Avoid Dehydration By Adding This To Plain Water

In this article, I’m going to be sharing with you the benefits of one very common resource and one thing that you can add to plain water that’s going to give it a mega boost, especially if you suffer from symptoms like dry mouth, thirst, imbalance, dry skin, fatigue, lack of energy, yellow urination and even hunger and dizziness. All of these symptoms are directly related to dehydration.

Water is so important to our health. It makes up 50% to 60% of our body and our system. Without water, we are going to suffer from those symptoms and many other that we may not even know are related to dehydration. I’m going to be real with you, plain water just isn’t enough. It doesn’t have one of the key components that our cells need to feel full and replenished.

This vital resource is going to act like a key that’s going to unlock the cell door so that the cell can then take in the water. This lock and key metaphor is one that is used for several resources that cells need, so it’s just not specific to water. Once our cells have that key to unlock the door, then they can really start absorbing water.

So, I’ll say it again, plain water just isn’t enough. It is enough sometimes, but we really need to include that key in order to reap the full benefits of having ourselves absorb the water. So what is this one key that I keep alluding to? It’s the sour flavor! In Chinese medicine, the sour flavor has been used for thousands of years as an astringent.

Imagine when you bite into a lemon and it really makes your mouth pucker. Everything kind of closes and you go, “Whew!” That is the sour flavor astringing into your body. It’s going to help your body hold on to resources.

Western medicine confirms this to be true with the sour flavor. Research has shown that the sour flavor not only helps ourselves absorb fluid and act as that key that’s going to unlock the cellular door, but as a direct result, the sour flavor also helps with your balance, as well as with any dizziness, vertigo and muscle cramps.

Your cells need water, which is going to replenish your muscles, which are going to help your tissues, skin and even your brain. Other foods that possess the sour flavor are going to be obviously lemons, limes, grapefruit, sauerkraut, apple cider, vinegar and even green apples. One of the easiest ways that I suggest to my patients that they get the sour flavor in and help unlock that cellular door for reabsorption is with lemon water.

If you have a small lemon, you might want to consider adding half of the lemon to your water, or if you’ve got a larger lemon, add one fourth. Just simply fill your glass with water, 8 to 12 ounces is best, squeeze the lemon in and enjoy. I recommend not drinking water cold. Drink your water at room temperature or if you like, drink it warm.

The benefits of lemon in particular, besides not only being easy, will also include a high volume of vitamin C, which is going to help increase your immunity and help keep you healthy. Some of the simplest things that we have available to us are some of the best that are going to help keep our body healthy and strong. Lemon water is something that I’ve been doing for the past 15 years and I rely on it.

If I have a glass in the morning, and I’d then proceed the rest of the day drinking regular plain water, there is enough of that key sour element in me to continuously unlock the cell door so that my cells can absorb the plain water. But I will crave that sour flavor throughout the day continuously and some days more than others.

So I grab my lemons or I have some grapefruit juice and I give my body what it’s craving for.

Megan Dauphin is a California board certified acupuncturist and herbalist, with specialty certifications in infertility, sport’s medicine, and orthopedics.

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Chinese Medicine Can Help Improve Energy Balance In Your Entire Being

The notion of energy balance is based on medical systems that have been used in East Asia for thousands of years. All of these systems believe that there is a nonphysical and subtle energy that circulates and permeates the entire body.

This energy is called Chi or Qi in traditional Chinese medicine. The words that best describe this force would be vital energy or life force in English. The difference in the energy that you feel when you are healthy and when you have the flu is an example of changes in this form of energy.

Subtle energy in Chinese medicine is thought to be disseminated throughout the body via energy channels called meridians. To optimize and harmonize the flow of this energy is one of the most important goals of all energy-balance techniques. This is achieved by releasing or eliminating blockages to that flow. Blocked or obstructed Qi leads to stress, anxiety, tension and eventually illness. Chinese medicine actually traces all illnesses back to different degrees and types of blockages in the flow of life force.

Practicing energy balance techniques such as tai chi or yoga regularly can help release blockages to the natural flow of energy. It also can be accomplishedby receiving treatments from healing techniques that free up obstructions to subtle energy. This is especially true for acupuncture in Overland Park and for the various types of chiropractic and massage therapies.

