Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Eviscerate Those Nasty Allergy Signs and Symptoms

Those embarrassing sneezes at the most inopportune times, the watery eyes, stuffy nose, and the sniffles that plague a third 1/3 of Americans – this can only mean one thing…it’s the allergy season!

Allergies are an exaggerated immune reaction or response to substances that are typically innocuous or harmless. A lot of people with allergy choose over-the-counter or prescription drugs to get rid of their symptoms. Licensed acupuncturist, Denise Ellinger, L.Ac states that one can actually keep away from a lot of these allergy symptoms. She argues that one’s health is a person’s most precious commodity. The key to maintaining and safeguarding this treasure is a healthy balance in all aspects of life. Besides that, the typical regimen of searching for that ‘magic pill’ is not the answer. Multi-millennial Chinese medicine modalities can often provide long-lasting relief without harmful side effects. Chinese Medicine is premised on the resolution of the underlying cause of the problem. When it comes to Western pharmaceutical products, the one most commonly used for seasonal allergy are decongestants and antihistamines, and corticosteroids for really serious reactions. These drugs all have negative side effects, and they usually only control the symptoms for a short while. Allergy drugs come with some of the following common side effects:

Depression – Certain asthma drugs actually can aggravate exacerbate suicidal thoughts or depression. The patient’s mental status should be assessed on a regular basis.

Increased appetite – An increased appetite is another possible side effect when taking antihistamines. This side effect is obviously a plus only when you are trying to gain weight. You might be surprised that you’ve already eaten an extra hundred calories or more creating a spare tire around the middle or perhaps the fat lands in your belly.

Sleepiness – A lot of antihistamines come with the sleepiness side effect. If you are operating machinery or drive, this can be potentially dangerous. Decongestant nasal sprays should never be used for more than three to five days. Allergic symptoms can exacerbate and swelling in the nasal passages can occur if you use them beyond those days. With regard to oral decongestants, side effects from their use can include difficulty falling asleep and wakefulness, aggravation or causing heart rhythm abnormalities, and elevated blood pressure.


Under the skilled hands of a licensed, qualified and trained practitioner, acupuncture in Tarzana is an extremely safe treatment for allergy. However, in order to restore balance in your body, a precise diagnosis of what imbalances are causing your allergies, lifestyle and dietary advice, and herbal remedies may also be required. Actually, acupuncture and Chinese medicine can also have some side effects but these are the ones that are welcomed by the body. They can include relief from headaches, arthritis, and stress as well as PMS relief, asthma relief, less chronic pain, and enhanced energy among many others. Perhaps, you need a quick fix for cold or flu symptoms, an aching back, tennis elbow or jet lag. Chinese Medicine is designed to balance a person’s vital energy and balanced vital energy leads to health. Just as mitochondria receives information to create energy and to send instructions for cell health,maintaining and balancing the energy flow of the body results in a healthy communication within the body. Your health needs to be maintained on several levels (spiritual, physical, mental,) and cared for every day. Chinese medicine is the quintessential Anti-Aging therapy!

After the practitioner has evaluated the patient’s signs and symptoms and main compliant, he locates acupuncture points along the proper energy channels (meridians)wherein energy flows associated with the affected organ systems. Sterile and thin, needles are then stuck into these points. Energy flow is redirected to rectify any imbalance. The needles are removed after the end of the treatment which typically last for 20 to 30 minutes.

What a joy it is to be free from the sneezes, watery eyes,, stuffy nose, and sniffles. One can also expect to have better sleep at night, renewed energy and less stress in his/her body.

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Chinese Food Therapy Cures Conditions Through The Proper Eating of the Right Foods

The father of medicine,Hippocrates, stated once: “Let food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food.” One of the bases of Chinese Medicine is food therapy.

Chinese medicine has,for thousands of years, focused on food cures.

With regard to food therapy, one of the major differences between Western medicine and Chinese medicine is that the former seldom uses foods for symptomatic treatment of disease, other than using diet exclusively for treating obesity problems,while the latter uses diet to prevent and cure illness.

