Acupuncture and A Balance of Diet and Nutrition Are Necessary for the Treatment of Chronic Inflammation

A perfect balance of nutrition and acupuncture can lead to enduring benefits. Everyone can experience
Injuries at some point in his/her life. Depending on the treatment process, it may take a short or long time to recover. In order to get back to normal shape the body needs the right amount of nutrients. Vitamins A and C has been scientifically proven to aid in the accelerated healing of injuries. Copper and zinc can quicken the healing process. To help control inflammation and promote healing, a balanced diet is also needed. Treatment can be enhanced if you follow the right acupuncture diet supplement. A licensed and professional acupuncture nutritionist will help you know what kind of diet would perfectly address your health condition or injury.

No one can disprove that acupuncture is a great alternative treatment that gives fast relief from a number of health related issues. A well balanced nutritional diet and acupuncture can reinforce a standard treatment. Widely practiced the world over, herbal diet has far reaching effects that help resolve conditions or augment the effects of your treatment. The practitioner may advice that you take herbal supplements first before starting acupuncture to boost the healing process. No side effects can result if you undergo nutritional diet therapy although it may be prudent to first let your acupuncture nutritionist know about your allergies to certain herbal medicine and foods. Avoiding certain types of food that your body reacts to is important and the nutritionist has to provide you with a chart on the dos and don’ts of diet therapy. The nutrients are meant to bolster the defense system of the body making you stronger and fit to fight any types of health issues. It also leads to a quicker resolution of pain.

Choose clinics that have customized programs that ideally conform to your health history. Western nutrition is completely different from Chinese nutrition. In the West, minerals, fats, proteins, and vitamins are normally given importance. In Chinese nutrition, however, a specific type of food has a specific energy that affects the body. Therefore, before a diet therapy is recommended the practitioner thoroughly evaluates the patient first. The practitioner first gives nutritional counseling before starting Chinese medicine in order to learn more about the patient’s health condition. Initial tests are performed and only then will a treatment plan be formulated. A plan is charted that is based on the patient’s condition.

By stimulating certain points in the body, acupuncture can help boost blood circulation. Weak blood flow can lead to blood stagnation which means the chi or is not properly distributed throughout the body leading to health disorders. It is the acupuncturist’s responsibility to guarantee an unhindered circulation of energy that is equally distributed throughout the body. When an acupoint is stimulated it performs a specific function that leads to desired outcomes. Patients suffering from chronic inflammation triggered by nutrient deficiencies can find recourse to acupuncture treatment. An acupuncture diet can be help clear inflammation and better the function of the digestive system by improving the absorption of nutrients. This treatment can also improve emotional responses and muscle tone. Using the best medications isn’t enough to treat inflammation if you have poor nutrition. Your health issues will be eliminated only if there is a proper balance of diet and nutrition.

Dr. Vickery is a licensed acupuncturist in Tarzana, CA., and the founder and clinical director of Vickery Health and Wellness.

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