How Acupuncture Prevents the Rise of Prostate Disorders

When it’s abnormally metabolized, estrogen can alter the gene expression and change vital signaling sequences between cells wreaking endothelial damage and abnormal cell growth in the body by creating high cholesterol and causing vasoconstriction. Excess estrogen can stimulate tumor-cell activators and become a weak genotoxic (DNA damaging) carcinogen. Women can develop ovarian, beast, or uterine cancer when their bodies metabolize estrogen improperly; for men, prostate cancer. In 2012, the Molecular Cell Endocrinology journal published an article explaining that estradiol can be made from testosterone by aromatase in the prostate cells, endothelial cells, breast cells, and fat cells. An experiment conducted at the University of Illinois at Chicago showed that when estradiol is applied to rats the incidence of prostate cancer increased significantly; even when the rats were administered with a short course of estrogen, the incidence of prostate cancer also increased.

Prostate cancer was quite much more common in older people four decades ago. Because they do not tend to suffer from imbalanced testosterone and estrogen levels, the rate of prostate cancer is low in older men even though more than half of them (men 80 years old and above) have enlarged prostates. The development of prostate depends on how the body metabolizes testosterone. 5alpha-dihydrotestosterone can be created from the metabolism of testosterone and this compound cannot be aromatized to estrogen which does not induce prostate cancer. But if aromatase is the enzyme that converts high amounts of testosterone into estrogen, prostate cancer can develop. Hence, it is not testosterone per se that causes prostate cancer but how it is metabolized. It is in the prostate that estrogen receptors are expressed and may determine the way testosterone is metabolized. From the above mentioned experiment, the DNA of the rat’s prostate has been damaged from the estrogen treatment; this phenomenon can happen at exactly the same location and just before the development of cancer. In the book, Prostate, Masayoshi Hiramatsu believed that aromatase overexpression may be possibly due to abnormal gene regulation and can lead to in situ production of abnormal estrogen and contribute to the development or inducement of prostate disorders in humans.

The consumption of a lot of simple sugars and processed food on a daily basis which the body usually converts into fat because of a sedentary life style is the biggest reason why prostate cancer and benign prostate enlargement is now being diagnosed among men in their 40s and 50s. Insulin surge occurs when you eat a lot of simple sugars and this causes inflammation in the body. When you have a lot of body fat, you also have more testosterone that can be transformed into estrogen through aromatase. Inflammation, a sedentary life, stress, and a high level of estrogen combined can switch on bad gene expression. Regular intake of alcohol may increase the abnormal activity of aromatase and lower testosterone levels which can lead to impotence. It also can result in higher production of intracellular estrogen from testosterone.

What can acupuncture do to treat or prevent the rise of prostate cancer?

One of the benefits of acupuncture in Louisville is that it can strengthen the function of your immune system which helps prevent or at least lessen general inflammation, which is intimately associated with the development of cancer. Another benefit is that acupuncture can boost metabolism by bettering thyroid and digestive function. So, by eating certain foods, your body creates more heat and energy instead of storing all the calories as fat. This makes your body burn fat more efficiently resulting in less estrogen and thus less mutation of genes. One of the most important benefits of acupuncture is its ability to alleviate stress which helps you sleep better. Acupuncture also reduces anxiety and enhances natural killer-cell activity, a function that is very important during radiation therapy and chemotherapy. One final benefit of acupuncture is that it assists your body in creating high amounts of dopamine, serotonin, GABA, and endorphins which are chemicals that make you relax and feel good all over.

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Lose Weight Safely and Surely with Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

Having its roots in China, acupuncture is one of the most popular medical procedures in the world. Weight loss acupuncture treatment became hugely popular when CNN reported about weight loss clinics in China using acupuncture therapy with extremely successful results.

With the introduction of McDonalds and other US fast food restaurants in China, this country began to experience an obesity epidemic. A lot of fast food lovers were subjected to the Standard American Diet which consisted of very few vegetables and fruits, too much sugar, too much fat, and too much protein. And even if Americans eat veggies and fruits these are usually overcooked or canned leaving them with no live enzymes and very little nutritional content.