One other huge difference between them is that in Chinese medicine, not only is the nutrients of foods, such as minerals, vitamins, proteins, and carbohydrates taken into consideration, the energies, flavors, and the movements of foods in association with specific body organs are also deemed important.

The foods,in Chinese medicine, are known to possess five flavors: sweet, sour, salty, pungent, and bitter. Taste is not only what flavors in foods can give you: flavors also can affect your internal organs.

Bitter tasting foods such as radish, lettuce and bitter melon (Chinese vegetable) can impact your small intestine and heart. These types of foods can dry your body fluids and decrease body heat. This is the reason why herbs for treating diarrhea and fever often have a bitter taste due to their “drying” effect.

Foods with a pungent flavor like peppermint, parsley, ginger, coriander, clove, and chive tend to have an effect on your large intestine and lungs. Pungent flavor foods promote energy circulation and induce sweating.

Salty tasting foods such as seaweed, kelp, and salt can impact your bladder and kidneys. These types of foods can soften hardness, and thus are excellent for resolving symptoms involving muscle hardening.

Sour tasting foods such as plum, pear, lemon, and mango affect your gall bladder and liver. These foods block movements, and thus are good for controlling excessive perspiration and treating diarrhea.

Watermelon, chestnut, beef, banana, sugar and other sweet flavor foods tend to impact your spleen and abdomen. These foods have the ability to neutralize toxins from other foods and slow down acute symptoms. Sweet foods, according Western medicine,lets you gain weight due to them being usually loaded with “empty calories.” From a Chinese medicine standpoint, sweet foods impact your spleen and your abdomen, impairing your digestive functions, which makes you eat more and thus, increase weight more.

It is important to note that certain foods possess more than one flavor, and this is not rare. Pork is both sweet and salty and while beef is just sweet.

Foods, in Chinese medicine, are also noted for their energies because they generate cold or heat; this means that they can provide a sensation of cold or heat to the body. If you drink a glass of cold water, for example, your body will feel cold; but that lasts only temporary; the sensations from foods,on the other hand, lasts much longer.

Regardless if they’re cold or hot, foods have a more lasting sensation on the body. They have five energies: neutral, cool, warm, cold, and hot. For example even if it’s chilled, pepper can provide hot energy. Tea provides gives cold energy, even if it is hot. Corn has neutral energy (neither hot nor cold), and chicken provides warm energy. Consequently, if your arthritis pain in cold winter days is more severe and acute, then you need to eat more foods that give warm or hot energy to lessen the cold in your joints.

In addition to these properties, foods have four movements: the downward movement that halts asthma or vomiting; the upward movement that alleviates diarrhea; the inward movement that relieves stomach pain and bowel movements; and the outward movement that eases pain and induces sweating.

Chinese medicine is grounded on harmony and balance, in which food therapy plays a huge role through its movements, energies, and flavors. The Chinese, for thousands of years, have utilized food science for food cures.

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The “Viral Defense” Formula And Its Value During Viral and Bacterial Epidemics

Herbs classified as Heat Clearing are direct healing herbs with true medicinal energy and definitely not at all a Tonic Class. The Shanghai College of Traditional Chinese Medicine teaches that there are five sub classes in the classification of herbs. The herbs with antiviral properties are the most powerful and they are from the Blood cooling – Heat clearing and Detoxifying- Heat clearing subclasses.

Ancient physicians definitely had neither a microscopic knowledge of pathogens nor even a rudimentary awareness of infections. What they knew, however, was an understanding of toxin and heat accumulation in the blood leading to illness. What is fascinating is the discovery of real powerful viral and bacterial killing qualities of herbs that were eventually proven by Western medical to have owned.

Several traditional Chinese medicine herbalists know of an extremely powerful herbal formula made up of one antiviral Western herb and six Chinese herbs. In Western medical jargon this herb is considered a “broad spectrum” anti-viral medicine that can be used for a broad range of bacterial and germ infections.