The invisible “subtle body” or energy body,” which is the focus of Oriental medicine is closely associated with the physical body. It’s believed to offer a “template” or an energy matrix for the physical body. Energy balance exercises, on a strictly physical level, can help promote oxygenation and the flow of blood to the brain and tissues, stimulate the production of neurotransmitters and hormones, help the colon and kidneys in the body’s elimination process and boost arterial circulation.

However, the main goal of these energy balance techniques is to enhance mind-body integration and bring about balance and harmonious interrelationship among the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual facets of one’s total being. Wellness and wholeness are usually equated with each other. To the point one functions in a whole, integrated manner, a person can experience genuine well-being and fullness of health. To the point that the person is out of touch with the wholeness of his being, he or she will remain out of harmony with themselves and become prone to disorder, stress and anxiety.

Tai Chi

Designed to unite the mind and body, tai chi is an age-old form of exercise and movement that’s believed to have begun when a Chinese Taoist monk during the 13th century, watched a crane and a serpent fight. As the snake was being attacked by the crane, it would move its position to avoid the sharp talons and beak of the crane. From this observation, the monk created 13 moves that have been refined down through the centuries. Nowadays, millions of people in China are practicing tai chi. It is now one of the most widely practiced exercise in the world.

Tai chi is best seen as a type of moving meditation. It is made up of a set of movements that proceed gracefully and slowly, one movement flowing into another. These movements ground and strengthen the body whilst enhancing the flow of Qi. Students say that it imbibes the qualities of grace and fluidity; qualities that may be used to the way you live your whole life.

Since the movements are slowly performed, tai chi also teaches you how to slow down both in mind and body. Similar to meditation, tai chi can help you attain concentration, clarity and serenity. However, it is unlike meditation in that it imbibes a capacity to translate mental concentration and poise into movement.

Tai chi is similar to yoga in that it helps you to overcome blockages to the flow of your Qi as well as to help you massage your internal organs, strengthen your lower back and spinal cord, enhance the knees, loosenthe joints and other physical benefits. Since it is practiced with your full presence of mind and entire body, tai chi is a very effective and practical way to promote mind-body connection.

Tai chi classes are offered in martial art schools and health clubs. It is also offered in martial arts classes. There are other terrific ways to learn the basic movements such as tai chi video lessons.Thatis, if there are no classes offered near your area. The exercises are sometimes recommended as a complement to acupuncture therapies since it promotes the flow of Qi.


Acupuncture came from China 3000 years ago a form of healing technique. Nowadays, it is widely practiced in North America and Europe. Similar to tai chi, acupuncture is based on the belief that health is determined by the proper and smooth flow of Qi, the subtle or vital energy that permeates all living things. Qi moves along meridians, with each meridian associated to a specific organ.

When the movement of energy is neither excessive nor restricted, the person enjoys good health. If the flow of energy is not balanced in either direction, both mental and physical symptoms of stress or disease may come about. For instance, fear is believed to be caused by excessive or blocked energy flow along the kidney energy channel. Acupuncture treatments are used to balance the kidney energy channels and other supporting energy channels to help alleviate fear.

In an acupuncture treatment, thin needles are inserted by the acupuncturist at certain points in the body. Most patients experience just a slight sensation but no pain when a needle is inserted into their body. The needles are usually left in place for at least 20 to 30 minutes. A few minutes after the needle is inserted, patients report feeling rejuvenated and very relaxed. Repeated treatment sessions two times a week for a few weeks is usually required to rectify a malady such as back pain, allergies or migraine headaches.

If one wishes to use acupuncture to help release their anxiety, regular sessions once a week or two times a week for several months are recommended. The acupuncturist will often use herbs in the form of capsules or teas, which the patient can make at home to boost the effects of the treatment. People who have a fear of needles can avail of acupressure or shiatsu massage. Both these therapies follow the same principles as acupuncture. Sometimes though, the balance and flow of energy along the energy channels can be enhanced by manual pressure instead of needles. Acupressure oftentimes is preferred because it is an inexpensive and simple form of energy balance approach used by many massage therapists. You can actually learn and perform acupressure on your own body.


Chiropractic is a healing technique that strives to alleviate back pain caused by injury or stress. On a more simple level, it strives to boost health by optimizing the movement of energy signals down and up the spine and to other areas in the body. These include the various vital organs and the spinal cord. When a nerve signal is limited or weakened, the organ usually dysfunctions and produces symptoms that may range from pain to acute sickness. Spine misalignments may be due to injury although they are usually the result of stress.