Weight loss acupuncture treatment is actually a three-thousand year old healing practice in China and the Far East long before Americans became aware of it. According to Chinese medicine, people who are overweight likely suffer from an unbalanced digestive system.

Weight loss acupuncture treatment has been proven to help control appetite, beef up the digestive system, and boost metabolism allowing you to burn calories much faster. In losing weight there always needs to be a balance between your intake of calories and the burning of those calories. Acupuncture gives you a way to help lessen your calorie consumption and to burn more calories more efficiently.

A licensed and qualified practitioner will utilize stainless steel and thin sterile needles during a typical acupuncture procedure. Electrical stimulation or lasers are occasionally used along with the needles. Sometimes, the acupuncturist will manually manipulate the needles to elicit the desired outcome. When the needles are inserted into the skin, they’re left in place for around 20 to 30 minutes.

Patients may sense some numbness, tingling, or heat on the site where a needle is inserted. Nausea, headaches, and dizziness are some of the common side effects of the treatment although they rarely occur and are unlike the serious side effects of pharmaceutical drugs or diet supplements that help curb appetite and boost metabolism.

The practitioner usually combines acupuncture with herbal formulas to augment the effects of the treatment. Also an important part of the process is dealing with food issues, diet choices, and daily exercise as acupuncture and herbs may not be enough to maintain the lost weight. Clinical research studies have proven this.

Although patients report overeating and food cravings disappear, it can take some time for the body to adjust to the acupuncture treatment. Weight loss acupuncture treatment in Portland can also relieve stress which is a big help to stress eaters.

Do a bit of research before trying acupuncture. Get recommendations and referrals from individuals who are satisfied with their treatment. Your acupuncturist should be licensed and certified by the NCCAOM (National Certification Commission For Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine). The cost will depend on the skill and experience of the acupuncturist and the country. Cost of the treatment may not always be shouldered by insurance companies.

Weight loss acupuncture treatment is growing in popularity as it is a safer and more effective option for diet supplements and liposuction. It has tens of centuries of case study and documentation to prove its effectiveness.

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The Underlying Causes of PCOS and Their Treatments

There are women who may try TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) treatments for their PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). PCOS is a common condition that poses a serious threat to a woman’s fertility.


As old as the civilization of China, TCM derives its theoretical basis from Qi or Chi, the five movements, and the Taoist principles of yin and yang. Chinese medicine knew about PCOS as early as the 1200s, depicting it as some sort of a “Tian Gui” disorder. Tian Gui is some sort of genetic condition with symptoms such as infertility resulting from anovulation, and an irregular menstrual cycle.

PCOS, according to TCM, is seen as an anovulation disorder associated with ovarian insulin resistance.

Fertility and PCOS

Most women suffering from PCOS may manifest one or many of the main symptoms listed below:

-Polycystic ovaries
-Skin problems,
-Facial and body hair overgrowth;
-Insulin resistance
-Ovulation dysfunction and menstrual irregularities

There is an association between heart disease, diabetes, infertility and PCOS. PCOS sufferers are first diagnosed when they have difficulty getting pregnant.

The Kidneys and PCOS

TCM practitioners describe PCOS as a Deficiency of the Kidney. The symptoms of absent or irregular menstrual periods as well as the absence of ovulation is considered a kidney disease process. In TCM, the kidney is the organ system that is related to genetic disorders and so is deemed as an underlying cause of PCOS.