This formula contains a variety of Chinese herbs in including:

• Chinese Coin Grass (Jin Tsian Cao)
• Root bark of the Mountain Peony Tree (Mu Dan Pi)
• Chinese “Woad” leaves or isatas (Da Tsing Ye)
• Flower Spikes or Chinese Prunella Vulgaris (Hsia Ku Cao)
• Entire plant of Chinese Barbed Skullcap (Ban Shi Lian)

To prolong the effect of the formula and make the herbs work together better as a unit and a small amount of Chinese Licorice Root (Gan Cao) is added.

The lone Western herb in this concoction is the Ligusticumporteri or Osha, found in the Western Rocky Mountains.

Anyone who knows how to tincture herbs and has an understanding of Chinese herbs can create this formula. Except for the Chinese Licorice (Gan Cao), all herbs are used in equal parts. Which means a fourth of each herb is needed to make one formula. You add each together from separatetinctured herbal liquids. This formula tastes bad and very bitter so when you take it, be sure to have a glass of fruit juice or a glass of water on hand to use a chaser. At the first sign of an acute infection, recommended dose is one teaspoonful or one tablespoonful twice or thrice a day.

Let’s talk about each of these herbs.

Jin Tsian Cao

Considered a diuretic, Jin Tsian Cao is an herb not deemed to be Heat Clearing but rather an herb for filtering out Dampness. Its ability to take out and break up both gall stones and urinary stones is legendary. Its ability to extract large solids mirrors what it can do on a microscopic scale. Jin Tsian Cao has shown to regulate several liver conditions including hepatitis C and other virus related conditions as well as alleviate jaundice.

Mu Dan Pi

This root bark with Heat Clearing ability can treat epidemic febrile diseases of the blood. Modern science says it is extremely effective against a wide range of germs. One TCM principle that Western medicinecan never grasp is that the body energies of Yin and Yang are usually disrupted by diseases and this should be addressed. Chinese herbal medicine works within the scope of these energies.

Mu Dan Pi is an ideal treatment when one’s yin is damaged (which can manifest as severe night-time fever). As its overall effect on the blood is extremely powerful, Mu Dan Pi herb can also be used in regulating menstruation.

Da Tsing Ye

Da Tsing Ye is perhaps the most powerful antiviral herb around. It is believed that this is one the earliest herbs to be used (2,000 years ago) to clear out toxins from the blood, which is the closest ancient Chinese medicine ever got to understanding “germ theory.” According to TCM, this herb’s primary indication is for “febrile disease epidemic with blood infiltrated by heat “. It has a very bitter taste and possesses a very cold energy. Da Tsing Ye is very fast acting and can help stimulate other herbs in formulas that contain it.

Hsia Ku Cao

Compared to its American counterpart, the Chinese version of Prunella Vulgaris is much more efficacious. This herb can treat highblood pressure, headaches, and fevers because of its powerful heat clearing quality. It has shown to be extremely effective in liver conditions related to jaundice as well as for several types of herpes infections.

Ban Shi Lian

The Barbed Skullcap is an herb with real Heat Clearing abilities. It is now commonly used for fighting cancer. In the West, Skullcap is believed to have a Nerve Relaxing effect although this is not known by a lot of people. In some parts of the US, it’s sometimes called “Mad Dog Weed” referring to its use in the 18th century when it was considered a cure for rabies in both man and animals.

It turns out that almost all varieties of Skullcap around the world possess a very powerful Anti-viral effect. It can also reduce fever quite well, and in high doses, quickly lower high blood pressure.


The American Osha Root is the last major anti-viral herb in this formula. Although it has heat clearing effects, sweating can make the heat clear out more quickly. This herb is known to kill viral pneumonia and prevent it from reoccurring.

In a few old medical texts, this herb reportedly saved the lives of many Arapaho Indians during the Flu Epidemic of 1918.

The “Viral Defense” formula

The “Viral Defense” formula can be a life saver for you and your family especially during a Flu epidemic, so it’s highly recommended that you have one stored in your medicine cabinet. It can be a powerful alternative treatment to any of the so-called “Designer Viruses” now popping up with more frequency. Curiously, these “Designer Viruses” are usually accompanied by calls for “mass vaccinations.”However, as long as you have this formula on hand you need never fear any type of Flu epidemic.