Tight muscles under chronic stress can lead to the misalignment of the vertebrae. The spinal vertebrae may not continue their normal configuration even if the muscle tension is alleviated by massage or exercise. Hence, in order to bring about optimal levels of system function, a chiropractor needs to identify and rectify spinal misalignments, which can lead to the integrity of the whole body.

Chiropractic is useful for alleviating chronic tension regardless if it’s accompanied by pain. Occasionally visiting a chiropractor will likely lead to the improvement of your overall health. When looking for a qualified chiropractor within or near your area, try to get a referral from a relative or friend. If you don’twant to undergo direct spinal manipulations, there are some chiropractors who can perform non-manipulative types of adjustment, which is sometimes known as “gentle chiropractic.”


Massage is a healing therapeutic technique designed to enhance deep relaxation by means of masterful manipulation of the soft body tissues and muscles. Licensed and highly skilled massage therapists often accomplish 500 to 1000 hours of formal training in physiology, anatomy and other types of bodywork including shiatsu, acupressure, reflexology, deep tissue work and Swedish massage.

One can promote deep relaxation in their bodies by receiving massage therapy at least one hour a week or even two times a month. This can help free up the stress and tension in your body that has been building up for a long time. Massage can deepen and boost the benefits you have obtained from doing PMR or progressive muscle relaxation. Progressive muscle relaxation can help release superficial tension in the muscles of your torso, neck, legs and arms.

Massage, especially deep tissue massage can loosen any long-term chronic tension that that have been building up in the deeper muscles of your body. And aside from freeing muscular tension, massage can help detoxify your body of built-up waste and toxins by mobilizing a slow and sluggish large intestine and by boosting lymphatic flow.

Finally, in terms of psychological health, getting a massage is perfect way to nourish yourself especially if you feel stressed. For survivors of abuse, massage can also offer a therapeutic emotional experience. Massage can help or treat any resistance or painful feelings around being touched, appropriately or inappropriately. This can be helpful for someone who grew up in a dysfunctional family. It can help increase your ease, which is an internal desire for all human beings.

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Chinese Medicine And The Human Microbiome

The microbiota are part of a complex ecosystem that affect all of the other systems of the body. They aren’t only involved in the breakdown of our food, but also the production of neurotransmitters and the regulation of hormones. The bacteria in our body have been shown to affect appetite and behavior, as well as regulate our metabolism and immune function.

Symptoms of Gut Imbalance

The symptoms of gut imbalance are not only seen in the gastrointestinal system. Most of our modern-day ailments can be related back to the microbiome. Autoimmune disease, for example, has been shown to be caused from the accumulation of pathogens in the microbiome over time. In addition, recurrent infections such as sinus, ear and urinary tract infections result from an imbalance in the microbiota of that system.

Use of antibiotics in these situations can worsen the underlying imbalance. Many studies have shown the relevance of the microbiome to health and disease. For example, we see that H. pylori is a common cause of ulcers. Prevotella bacteria is often found in autoimmune joint disease. Bacteria are also important in disease prevention and health maintenance.

Lactobacillus and bifido factor are often found to be helpful in warding off stress and anxiety as well as the prevention of intestinal conditions.

How is the Microbiome Established in the First Place?

The process begins before conception. The parents bacterial blueprint is passed on to the child. Following conception, we find that there is a diverse ecosystem in the placenta. The birthing process also plays a significant role in the establishment of the bacteria. In cesarean birth babies, it has been found that their microbes match those of the skin, rather than the necessary ones that were being colonized vaginally.

In the last few months of pregnancy, the mother’s microbes increase to meet the needs of the baby. For instance, in the production of bacteria that help to break down milk. When babies are born via C-section, they are not inoculated with these vital bacteria. Considering that one in three babies are born via C-section in the United States, there are significant downstream consequences.

Studies show higher rates of asthma, allergies and obesity in cesarean birth babies, and they are 80% more likely to develop celiac disease. Breast-feeding is essential to the inoculation of the gut with both probiotics and prebiotics. Formula fed infants have an over presentation of Clostridium bacteria, which has been associated with allergies and asthma.