According to Western Medicine< PCOS Can Be Considered an Inherited Condition The Spleen and PCOS One of the root causes of PCOS is Spleen Deficiency. This type of deficiency relates to insulin resistance. According to TCM, the spleen controls the metabolism of mineral and vitamins from foods and in the carrying and changing of body fluids. Practitioners may consider spleen dysfunction as a reason for ovarian cysts in women. Practitioners also consider the spleen as related to weight gain. About 30% to 60% of women with PCOS are obese. When the function of the spleen is improved, weight gain is lowered and the blood glucose level of the woman is regulated. A spleen that is healthy can help prevent fluid retention in the ovarian cysts as well. The Liver and PCOS A third pattern of TCM disharmony related to PCOS is Liver Stagnation. Stagnation of the Liver can manifest as excess heat in the meridian and channels of the body or as Blood Stasis. The hair follicles are over-nourished when there is Blood Stasis in the channels or meridians. This creates unwanted coarse body and facial hair in women. These symptoms are a common occurrence amongst PCOS patients. In, fact unwanted hirsutism affects about 70% of women with PCOS. Acne can also be triggered by PCOS especially when there is excessive heat in the meridians of the sufferer. PCOS TCM treatment The primary objective of TCM treatment of PCOS is to increase fertility by inducing ovulation. To achieve this, practitioners treat the liver, spleen, and kidney and other major organs of the patient. They may use a combination of herbal medicine, moxibustion, electro-acupuncture, and acupuncture in Cleveland.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a treatment that is based on the patient’s symptoms as well as his/her unique constitution. As a result, each patient may receive a different type of treatment even in they suffer from the same condition.

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and An Alternative Treatment Known as Acupuncture

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is probably the reason why some people wear a wrist splint. This painful hand condition is often attributed to uncomfortable body positioning for long hours or months or even years of bad computer ergonomics.

Symptoms of CTS include pain coming from the wrist radiating to the palm side of your forearm, tingling and/or numbness of your fingers and thumb, and hand weakness.

Carpal tunnels syndrome occurs when the carpal tunnel, a tube in the wrist on the palm side of your hand, surrounded by ligaments and bones and where one part of the median nerve runs, gets swollen and inflamed which puts pressure on the median nerve causing pain and limited mobility on the affected hand and fingers.

CTS amounts to damage to the tendons, or a pinched blood vessel or nerve in the carpal tunnel regardless if it’s due to an internal neurological damage or inflammation or by injury or physical forces that compress the carpal tunnel.

There may be similar symptoms one can experience that may develop caused by different kinds of work which require the hands and arms to be poorly positioned; if those symptoms quickly disappear, then it’s likely not CTS and is not a problem you should worry about.

If you do feel these symptoms, you just need to take a break, shake your hands and arms, and readjust your overall posture to a healthier one. This should help prevent the need for medical intervention.

However, if your symptoms do not go away after work or after long hours of typing, then you need to see a doctor.

Western Modes of Treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Adjustable splints that can be taken off and on are the usual treatments used by Western physicians to treat CTS. A majority of CTS patients put one these splints during work and most of them will also wear them during sleep to help ease the pain.

Another conventional form of treatment is NSAIDS or non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs. These can be over-the-counter or prescribed drugs that help relieve pain but have serious side effects when taken for an extended period of time. Another drug used to treat CTS is cortisone injection. It can help ease the pressure caused by the swelling on the median nerve.

Surgery is selected if all of the above mentioned treatments fail. Endoscopic surgery is one such treatment and involves inserting a narrow tube called an endoscope, into small incisions. This procedure is also used sometimes to treat injured knees. The most invasive CTS surgery is open surgery, which requires more anesthesia than an endoscopic surgery.

Acupuncture, A Non-Surgical Alternative Treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Acupuncture has been used for tens of centuries for both reversing chronic or acute ill health and for optimizing good health. This treatment works on the distribution of chi or life energy along the mapped out meridians of the body.

Acupuncture has been lately used with huge success for the treatment of sports injuries. One dramatic example of this was in the 1998 Super Bowl when the quarterback of the Chicago Bears, Jim McMahon suffered a seriously bruised back. He wasn’t responding to Western treatments. So instead, he opted for acupuncture. After his treatment, McMahon said he felt 200% better. His newly found vigor allowed him and the Bears to rout the Patriots and win the Super Bowl. This sensational news led to a spike in acupuncture treatments all across the United States and silenced the acupuncture critics.

In January 2012, Journal of Research in Medical Sciences published a study entitled “New York Acupuncture in the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome: A randomized controlled trial study.” It reviewed an Iranian university’s neurological department’s study about carpal tunnel syndrome.