The Viral Defense formula is not a tonic. It is not a treatment to beef up the immune system and shield you from whatever may come your way. For that, there are a couple of very good remedies: Wang Qi extract and Reishi Mushroom.

Only take “Viral Defense” if you think you’ve been infected or when you’re visiting a person with a highly contagious disease; for chronic infections, use two to three months at a time. Remember, this is only used at the first sign of an illness or viral flu infection. If caught early, it will almost always kill the virus over-night. People with genital herpes, hepatitis C, shingles, or even a deadly disease have gotten better with this formula. Adults and children suffering from the Croup have been known to fully recover within a day. The Viral Defense formula is indeed one of the best treatments around that combines Chinese herbal medicine and Western herbal medicine.

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Why Chinese Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture Are Much Better in Boosting Sexual Health Than Western Medicine

Chinese herbs and acupuncture have been used to promote and boost optimal sexual health for thousands of years. The sexual health of the Chinese Emperors was of the greatest importance. This is evidenced by texts revealing the emperors constantly consulting with a team of Chinese medicine doctors if they encountered a “problem” in the bedroom. There have been medical textbooks devoted to Chinese medicine on how to improve the sexual performance of men; the fact is,acupuncture can quickly boost female and male libido and bring back sexual desire.

1. How does acupuncture perk up a lagging libido?

One has to know the underlying factor that is causing low libido in order To understand how acupuncture can improve this problem. Sexual interest can drop due to the following causes: difficulty in attaining orgasm, pain, physical responses, hormonal imbalances, relationship problems, weight gain, stress, drug reactions, onset of menopause, breastfeeding, post-childbirth, and emotional stress.

A weak libido in Chinese medicine is believed to be caused by an imbalance of vital energy (Qi) within the organ systems, particularly the Heart and the Kidney system. Certain points are stimulated once the cause of the problem is identified. Acupoint stimulation is designed to change various physiological and biochemical conditions in order to beef up both the body and mind in order to restore optimal sexual health. Selected Chinese herbs are used to augment the treatment by regulating hormonal imbalances, calming the mind, and increasing vaginal lubrication. One herb, Ginseng, has the ability balance the glandular system, a system that affects sexual desire and mood. Horny goat weed and other hormonal precursors raise the natural levels of testosterone to boost libido and arouse sexual drive. Orgasmic strength and female sexual pleasure can be awakened and enhanced when herbal extracts combined synergistically are used.

2. Does acupuncture offer other benefits for sexual health?

Acupuncture does not only cure a lagging libido, it also can address various sexual health conditions for both women and men. Listed below is a short list of sexual Health problems that acupuncture in Vancouver and Chinese Medicine can treat:

– Vaginal dryness
– Low libido
– Men-opause(Male Climacteric)
– Impotence
– Low sperm motility
– Low sperm count
– Premature ejaculation
– Menopause
– Infertility

3. How does acupuncture rate against Western medicine in the improvement of sexual health?

The low risk of side effects or adverse reaction is one of the most attractive qualities of Chinese Herbal Medicine and acupuncture. While Western medicine can address some of the weak libido symptoms, it can also have a number of serious side-effects and raise the likelihood of certain forms of cancer.

One other advantage of acupuncture has over Western medicine is that it works synergistically to treat the whole individual. Dueto the Chinese medicinediagnostic system, practitioners are able to evaluate a person’s entire body constitution (the whole body’s health) and address the underlying causeof a health condition as well as its symptoms. As a result, they are able to treat a person’s whole mind and body instead of just the symptoms, this way.

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The Healing Power of Acupuncture

Originating from China, acupuncture is a holistic healing technique that involves the puncturing of needles into certain areas of the human body. These areas are generally referred to as acupuncture points (or acupoints, for short) and are the main focus of acupuncture treatment. Besides the traditional needling technique, acupuncture treatment can also be done through the application of laser light, heat, or pressure at specified acupuncture points. The mode of practice differs from country to country although the underlying principle stays the same. Based on the theory of acupuncture, the flow of energy in the body essential for health follows certain patterns. A disturbance of these energy flows will lead to disease. Acupuncture treatment is administered to restore balance to the flow of energy in the affected acupoints.