Formula-based feedings disrupt the development of microbial communities that promote lifelong health in an infant’s digestive tract. The food, stress, medications and other chemicals we ask our body to contend with have vast consequences on our ecosystems, and in turn, our overall health. Chemicals such as fluoride, chlorine, antibiotics, steroids, birth control pills, hormones and pesticides all significantly impact our bacterial abundance and diversity.

Antibiotics are one of the biggest contributors to microbial imbalance. Antibiotics should be reserved for very serious and life-threatening situations. The CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics state that antibiotics should not be prescribed for routine sinus infections, coughs or ear infections. Even with these guidelines, programs to improve antibiotic prescribing are not widely used in the United States.

This is a particular concern to children, because they have the highest rates of antibiotic use and they are being prescribed at a time when they are building the ecosystem, which will be the foundation of their health for life. More than half of the antibiotics used in humans and much of the antibiotics used in animals are inappropriate and are creating resistant superbugs.

Traditional Chinese medicine has recognized the importance of gut health and its systemic role in the body for thousands of years. Doctors of Oriental medicine are educated in acupuncture, herbs, dietary counseling and lifestyle recommendations necessary to help balance the microbiome and prevent disease in the future.

Chinese herbal medicine is a crucial and significant role in the health of the microbiome. Natural herbal antibiotics prescribed by traditional Chinese healers have been used for more than 2000 years by millions of people. The proper use of Chinese herbal formulas can not only inhibit bacterial, viral and fungal infections, but also minimize the need for antibiotics with their adverse side effects.

Herbs can clear pathogenic bacteria, parasites and yeast. They clear inflammation, heal intestinal lining, repair leaky gut, move biliary stagnation and tonify digestive function. In addition to the analgesic effect of acupuncture in Walla Walla, an increasing number of studies have demonstrated that acupuncture treatment can control autonomic nervous system functions.

Clinical evidence also supports that acupuncture treatment is effective for various immunological diseases including allergic disorders, infections, autoimmune diseases, immunodeficiency syndromes, and the microbiome. The food that we put into our bodies has a significant impact on our microbiome. The more complex the food, the more bacteria that are needed to break down that food.

We know that an increased diversity of bacteria is better for our overall health; therefore, we need a complex plant-based diet to maintain a healthy microbiome.

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Chinese Medicine and the Three Most Common Forms of Cough

Traditional Chinese medicine or TCM is extremely effective in treating all kinds of coughs due its specific distinction of the different kinds of coughs. For instance, coughing associated with heat, generates sticky phlegm which can be extremely difficult to cough out; in TCM, this type of cough is addressed with moistening, cooling herbs and acupuncture that expel heat from the lungs. Also, a cold-related cough, marked by chills and abundant mucus is treated through the administration of warming and drying herbs and the use of moxibustion.

Without the use of differentiation, the treatment can worsen the cough or lead to unfruitful results due to the technique’s ineffectiveness. Here are some of the diagnoses in Chinese medicine of the common types of coughs and their own corresponding modalities.

  1. Wind Dryness Cough – Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment Used

Most of the time,this type of cough is acquired after being exposed to a dry environment. It is different from a dry chronic cough brought about by deficient lung yin (commonly due to smoking). The air’s dryness in a wind dryness cough, enables the external negative effect of the dryness to infiltrate the lungs. This form of cough causes symptoms such as sore throat with a ticklish sensation,headaches, and a dry cough, lips and mouth.

The treatment’s objective is to resolve the adverse effect of the dryness, stopping the cough, and moistening the lungs. For this type of cough,herbal therapies may include herbal formulas such as Sang Hsing Tang (Decoction of Mulberry Leaf and Apricot Seed), Chuan Bei Pi Pa Gao and Chuan Bei Pi Pa Gao.

With regard to diet, a person with this type of cough may require drinking lots of liquids and soups. Once the condition is gone, the person should every day take Hsi yang shen or American ginseng for a few weeks to help tonify lung’s yin and qi and stave off any future attack.

  • Cold or Damp Phlegm Cough – Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment Used

This condition type is marked by persistent coughing that coughs out abundant amounts of sticky white/clear phlegm, which tends to increase post meals or in the morning. Additional symptoms are a sensation of fullness in the stomach or chest, a heavy sensation, fatigue, weak appetite, and nausea. For this syndrome,the treatment’s goal is to boost digestion and expel phlegm from the lungs since an underlying deficient spleen qi can activate an overproduction of mucus.

