A Typical Chinese Daily Workout Exercise

A typical Chinese daily workout exercise comprises of techniques and exercises and is holistic, meaning it benefits your spirit, mind and body. While it is worthwhile to have a flexible, toned, and body, if you’re not able to control your emotions and mind you don’t have harmonious, complete health! A holistic exercise is something martial artists, healing therapists, Taoists, and Eastern yogis have known and been doing for more than 2000 years.

A traditional day-to-day Chinese workout exercise schedule contains:

 Meditation and breathing techniques
 Self-massage practices
 Strengthening practices
 Stretching, loosening, and warm up exercises

The following are some of the benefits of a day-to-day Chinese style workout exercise:

 A heightened sense of general well-being
 Regular bowel movements
 Healthy digestion
 Clear eyes and skin
 Sound sleep
 Good balance and posture
 Increased blood flow
 Balanced emotions
 A calm mind
 Flexible, toned, and strong body

Can a day-to-day Chinese style workout exercise benefit me?

Anyone, regardless of state of health, sex, age, and race, can benefit from practicing daily Chinese health exercises. These techniques and exercises are derived from the principles of one of the most ancient unbroken practiced healing system in the world, Traditional Chinese Medicine. These techniques and exercises wouldn’t still be in use if they didn’t work, simple as that. You surely need to try Chinese style exercise it for yourself if you haven’t done it before. All it takes to start is a strong longing to boost your wellbeing and health. All you need is a suitable place to practice and fifteen to thirty minutes a day. You don’t need any training partners, equipment, classes, or gyms to this exercise!

Dr. Guoen Wang is a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist and doctor of Chinese medicine in Austin Texas.

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