Chinese Foods And Healthy Eating

Generally speaking, Chinese foods are very good for health as they are cooked with the aim of boosting certain health benefits, such as medicinal value, healing powers, and longevity. Wide experience and thorough knowledge is required in the preparation of Oriental cuisine. Chinese foods are cooked without the use of milk based ingredients like cheese, butter, or cream and with the use of poly unsaturated oils. While meat is also used, it is used in minimal amounts to avoid the buildup of bad cholesterol and high amounts of animal fat in the body that can lead to excessive body weight or obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular conditions. Genuine Chinese food is usually associated with good health. A traditional Chinese meal or diet must include vegetables, noodles, and rice.

The manner of serving the food requires a very special approach. Cutting the food into small portions before serving is almost statutory, and you will not see any knives at the dining table. It is imperative that there is a proper combination of things like condiments and herbs. The texture and color of the food should be tempting and the food should be enjoyed in peace. There should be a wide variety of dishes with varying nutritional value to choose from. Vegetables and beef or chicken are a good combination. In lieu of sesame chicken and other fried dishes, you can have broccoli, or cashew beef or chicken. These dishes are highly nutritious as opposed to unhealthy traditional foods such as lo mien with noodles soaked in carbohydrates, fats, and oil.

Instead of fried rice, you can choose brown rice in order to avoid high levels of carbohydrates and cholesterol. Foods and condiments high in sodium content like soy sauce are a staple in Chinese food. But since we all know that too much sodium is very bad for the body, you can minimize the use of soy sauce and opt for steamed dishes, vegetables, and stir fried foods that are cooked with no or little oil. You can choose a healthy diet that contains vegetable based dishes combined with steamed rice and certain sauces. Then, eat the fortune cookies to consummate the meal.

In conclusion, a Chinese meal low in salt and comprised of lots of snow peas and vegetables is considered a healthy meal. Your choice of restaurant will determine the quality of food you eat. It may be a high end restaurant or a low-priced one. What really matters though is the kind of dishes you choose and their nutritional value. So, if you are a practical person, you can eat at a low priced Chinese restaurant that serves lightly cooked highly nutritious and healthy foods.


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