This study involved 64 patients all suffering from a mild case of CTS. The patients were equally divided into two groups. One group was administered with a couple of acupuncture treatments two times a week for four weeks and wore wrist splints at night. The other group was the control group who were treated with fake acupuncture and vitamins B1 and B6.

At the end of the study, the acupuncture group scored lower on their GSS or global symptom scores than the control group. This means that the acupuncture group experienced less numbness, tingling, weakness, and pain than the control group.

The researchers concluded that in their findings acupuncture is definitely better in relieving the overall subjective symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome and could be used in the comprehensive care programs of CTS sufferers.

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Things to Know When Visiting an Acupuncturist

More and more Americans have questions about what to expect at a typical visit and about the system of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as acupuncture grows in popularity. Patients may leave with even more questions than when they came in after a visit, and with their acupuncturists’ somewhat peculiar and different way of evaluating their condition they may worry or be confused about what their acupuncturists are doing.

Health evaluation using 10 questions procedure

The patient will undergo a focused evaluation of his/her chief complaint during a visit with an acupuncturist. After that, the acupuncturist will need to perform his/her own version of the traditional health evaluation and “10 Question” review of systems. This phase of the treatment will encompass all aspects of the patient’s health. This phase addresses physical concerns such as lung, heart, and digestive function, as well as energy, sleep, pains and others. This is also the time when the acupuncturist observes the constitutional aspects of your health. This includes qualities like weaknesses and strengths within your system, as well as your emotions, mood, and body temperature.

Examination of the tongue

The oddest aspect of the visit may perhaps be when your acupuncturist examines your tongue. What does the tongue have to do with your condition? In Chinese medicine, the tongue holds a lot of information in knowing the condition you are suffering from. Its characteristics give the acupuncturist a window to see what is going on inside the body and can reflect the state of health of the GI system and the gut. Moreover, anomalies in the tongue’s coating, geography, size, color, and shape can indicate various types of disharmonies inside the body. To know if this type of examination truly works, start monitoring your tongue at home and you will see that the various changes the tongue undergo correlate with the condition and symptoms you are experiencing.

Thorough evaluation of the tongue

One other one-of-a-kind diagnostic tool an acupuncturist uses during your visit is the examination of your pulse. This type of pulse exam is very different to the pulse exam of Western medicine. First of all, an acupuncturist’s pulse examination takes up to several minutes exhaustively palpating the pulse on both wrists in three positions. During the TCM practitioner’s palpation of the pulse, much more is evaluated than just the pulse rate. The beat’s pattern, characteristic, length, depth, vessel tension, and strength are all linked and important indicators to various aspects of health of the organs and other parts of the body.


When an acupuncture needle is inserted into the body, most of the time, the patient may feel a small zing or pinch that usually does not last more than a few seconds. A proper insertion should not generate strong lasting stabbing, sharp, and/or burning pains. Some needles may produce a dull ache in the surrounding area, which in Chinese, is known as “de-qi” and is a good sign that the treatment is going well. It indicates that energy or qi is properly flowing at the site of the sensation. All treatments are specifically designed for the pain tolerance, constitutional strength, and condition of the patient.

How does the acupuncturist know where to insert the needles? Selecting the point of treatment is based on the patient’s constitution and on the symptoms of the condition. The needles can potentially be inserted anywhere but usually they are placed at points on the stomach, back, ears, head, ankles and wrists. A qualified and accredited acupuncturist in Maitland is trained in various needling systems on the feet, hands, stomach, scalp, and ears and in the proper angle and depth of insertion for each of the standard acupoints in the body. Tens of centuries ago, these acupoints have been located and have been safely used and properly defined since then.