Er Chen Tang or “Decoction of Two Old Things” is a classic formula plus additional herbs are prescribed to warm the lungs and kill the pathogen. If Cold or Damp Phlegm Cough is accompanied by nasal congestion, headache, stiff neck and other symptoms of wind-cold, then ChuanHsiong Cha Chao Wan, a patent medicine may be prescribed.

Chinese nutritional therapists may advise people with this syndrome to avoid eating foods that produce mucus in the body. These include dairy products, sweets and cold foods. Foods good for this condition include vegetables, whole grains, hot soups, raw juices in small amount (at room temperature) to help moisten the lungs and to trigger coughing (expectoration). Cold or Damp Phlegm Cough sufferers need to keep warm, get lots of rest and drink a lot of hot liquids, especially ginger tea. For this condition, hot vegetable soup is highly recommended.

  • Hot Phlegm Cough – Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment Used

This syndrome type of cough causes a buildup of phlegm and the heat causes the phlegm to turn sticky and thick. This syndrome can produce a loud, barking cough. The heat gives a dark coloration of the phlegm, which may ranges from yellow to brown or green. It’s quite difficult to expectorate the phlegm and this type of cough may require an aggressive therapy since the green color may indicate infection. When the mucus enters the lungs, bacteria can easily infect the mucus, which makes it extremely important to remove the mucus. Inducing expectoration and expelling the mucus can be achieved by using herbs that moisten the lungs.

The Pinellia Expectorant Pills an ideal herbal formula for treating hot phlegm cough. This formula can come other names, like Ching Chi Hua Tan Wan or Pinellia Root Teapills. The Pinellia Expectorant Pills works better when taken alongside Yin ChiaoJie Du Pian or Gan Mao Ling. Chinese nutritional therapy is similar to cold or damp phlegm cough.

Treatment Plan for Cough

Within a week, the acute cough of cough sufferers will not respond to the above mentioned treatments if they don’t get some rest and modify their diet. This can cause the cough to last for weeks, and the end result will be a series of colds and a weakened immunity. Acupuncture treatment in Cleveland works great for coughs due to any cause. Placing acupuncture needle in to points related to the Conception Vessel point found above the sternum can immediately stop the cough and help the patient breathing much better. Ina damp, cold form of cough, moxibustion is usually applied since heat is needed for that pattern.

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Chinese Herbs And Plants As Potential Cures For Dementia

For hundreds of years, herbs and plants have been used in Asian cultures long before medicines were discovered. They definitely offer outstanding results and they’re actually still being used today. But anyone who intends to try any new herbal and foods combinations, they should first consult with their doctor. As more researchers perform thorough testing on some of the common foods we eat, a few amazing evidences are slowly being unwrapped.

For instance, beetroot has recently been shown to improve the endurance of athletes after they drank half a liter of this herb. That certainly seems like a lot but actually, that’s only a couple of glasses every day, and if it provides you with extra energy and strength then get the juicer out. Beetroot has also proven to yield incredible results for hypertension, reducing it for a whole day after intake.

Another everyday drink for many is red wine food. Its main ingredient is resveratrol that has been getting results in the laboratory. Resveratrol fed to mice ended up looking younger, less obese, having more stamina, and lived longer than the mice that were not treated with resveratrol. While you may need to eat a lot to attain those dramatic results, it has been recommended for a long time to drink red wine at least once a day.

The West is slowly opening up to Chinese medicine which is gaining popularity for the simple fact that it works. And although the supplement and vitamin market is immense, it can be a lot beneficial to acquire your nutrients from the food you eat than from any other thing.

And of course, there is the most recent discovery of the benefits of caffeine on patients suffering from dementia. Drinking a cup or two short blacks each day has been shown to reverse the effects of dementia by by more than fifty percent. Findings such as this are being reported on a daily basis, as more people discover that some of their favorite foods have a real positive effect on their health and wellbeing.

Ni Nan Gilbert is a licensed acupuncturist in Bellmore, NY with certification in Chinese Herbology and over 16 years experience in traditional Chinese medicine.

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Chinese Nutritional Therapy – 10 Tips

This article will discuss the types of food you should eat and the types of food you should avoid as well as the benefit of Chinese nutritional therapy.