Acupuncture’s Healing Power

Acupuncturehas been grabbing attention from many people around the worldin recent times. The treatment’s non-invasive nature is also made more attractive by its negligible side effects. Acupuncture does not merely treat symptoms it also addresses the underlying cause of a problem related to a disease. People who tried acupuncture report a feeling of relief and satisfaction. A number of ailments such as nausea and vomiting have been resolved by means of the unorthodox techniques of acupuncture. These different techniques are widely practiced as treatment interventions across the US. Withthe adaptation of acupuncture, dental pains due to post-operations are cured for many people. A wide range of health conditions from headache, pain, lumbago to pregnancy and postpartum related issues, and from addiction, stroke rehabilitation, to cancer and cancer therapy side effects can all be addressed with extreme effectiveness through acupuncture.

Listed below are some of the amazing benefits acupuncture can bestow on people:

1) It resolves seasonal allergies

2) Withelectro-acupuncturethe frequency of migraines is lowered per month.

3) It can boost the functionality of immune cells.

4) It enhances a person’s mood by normalizing the neurotransmitters in the brain.

5) It supports the maintenance of balance in body temperature.

6) It helps reduce the weight of obese or overweight people.

7) Regularacupuncture treatment can lead to a lowering of blood pressure and stress levels, which keeps the heart healthy.

8) It cures insomnia and other sleeping problems.

9) It can resolve conditions associated with lower back pain or discomfort.

Possible Side Effects

An improper insertion of a needle can potentially lead to injury or damage such as an accidental puncturing of the lungs. This can be a serious problem since it can cause partial collapse of the lungs. Also, if an infected needle is used, it can lead to viral or bacterial infections such as hepatitis. To prevent these risks from happening, make sure you select a reputable and qualified acupuncturist who has many years of practice behind him/her.

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A Safer and More Effective Alternative Approach in The Treatment of Childhood Herpes

Lately, I have unfortunately been getting calls from parents telling me that their very young children are showing signs of very painful, nasty symptoms of genital herpes. This unbelievably piece of bad news conjure up a scenario of a toddler in diapers, not yet potty-trained,with a weeping, extremely itchy, and painful bottom.

This only means that instead of being contained, the herpes virus, is actually proliferating and has become as common as the viruses that cause the flu and the common cold. This herpes virus which can include the HSV, HSV1 and HSV2, is deemed to be the most common, if not, one of the most common viral infections affecting children. Although it’s sad and hard to deal with, the herpes virus can be treated. The following are some facts about the virus:

1. The herpes virus is a highly contagious germ that not only can be spread during birth but in any situation and place where living quarters are commonly shared by people. This can include even day care centers.

2. Besides the genital region, the herpes virus can also affect the skin, eyes, the mouth, and even the brain.

3. A proper diagnosis is the most important way of dealing with this condition.

4. Although the HSV2 or Type 2 herpes is the virus generally associated with genital herpes, a third of the people infected with the HSV1 virus also suffer from an infection in the genitals.

In conventional Western allopathic medicine, children suffering from herpes simplex medication are treated with oral medications. In Western medicine, when you’re infected with the herpes virus, it cannot be cured. This virus clings to you for life and can be triggered causing outbreaks.

Drugs that relieve herpes symptoms include Valacyclovir, Acyclovir, and Famciclovir.

The Zovirax ointment (active ingredient Acyclovir) which is topically applied on the affected skin areas has proven ineffective against the virus. For this reason, I do not recommend using this drug.

Unfortunately, to lessen the severity of the symptoms and to reduce the frequency of outbreaks, these drugs need be taken over a long period of time; they only suppress the symptoms and are not designed to cure the disease.

Then one has to deal with the various side effects of these drugs that can include severe gastrointestinal problems, rashes, fatigue, joint pain, headaches,, body aches, and flu-like symptoms.

