sought after form of alternative skin care treatment because they work and are an all natural solution to skin conditions and aging.

Gua sha therapy is a Chinese medicine technique entailing the pulling or scraping the skin with a rose quarts stone or a flat jade to flush out tissues and alleviate stiffness and pain. Gua sha, like cupping and acupuncture, is a body therapy designed to address breakouts and dryness and to reverse or slow down aging. While body gua sha body treatment creates bruise-like marks on the body, facial gua sha is leaves no marks as it is performed with therapeutic oils and a light hand.)

Why is gua sha now having its big moment? Perhaps, it integrates today’s beauty trends with that of all-natural remedies.

In facial gua sha, lymphatic fluids are moved releasing the fascia which relaxes hardness in muscles (like in the jaws), breaks down adhesions, and helps the skin function better. The overall effect is a meaningful increase in qi (energy) and blood flow to the skin, and an overall rise in the circulatory flow of fluids and blood. Research indicate a rise in circulation from the procedure as well as improvement in natural hydration which leads to a glowing skin tone, and boosts the ability of the skin to cleanse the sebum, dirt, general accumulation of bacteria in the pores that lead to acne.

One secret is to begin with the neck and work up to the forehead. This will lead to a funnel like effect that forces the negative elements to begin draining downward. As the procedure frees up the neck tissues, then the jaw tissues, and then to the eyes, it opens up circulation, and provides a place for the excess fluids to drain out. Besides resulting in more prominent-looking cheekbones and less puffy eyes, this therapy can significantly cure chronic acne, usually after eight to ten weeks of weekly sessions. In addition, the loosening of the facial muscles can reduce or prevent wrinkles and alleviate neck pain and headaches.

Unlike cupping and facial acupuncture, gua sha can be easily done at home, which is why is it’s guaranteed to become one of this year’s, biggest beauty obsessions. People who have doing gua sha on themselves for months have found it to be insanely relaxing (what’s more soothing than spending ten minutes each morning stroking rose quartz stones and pretty jade all over your face?) and because it makes their puffy cheeks and eyes go down quickly, their breakouts clear much faster and their feel jaw less tight. The truth is, when you begin performing facial gua sha on yourself, you’ll likely to have less and fewer severe acne breakouts than ever before. While best results can be seen by doing self administered treatment at home daily, even two to three times a week treatment can work wonders to your face.

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