  1. Avoid processed food – the first food you should avoid is prepackaged foods and over processed foods. Usually, the nutritional content of these foods is already lost and there are a lot of chemicals or artificial additives in these foods. They are not really good for our body. Instead, we should eat food that still contains its original nutritional content, and foods that are minimally processed and cooked.
  • Avoid too much seasoning or sauce – the second food to avoid foods that contain too much seasoning when they are cooked or foods with too much sauce and hot and spicy foods. This is because most sauce usually contains corn syrup or artificial preservative or coloring, which is not really good for our body. If we can minimize over seasoning are foods, it will benefit our health significantly.
  • Foods that are cooked in high temperature – the third tip is to avoid deep-fried foods, foods cooked in too much oil, cooked in high temperature or foods cooked for too long. These cooking methods deplete the nutritional content of the food, making it unhealthy for us.
  • Watch the dairy product (egg, milk, cheese or bean) – the fourth tip is to be careful about dairy products like egg, milk or beans. Not everybody can tolerate dairy products and many people are actually allergic to them. These foods contain good nutritional content and they can be beneficial for kids. You can experiment and see if your health will improve if you don’t eat those products for two weeks or a month. If you don’t feel better, then maybe your body cannot process those foods. Some people can benefit from dairy products, but others may not be able to. Use your judgment and try to avoid them for a period of time and see if not eating these products will be good for your health.
  • Eat your meat in right portions – in Chinese medicine, eating meat is good and we don’t really recommend you becoming a vegetarian. I know there is some controversy in this because in these present times, most people just have too much meat, greasy foods or fatty foods. From a Chinese medicine point of view, a little bit of high quality protein is good. Beef, pork and lamb are good sources of protein. We need to eat a variety of foods and consume a balanced diet. A little bit of everything is good for your body.
  • Less white rice and noodles – for Asian peoples, white rice and noodles are main dishes. They have to eat it for every meal. However, too much of it is not good because they are considered refined carbohydrates. So, instead of white rice, we can add a variety of rice in their raw form, that’s not as processed as white rice. You can also mix white rice with different grains and soak it a little bit to make it softer and taste better.
  • Avoid stimulants (coffee, tea, soda or energy drink) – it is okay to drink a little bit of these products sometimes. However, many people become addicted to it, especially coffee and tea. These drinks also burden the body and are not really natural. Instead of them, we should drink more room temperature water – not too cold, not too hot or drinks without coffee.
  • Avoid naturally “cold” food – a lot of people have body types that are actually on the cold side. Cold food includes cucumber, turnip, melons, salads, ice cream, ice tea, etc. Large quantities of leafy green vegetables are considered cold too. If you have problems such as allergy, edema or digestion issues, you have to be very careful eating cold foods. If you stop eating cold foods, you’ll probably feel better soon.
  • Know your body type and the best foods for your health – are you a “hot” person or a “cold” person? Are you allergic or more sensitive to certain foods? You can always adjust what you’re eating with Chinese nutritional therapy or with herbal medicine. In Chinese medicine, people can be divided into five types via the five element theory. This is one way to categorize what type of element your body fits into, what you should eat and what lifestyle you should lead. In general, you should eat a variety of foods. Everything should be balanced and you don’t just eat a certain food group over and over or totally take out a certain food group from your diet. Portioning your foods is also important. You don’t want to overeat or eat very little food. It’s all about balance.
  1. Lifestyle changes – this is a topic not really directly related to food, but it’s very important in Chinese medicine. Keep a regular eating and sleeping schedule, find your own rhythm and then stick with it. This will help you sleep well and eat well. Don’t overwork or overthink. That’s the secret to staying healthy in Chinese medicine.

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Bodywork Therapies Complement Homeopathic Treatment

What is the best type of bodywork for total cure, permanent healing, or natural healing? There are a variety of very good natural therapies to choose from and making a decision on which is the best treatment for you can be quite difficult. Knowing exactly what it is you want is probably the best way to get the answer to your questions.

Let’s briefly discuss a few of the benefits of homeopathic treatment, after which, you can make an informed decision.

How homeopathy exactly works can be a bit difficult to explain, since no one really knows how it actually works. And in our current mindset, perhaps humans are not at a level of understanding to ever know. But the thing about homeopathy is that it definitely works.

Medical researchers have found that the cells in your body are constantly dying and new ones are being created to replace the ones that have died. Therefore, it’s strange that illness doesn’t stop with the death of the old cells. However, when you believe that your cells have the ability to preserve memories of experiences of your life, then it becomes evident why this doesn’t occur. Those memories are passed down to the new cells along with all the other important cell data.