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Acupuncture is a Scientifically Proven Treatment for Sexual Health Issues

Sexual health concerns and several other types of health-related issues can be treated or even cured with the scientifically proven treatment of acupuncture. This ancient Chinese mode of treatment has oftentimes been used with or without Chinese herbs to heal sexual and health functioning concerns for over 4,500 years. The overall sexual health of a woman or man can be greatly improved through the use of extremely fine needles strategically placed into certain points on the skin. Sex drive (libido) and sexual improvement are some of the functions that acupuncture can help enhance. Besides this, the treatment also tackles underlying concerns that may contribute to sexual health problems. These include hormonal imbalances, psychological issues weight fluctuation, menopause drug interactions, and more.

Being an effective tool for treating the entire individual including the aspects concerning the emotions, mind, and physical body, acupuncture has few side effects and its risks are minimal with results that may or may not be seen within a short period of time depending on the seriousness of the symptoms and the underlying cause of the problem, as well as how well the person responds to the treatment.


Acupressure follows the same principle as acupuncture and utilizes the same diagnostic tools that acupuncturists use. The only difference is that acupressure uses a less invasive approach since it stimulates the acupoints through massage while acupuncture uses needles to accomplish this. Acupressure is often performed using your elbows, knuckles, fingers, or even with vibrators. Whatever you use, the flow of blood is activated in a more vigorous way. For continuous stimulation, patients can use acupressure in-between acupuncture appointments.

Acupressure point stimulation using vibrators

A massager or a small bullet style vibrator will do to boost the amount of stimulation that one receives during acupressure. One advantage of using a smaller vibrator is that it allows you to stimulate the acupoint that requires treatment with more pinpoint accuracy. There are different kinds of vibrators available and when choosing one, be sure to avoid products that contain phthalates, which are toxins found in plastics since phthalates are known to affect your sexual health.

Sexual performance issues – how acupuncture in Overland Park addresses them

In order to re-balance the body, acupuncturists need to correct any energy flow disruptions existing in the body. The Chinese call this energy Qi or chi that circulates throughout the body which is necessary for a person to live, grow, reproduce, and enjoy good health. When addressing a problem with libido and sexual performance, the acupuncturist targets the organs that are usually affected including the heart and the kidney, along with any other suspected contributors that generate the imbalance inside the body.

Using traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) diagnostic tools, an acupuncturist also interviews the patient to know more about the symptoms in order to determine where and what the imbalances are. Tongue and pulse diagnosis are the most common tools of the acupuncturist to examine and diagnose a patient. The practitioner examines the patient using twenty-seven pulse states through nine positions which transcends the traditional pulse checks that Western medicine uses. Information about the overall health of the patient as well as how well the organs in the body are functioning can be provided by the pulse positions. The tongue’s coating, moisture, shape, color, and cracks are examined to determine organ functioning and the patient’s overall health.

TCM practitioners commonly use acupuncture and acupressure in addressing sexual health conditions but other techniques such as electro-acupuncture, cupping, and moxibustion are also used along with Chinese herbs. Treatments are aimed at balancing hormone levels, relieving stress, relaxing the mind, and boosting circulation for proper blood flow to the sexual organs. All these treatments enhance sexual functioning by assisting men to up their performance by enhancing longevity, erections, and ejaculation. For women, these treatments help increase lubrications, sex drive, and the ability to experience more intense orgasms.

Beyond sex drive enhancement

Besides improving sex drive, listed below are a number of sexual issues that acupuncture can definitely address:

• Vaginismus
• STD Outbreaks
• Sexual Aversion Disorder
• Prostate Issues
• Premature Ejaculation
• Menopause: In Women & Men
• Infertility
• Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder
• Female Sexual Dysfunction
• Female Sexual Arousal Disorder
• Erectile Dysfunction
• Decreased Sperm Mobility

As they go beyond the mere treatment of symptoms and focus on the root of the problem, acupressure and acupuncture are excellent alternative options to use when addressing sexual health concerns.

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Do Alternative Modes of Treatment for Sciatica Work?

If you are suffering from sciatica, a type of pain felt along the path of the sciatic nerve, searching for a viable treatment for it is more or less your topmost priority. Causing severe pain and so much discomfort, sciatica can disrupt your daily activities in a huge way. We will attempt to give you natural options on how to resolve this disorder and enjoy a normal and pain-free life once more.