If you don’t want to deal with these drug related issuesfor the treatment of herpes, you can try an alternative approach: Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Practitioners of TCM consider herpes as springing from an imbalance and a pattern of disharmony known as damp-heat in the Gallbladder and Liver energy channels. From another TCM perspective, herpes is excess heat damaging the Yin (the female aspect). The main outbreak is associated with Gallbladder and Liver damp heat is another way of looking at it.

Most acupuncturists and TCM practitioners who have dealt with childhood herpes already know what an outbreak in a child looks like. Before they begin treatment, these healers will usually start by examining the patient’s tongue.The tongue of an infected person is usually reddish with a thick yellow fur. Then they will palpate the pulse, which can feel slippery and quite rapid. The aim of TCM treatment is to clear out damp heat and calmdown the fire. This is usually accomplished by way of acupuncture, topical remedies, and herbs.

In the realm of prevention, TCM has formulas that can lessen the magnitude and regularity of the symptoms. I often ask parents, “Is your child irritable, hot, and thirsty?” Then I observe the soles of the child’s feet and hands. Does the child suffer from night sweats? Is he/she feverish and tired? Is it almost impossible to potty-train the child?

I usually recommend changing the diet and lifestyle of the patient. All the above mentioned remedies almost always lead to a long-term stoppage of the outbreaks and when I say long-term, I mean several years or even decades of being symptom-free. Yes, we can help, but it will take some dedication and time on both us and the parent.

Kine Fischler is a licensed acupuncture physician and the clinical director of Willow Tree Wellness in Portland, OR.

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Acupuncture Has A Long And Successful History of Helping People Stop Smoking

With smoking bans enforced in North American and most of Europe, you may want to try traditional Chinese medicine treatment and acupuncture for smoking in Cleveland if you want to quit smoking for good.

From the foolhardy days prior to the time when the dangers of smoking were documented in the hospitals and morgues to these days of more informed position, many will agree it can take some people a little time and try various ways to discover a treatment that helps them stop smoking. This work will tell you why acupuncture is one of the tools used in the modern era and also why Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) herbs and other approaches might be used to help them stop smoking for good. This can provide a person with a clear overview of the ways in which people utilize TCM herbs, acupuncture and other modes of treatment as part of a cease smoking plan of treatment.

Acupuncture has a long and successful history and this technique has been modified for modern times. These days, practitioners utilize fully sterile, extremely thin, filiform, and disposable needles. Multi -bed clinics are offered by community acupuncture practices. This helps keep cost down to a minimum. Smokers can also avail of one-on -one private appointments. For people attempting to quit smoking, there a number of treatments to choose from that can help one stop smoking. TCM acupuncture uses acupoints on the body or ear acupuncture to only target the ear’s fleshy parts. Whether you opt for ear or body acupuncture, or choose a group or private session, there are other ways this ancient practice can be utilized to restore balance in the body prior to and post the stoppage of smoking.

A lot of people have a basic understanding of what acupuncture is. They believe that acupuncture uses the idea of vital energy or Qi, in order to understand the dynamic workings on the body. The medical belief about long term smoking is that it leads to certain disorders to the usually harmonious circulation of Qi all over the body. The mind provides the practice a unique approach that can be complemented by other treatment interventions TCM strives to bring back Qi balance in the body for a well-balanced mind and body.

Qi Gong simply means energy work while ‘medical’ Qi Gong is exercises meant to harmonize and enhance the Qi. This exercise can and should be practiced through under the tutelage of a Qi Gong master and then performed at home daily. Qi gong is several hundred years old and there are some who perform this along with Tai Chi practice. When used with TCM herbs and/or acupuncture, Qi Gong can help the person transition to a life free of cigarettes and boost the Qi.

Nowadays, people are urged to try TCM herbs and acupuncture to help them stop smoking even if TCM has the ability to treat other conditions.

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The Problem With Scientific Studies Dealing With Chinese Medicine

There has been much debate on acupuncture’s efficacy ever since Chinese medicine started gaining recognition as the most sought after form of alternative medicine today. As with most Western types of research, outcomes related to acupuncture are deemed to be inconclusive. Why does Chinese medicine then generate so much attention?