Whether I’m wrong or right, I’d like to use an analogy of this concept to explain the workings of homeopathy. A profound healing, which you get with energetic work (homeopathy, Chinese body work and medicine, yoga, meditation, etc) can eliminate in your cells the memory of unwanted information. Therefore when a new cell is produced, there will be less of the harmful and useless memory of a hurtful life experience.

This builds up over time, until only a transient memory remains that does not affect you in any way.

In my experience, I have found that people require bodywork therapies less and less under really good homeopathic treatment even though I consider many of the therapies (bowen, osteopathy, chiropractic, physio, etc) excellent. These therapies seem to provide only temporal relief. In some instances, this may be good enough – allowing the body to heal itself. But when it comes to deep seated problems, they appear to be less effective.

Heather Shultz is a licensed acupuncturist in Marlton, NJ with advanced training in modern acupuncture techniques and traditional Asian therapies.

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Certain Things You Need To Know About Acupressure

Acupressure is a very effective yet simple form of acupuncture that’s used to relieve muscle pain. Aside for its use as treatment for disease, the points stimulated during acupuncture therapy has also been shown to enhance the appearance of a person for thousands of years. Acupuncture is a very safe procedure that can be done in the comfort of your home. You can use it in the treatment of tinnitus.

Acupressure procedures are quite painless. It can be repeated as often as you want. If you’ve got a medical condition, the acupressure therapist doctor can deal with that problem using a specific acupressure therapy.

Chiropractic therapy is considered one of the safest medical procedures around. However, just like any other medical procedure, chiropractic medicine included, there are risks involved. In a lot of instances, pharmaceutical therapies can create new physical conditions in a patient. These conditions may involve high blood pressure and pregnancy. In addition, chiropractic medicine takes into account all aspects of diagnosis and treatment.

It even becomes more important to lower your weight if your family has a history of cardiovascular disease or high blood pressure. While blood pressure medications are intended to be a short term solution to these diseases, some people integrate them into their daily diet to ensure healthy bowel movements every day. The side effects of these medicines include a weakened immune system, bad skin, a dramatic rise in blood pressure and poor memory. Exercise bolsters the flow of blood and normalizes circulation to the heart and the brain.

In the field of Chinese herbal medicine, garlic is one type of superfood that can reduce high blood pressure, kill viruses and cold, correct cardiovascular problems, lower levels of bad cholesterol and best of all, is so inexpensive product that anyone can purchase. Garlic can help increase the flow of blood throughout the body thereby increasing the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the cells. Another herb called bitter melon can improve the capability of the body to naturally use blood glucose. Any product that enhances the flow of blood in the body significantly benefits in the reduction of headaches.

Unfortunately, most people rely on prescription drugs when they feel their blood pressure shooting up. Again acupressure therapy for high blood pressure might be a good option for this problem. You should need to know also something about acupuncture in Austin as it’s considered a safe from of treatment that has the largest rate of success rate in inducing labor. The fact is, there are a lot of well recorded studies on the viability of acupressure and acupuncture. For instance, administering a significant amount of pressure can make a person’s body tense.

Blood glucose is not the only thing these natural remedies can control; they can also manage the function and health of the kidney, liver, eye, and heart. All the vitamins you take end up in the liver where they’re used to manufacture blood clotting substances. However, these vitamins might also cause higher blood pressure, and urinary and thyroid problems to name just a few. Caring for your liver is extremely important as it is the organ that purifies your blood.

Within the tissues, one can use acupressure to perform deep healing treatment. Vigorous pressure from this unique massage can penetrate even in the cells in the deepest part of your body. Brisk walking will help to make your relax, reduce tension, and bring you a relaxing and calm feeling. Extracts of aromatic plants also can be effective in lowering blood pressure.

Acupressure incorporates pushing and pulling techniques as well as rolling methods administered to different points in your body. The accumulate pressure extracted will depend on what the patient or practitioners aim to accomplish during the procedure. With deeper pressure, you can feel a pulse penetrating your center.

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Acupuncture Helps Runner Avoid Varicose Vein Surgery

I am a 59-year-old native Canadian who has been suffering from leg pain caused by varicose veins for several years. One of my coworkers sent me an email and told me that she underwent acupuncture. I kind of put that in the back of my mind and then in December, last year, I started experiencing some pain in my leg, which was getting worse.