What are the Causes of Sciatica?

Sciatica can develop when the sciatic nerve, consisting of a bundle of five spinal nerves which is the longest in the human body, that travel from the spinal cord to the hip region to all the way down the back of the legs, becomes too compressed or damaged. Sciatica usually occurs from conditions such as accident-related trauma, spinal stenosis, spinal tumors, degenerative disc disease, or a herniated disk.

Sciatica Symptoms

Sciatic nerve pain can range from mild aching to a stabbing feeling characterized by a tingling and burning sensation that is usually exacerbated by laughing, coughing, sneezing, or by prolonged sitting. Sciatica sufferer may also experience muscle weakness or numbness, which is described as a pins-and-needles sensation along the nerve pathway.


In several instances, sciatica requires no medical attention and can be treated with self-care. This condition usually heals by itself within a couple of weeks although physical therapy can accelerate the healing process, bring about complete recovery, and lower the risk of future sciatic nerve injuries. You need to consult with a doctor to know if the back pain you’re suffering from is indeed sciatic pain, especially if you’ve never felt this type of pain before.

If after a month, the pain still persists, or if it becomes severe, you may need to go back to your doctor for further treatment.

Natural Treatments for Sciatica

Medical research so far cannot provide sufficient proof that any form of alternative medicine can treat sciatica although gentle exercise, yoga, and cold and hot packs are known to soothe the sciatic discomfort and pain.

Besides that, there are a number of alternative treatments that can provide relief against pain related to sciatica. These include:

1. Massage Therapy – Believed to alleviate pain and enhance range of motion, massage therapy targets the leg and thigh regions, pelvis, and the lower spine to eliminate or lessen sciatica as proven by several small controlled studies.

2. Chiropractic Medicine – Studies, so far, has yielded ambiguous results as to the effectiveness of chiropractic care in easing sciatica symptoms. Some studies indicate that chiropractic adjustments may lead to the improvement of spinal function which in turn, results in sciatic pain reduction.

3. Acupuncture – A 2009 study showed that acupuncture significantly relieved symptoms in all 90 participants suffering from sciatica.

Sciatica Treatment Using Alternative Medicine in Miami

Due to very few research works done in the field of alternative treatment of sciatica, most doctors do not recommend alternative medicine treatment for sciatica. It’s important to note that there may be serious consequences if you delay or avoid getting conventional care and attempt to treat the condition by yourself. Make sure you talk to a doctor first before embarking on an alternative treatment for sciatica.

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If You Have Tinnitus, Acupuncture May Be the Treatment That Cures It

Most likely you would be searching far and wide and trying out all sorts of treatment that can help cure your tinnitus if you ever happen to suffer from one. When it comes to tinnitus treatment, there are a lot of different methods available. This article will give you an idea of what acupuncture is and why it is believed and proven to work for certain cases of tinnitus.

You will understand some of the processes you need to undergo, and discover just how effective acupuncture can be in treating tinnitus. Hopefully, you will have gained a much better understanding about acupuncture and decide whether or not this treatment is the right one for you after finishing this article.

The first step in tinnitus treatment is to figure out if you really do have tinnitus. A lot of people go to their doctor just to find out they actually merely suffer from too much ear wax building up in their ears and other ear problems. If this is so, then there is no need for acupuncture treatment. If your doctor diagnoses you with tinnitus, then the next step is to find out what type of tinnitus you have. You may not know it but there are actually different forms of tinnitus that different people suffer from.

For some tinnitus sufferers, the sound that they constantly hear in their ears is a pulse akin to a heartbeat. This type of tinnitus is known as pulsatile tinnitus. In certain patients, the ringing annoying noise makes it impossible to fall asleep. Their lack of sleep and the tinnitus affect their work performance and make them anxious, depressed, sad and in really severe cases, suicidal.