We need to go back to understanding the main theories that underlie Chinese medicine to know how it works – addressing the underlying cause rather than just the symptoms. The own constitution of the patient’s body and the causative agent are the factors that affect the underlying cause of his/her problem. Changes in either factor can lead to changes to the dosage of the herb or the amount of each herb used. These factors really make it difficult to regulate studies done on Chinese medicine. Using the same herbal formula, for example, on all test subjects can never produce the same exact outcome, some may manifest no change, and some may recover, while the others are in between.

The difference in brewing procedures is one other reason why scientific studies throughout tend to end up in conflicting outcomes – difference in the source of the herb, difference in boiling times, and difference in the amount of herbs used, can mean a different concoction. A good way to solve this problem is by following a strict procedure for brewing, but a better, probably the safest decision would be probably brewing all the herbs all at once and storing them in a refrigerator for future utilization. However, another problem can arise: just how much is enough?

Some scientists have proceeded to perform an extraction of the herbs’ active ingredients in order to bypass the above problems. Besides being easier to store, this is a much simpler way to deal with in large amounts. These outcomes have produced promising medicinal potentials for a number of health conditions and can be easily manufactured into pills for marketing purposes. Physicians of Chinese medicine, however, for the most part, do not rely on giving such tablets. They instead follow still the traditional mode of mixing and combining the herbs together. If the pills are effective, why then do they still do this? The reason is that herb mixing can lead to additional effects to address any of the patients secondary discomforts and if certain herbs are mixed together, this may become additive to the treatment of the main problem.

The test subjects being used is the one last issue plaguing scientific research. The medication is first tested on culture plates of cells. This may range from health cells to cancer cells, taken from certain parts of the body such as the cervix or stomach among others. If the culture stage of the cell looks promising, the medications are then tested on animals. Some of the possible test animals used may include monkeys, guinea pigs, rabbits, pigs, and rats. These, however, are not humans, and so if the drug proved effective, clinical trials on humans should follow. Drugs, however, proven effective for animals may not necessary lead to the same outcomes on humans, and vice versa, the drugs proven effective for humans may not work equally on animals. So, since the drug used during scientific research doesn’t work on the animals or cells, is it right to conclude that it would not work on humans?

What basis should we follow to determine if Chinese medicine is truly effective? Supported by its long history, Chinese medicine have gone though tough trials and have pulled through the test of natural selection finally emerging to be one of the best forms alternative medicine that it is now, should be the proof that anyone would need.

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Acupuncture Neuropathy Treatment Can Provide Sufferers With Relief From Pain And Other Symptoms

Acupuncture neuropathy treatment in Overland Park can be very effective in fighting symptoms related to neuropathy. Several studies have confirmed acupuncture’s ability to boost neural function and alleviate pain associated with neuropathy. Acupuncture neuropathy treatment is certainly much better than conventional Western medicine in that it restores the health of the whole person including his/her spirit, mind, and body.

A neurological condition, neuropathy occurs due to damage to the nervous system. Some of the most common causes of neuropathy include arthritis, nerve trauma, and diabetes. Usually, it affects the feet and hands, causing tingling or burning sensations, muscle weakness, and numbness. Treatments vary from pharmaceutical prescription drugs to acupuncture and other forms of Chinese medicine.

For thousands of years, acupuncture has been used in East Asia to treat various forms of disease. The core belief behind this treatment and in Chinese medicine is that a flow of vital energy known as Qi exists within the body. Practitioners also believe that Qi and blood flow is crucial for human health. They believe that illnesses and diseases are the result of an interruption in the circulation of Qi. Certain points in the body known as acupuncture points or acupoints, for short, are targeted by acupuncturists as these are the body points wherein a blockage in Qi flow has developed. A number of very slender needles are stuck into these points that helps restore the flow.