I was having a hard time walking and I couldn’t run at all. I am a runner and I love to run. Because of my condition, I couldn’t run and I was getting really frustrated and then I remembered about that email of my coworker mentioning acupuncture in Marlton. I went back to my emails looking for the place that my coworker suggested and she said, the Great Wall of China clinic.

So I gave the clinic a call and scheduled an appointment. My appointments were treatment for my varicose veins. I have very bad varicose veins. One of the veins was actually a lump on my right thigh and it was big.I phoned the clinic and ask if they could work with me with what I had. The Chinese medicine doctor said that they will give it a try.

So I came in on my appointment day. To this day, I still have varicose veins and it’s going to take some time to get rid of them. But on the first treatments, the pain was gone and my legs felt better. The lump is almost gone and I could run and walk. It took about two and half months of treatment for the pain to go away.

But what I discovered through acupuncture is that the treatment wasn’t just about getting rid of the pain. There were so many other benefits that I received like the feeling that I had during and after the sessions. My body felt so good. I felt relaxed but I still walked around really tense. My shoulders are always up around my ears because I’m so tensed.

After acupuncture, the tension disappeared. I work in a school and the cold and flu was going around really bad and I could feel it coming on in my body. I came in for an acupuncture session on Friday and on Sunday, the symptoms were gone. I went back to work and everybody else was saying that they’d been sick for a couple of weeks and here I was all fine and healthy.

There are so many benefits that we receive from acupuncture that we probably don’t even know. It’s a total body healing. I believe in acupuncture, otherwise I wouldn’t have come and I prefer it to medicine and to pain pills. The feeling I have about acupuncture I can’t really put it all into words because it’s a feeling that’s inside of me that is really hard to express.

I just know that I’m really thankful that I found a clinic that offers these types of treatments because it helped me to run again. The varicose veins are still there but they don’t throb and ache as much as they used to and the bursting feeling has disappeared completely. When I talk about acupuncture, some people ask me, “Does it hurt?” I reply, “You might feel a pinch but you feel so much better than the initial pinch.”

I recommend acupuncture for everyone and I hope you give it a try.

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Are Traditional Chinese Medicine Drugs Viable Alternatives In The Treatment Of Cardiovascular Disease?

Accordingto a review published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, traditional Chinese medicine or TCM can be an effective alternative or complement to conventional Western medicine for primary and/or secondary prevention of heart disease.

Despite progress in Western medicine prevention and treatment of heart disease, heart disease still is the leading cause of death throughout the world. This has led to an increase in research on the benefits of traditional Chinese medicine as a way to treat heart diseaseor as a complement to Western medicine. However, randomized controlled trials are generally flawed and/or of poor quality.

Forcertain reasons, Western researchers usually do not trust Chinese medicine: a formula is made up of a wide variety of ingredients with several chemical molecules, which makes it difficult to clearly identify its healing mechanism; in China,the drugs are exempt from undergoing the same demanding process as Western medications are subjected to, toguarantee their safety and efficacy; and in China, almost all trials were administered by traditional Chinese medicine doctors with drugs often not available in the United States.

Inthis review,researchers analyzed studies on randomized controlled trials published over a decade ago of TCM used on patients with chronic heart failure, atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, prediabetes/diabetes, dyslipidemia and hypertension to evaluate the safety and efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine.

Overall, certain Chinese drugs demonstrated potential benefits for each of the studiedcardiovascular health issues. For instance, eight randomized controlled trials on hypertension and TCM were looked at by the researchers. The evidence suggested that a good safety profile and antihypertensive effects can be seen in Jiangyabao,Jiangya,Qiqilian, Zhongfujiangya and Tiankuijiangya, which potentially makes them a potential viable alternative for patientswho cannot affordor are intolerant of Western drugs.

However, it is to be determined by means of long-term trials, whether their benefits can be converted into long-standing beneficial cardiovascular results.

The review’s senior author Yuxia Zhao stated,” we should remember that traditional Chinese medicine drugs are often prescribed as complex remedies, that there usually further modified by the practitioner based on his personal choices.” The underlying mechanisms of certain active ingredients and the pharmaceutical effects of traditional Chinese drugs have been clarified. So, certain drugs can be as an alternative and complementary treatment for primary and/or secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease.”

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