Knowing the severity of your tinnitus is essential in order to get the right treatment for it and the only way to know this is by consulting with your doctor. Doing a bit of research about the condition can help a lot as well since it can lead to a much better management of your condition.
Now that you know you really have tinnitus and know its type, and want to try acupuncture treatment, the next step is to find and talk to a qualified acupuncturist in New York. You can ask referrals from your doctor or from family and friends who have tried acupuncture treatment for the condition you now have. You need to find a practitioner who has the proper qualifications and has accreditation from reputable acupuncture organizations to prevent injury, infections, or damage to your body during the treatment.

Acupuncture is a natural form of treatment. This implies that the healing process is a lot longer than Western medicine’s and that treatment may require more than one session of acupuncture. The treatment is an ongoing process before improvements can be seen and the more severe your condition is, the longer the recovery will take.

For acupuncture treatment to work effectively, you need to be open-minded and ready. Studies have shown that patients who are relaxed and carry a positive attitude about the treatment have a much better rate of improvement. This is true even in the treatment of tinnitus. Acupuncture works just like a placebo effect where even sugar or plain water injected into the body can resolve a condition, without the patient knowing that it’s only sugar or water that’s been used for treatment, of course.

In acupuncture tinnitus treatment, tiny thin needles may be placed inside or around your ears. This may seem painful but most patients who have tried it report of no pain sensation during the needle insertion process.

Finally, acupuncture tinnitus treatment does not guarantee a total cure for your condition. Tinnitus physicians and researchers still claim that no cure for tinnitus exists, though certain trials and studies show that acupuncture does help in treating or even curing the condition. One thing is for sure, acupuncture has been used for thousands of years to successfully treat a wide range of conditions including tinnitus and it will be used for thousands of years more by countless numbers of people because it really works no matter what doctors and scientists say.

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TCM Methods To Cure Female and Male Infertility

Western medicine has a very important role to play in people’s health and more often than not, it is the go to treatment for couples who for whatever reason are not able to conceive after a year of unprotected sexual intercourse. But because Western treatments for infertility are costly and relatively ineffective, some turn to TCM or tradition Chinese medicine for infertility treatment. We will talk about how hormonal imbalances that lead to infertility can be addressed by TCM, in this article.

Different to Western medicine, TCM treats each patient in a unique way and treats the body as a whole. TCM practitioners rarely prescribe one method of treatment for all patients, although there have been generally methods that have been practiced for more than 4,000 years in resolving infertility:

Physical Examination

After evaluating your past medical records and personal files, your Chinese medicine practitioner will do:

An examination of your facial appearance and your body – You may not be aware of it but your facial appearance and your body can give your practitioner an idea about your state of health. Sometimes, having a pale facial appearance may suspect the practitioner that you may be suffering from a deficiency in yang qi.

1. A reading of your pulse – There are 2 types of pulses:

a. Kidney pulse – In traditional Chinese medicine, the Kidney pulse is very important for infertility treatment as TCM practitioners see the kidney as a type of regulator for the reproductive system. In men, lower sperm quantity and quality may develop, while in women, a disrupted menstrual cycle if there is any deficiency in their reproductive system.

b. Heart pulse – The heart pulse will allow your practitioner to determine how your heart functions. Various readings of irregularly slow or fast pulses may result in different types of deficiency.

2. Tongue examination – Any stagnation or deficiency of blood and qi will manifest in the color, taste buds, and appearance of the tongue.

Losing or Gaining Weight

After your condition is diagnosed through the reading of your files and initial examination, and assuming that your infertility condition is not due to structure problems, your practitioner may recommend that you either lose or gain weight. TCM considers the desired weight for conception is more than 5 to 10 above the BMI normal range.


It may be hard to believe that some women who play in some type of sport or engage in running and who may seem to be healthy are infertile because of their activities.

Lifestyle Modifications

A. Exercise – Your practitioner may advice that you do some moderate exercises to boost the circulation of blood in your body and to lower stress in your nervous system. Exercises such as yoga, tai chi, and walking are highly recommended.

B. Smoking – If you suffer from infertility and smoke, your practitioner will definitely request that you stop smoking. Fortunately, TCM has certain techniques that can help you stop smoking for good.