Acupuncture neuropathy treatment can provide sufferers with relief from pain. The pain and other neuropathy symptoms, according to Chinese medicine, are believed to be the result of deficient Qi or energy, in the affected nerves. Acupuncture can treat this problem. Under the skilled hands of a qualified practitioner certain points are targeted using acupuncture needles that will help boost Qi and blood circulation and alleviate the symptoms.

Acupuncture neuropathy treatment is now sought after by many people. One reason for this is that unlike Western modes of treatment acupuncture has very few side effects. In truth, acupuncture is one of the safest treatments around although there are certain side effects and risk factors that should be taken into account when choosing it. Two of the most common side effects are a very light stinging sensation felt upon the insertion of the needle and a dull ache felt in the insertion site once the needle is in. During the first two treatments, a large number of acupuncture patients actually feel a sense of disorientation or deep relaxation. Symptoms sometimes may appear to worsen for a couple of days then dramatically improve – this just shows that the treatment really works.

Error on the part of the acupuncturist is one risk when getting acupuncture treatment. Although this rarely happens, mistakes do occur and can have really adverse consequences. Nerve damage can happen or the lungs can be punctured if a needle is inserted too deep. Milder risks for acupuncture mistakes include bruising and bleeding on the site of treatment.

Both Western and alternative medicine has actually not much to offer patients suffering from neuropathy. Drugs such as antidepressants can be useful as they help calm the nervous system and relieve neurological pain. Reflexology is one good alternative treatment. It’s based on the notion that various pressure points on the feet and hands exist that are associated with the different parts and organs of the body.

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Acupuncture and Certain Chinese Herbs Can Help Treat People Suffering From Type-2 Diabetes

Since time immemorial, the human race has been plagued by a disease known as diabetes. A metabolic condition, diabetes mellitus affects all of the cells in the body and is marked by the inability of the body to produce and/or burn sugar.

To put it more accurately, diabetes is a condition in which the body is unable to manufacture, use, or stock glucose. Found in the blood stream, glucose is the body substance that doctors measure to determine the severity of the patient’s diabetes. Diabetes has two types: Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes.

Also known as insulin-dependent diabetes, type 1 diabetes usually takes place in children whose bodies have stopped manufacturing insulin. Sufferers of type 1 diabetes need to take a daily dose of insulin in order to survive.

Older people are the folks most affected by Type II Diabetes. In this condition the body of the patient either is unable to use insulin properly or fails to manufacture insulin. At high risk for this type of diabetes are people with a family history of diabetes and overweight or obese people.

For diabetes, the most common form of Chinese medicine treatment is acupuncture although there may be some Chinese medicinal herbs that can fight off the disease. Some of these useful herbs include:

Berberine – Berberine is derived from the roots and bark of certain Chinese medicinal plants and is widely used in China for the treatment of diabetes. Berberine helps activate an enzyme that raises the body tissues’ sensitivity to insulin which in turn, helps reduce the blood sugar level of the body. The latest medical studies prove the effectiveness of berberine for diabetic patients.

Astragalus membranaceus – Utilized as a treatment for diabetes for thousands of years, astralagus, as far as Chinese medicine is concerned, can improve kidney functions, ensure the health of the nerves, and lower the level of blood sugar level of the body. In certain studies, this herb has achieved an excellent 97% score in terms of its effectiveness against type II diabetes.

Yu Hsiao San 8805 formula – This formula was invented by the director of the Red Cross Hospital in Beijing, Dr. Lianjin Chong.

The 8805 formula is created to restore the normal functions of the pancreas and the health of the diabetic patient. It also helps increase the production of cells that produce insulin. When you take this treatment regularly, it can help reduce your blood sugar levels while at the same time increase insulin secretion to help manage the disease better. The 8805 formula can also reduce blood cholesterol levels, boost the flow of blood in the body. It is comprised of herbs like Clemetidis Chinensis, Ginseng radix, and others.

Dr. Chong’s formula has been thoroughly tested both in China and the United States with impressive results. The 8805 formula is now widely used throughout the world.

Patients who took the 8805 formula showed no side effects or any allergic reactions to it. It is most effective for type 2 diabetes and won’t affect the liver, kidneys, or any other organ in the body.

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