To treat infertility, you may be asked to stop drinking alcohol completely. This is especially true if your practitioner suspects that alcohol is impairing the function of your liver.

TCM Treatments for Infertility

1. Herbs – If medications are required, Chinese herbal remedies may be given instead to bring back the patient’s overall health.

2. Minerals and vitamins – Your TCM practitioner may advice that you take certain mineral supplements and vitamins to address the deficiency in your body.

3. Food – In TCM, foods are categorized into five groups:

A. Hot
B. Warm
C. Neutral
D. Cold
E. Cool

Your practitioner may advice that you add certain types of foods and leave out others in your diet if he/she thinks your diet is interfering with the normal function of your body systems or organs. Kidney yang deficient women are advised to add into their diet hot or warm foods.

4. Breathing techniques – Relieving depression, anxiety, physical and emotional stress, and symptoms of nervous disorders help a lot in the treatment of infertility. Breathing techniques are especially helpful if the woman suffers from infertility due to stress-related activities or constant stress.

5. Acupressure – If the underlying root of infertility is pain, then acupressure may be performed to relieve muscle tension and pain.

6. Acupuncture – Acupuncture is a 4,000-year-old TCM treatment. If your practitioner thinks that an imbalance of qi or qi or blood stagnation has disrupted the normal function of your body, resulting in an underlying condition, then you may need to undergo a few or several rounds of acupuncture treatment in Bellingham. Through the insertion of needles in certain meridian points, infertility can be cured.

There are other forms of TCM methods that can be used treat different underlying causes of infertility and since each person is unique, there is no one form of treatment for all.

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If You Are Serious About Quitting Smoking, Then You Need to Try Laser Acupuncture

You may already know how hard it is to quit smoking if you are a habitual smoker and have attempted to kick the habit. But what you may not know is that there is cutting edge technology you can avail of to help you escape your addiction. You may at least have heard about acupuncture and its ability to help relieve pain. You may be surprised to know that this 4,000 year old treatment is also now widely used to help overcome nicotine addiction. You may even be more surprised when you know that there is now such a thing as laser acupuncture which is a painless, safe and modern form of acupuncture to help you stop smoking for good. The truth is a lot of smokers have already been cured of their habit with this type of acupuncture treatment.

Although laser acupuncture has been around since 1989, it has since then been fine tuned and tweaked making it an ideal alternative for people who want the health benefits of traditional acupuncture sans the needles. The reason why using laser acupuncture for the cessation of smoking has been successful is that the laser energy activates the feel-good neurotransmitters in the body, leaving a person in a relaxed and calmed state.

Laser acupuncture’s use to help a person quit smoking may also bring about additional healing benefits. They may include a rejuvenated body, better sleeping patterns and even a better control of one’s food cravings. This treatment involves the stimulation of laser energy in specific acupoints in the skin that causes the central nervous system to release neurotransmitters in the body, some people may feel a slight discomfort during the procedure but it is minimal and fleeting. For most patients, the overall experience is described as relaxing and calming. It is sufficient to know that a lot of people have been able to successfully overcome their smoking habit with laser acupuncture even if there is little scientific proof to validate the effectiveness of the treatment

For most people who have undergone laser acupuncture the most common description they feel during the treatment is that there is a tingling, pulsating, and warm sensation at the point of the laser. There are others who actually state that they haven’t felt anything at all. The notion is that the laser is able to stimulate the acupoints of the body in a manner similar to the acupuncture needles used in traditional acupuncture. Hence, you are able to acquire the same healing quality and good feelings you would get from traditional acupuncture when experiencing laser acupuncture for smoking cessation.

While not enough studies have yet been done to validate acupuncture’s ability to stop smoking addiction, it is really a safe procedure that you need to try at least once. This is particularly true if you are one of these who claim to have “tried everything”, yet still haven’t overcome their problem. Probably, the cost of a laser acupuncture treatment may be the one thing going against trying it. But if you’re a chronic chain smoker and you are really serious about quitting, you may find that the benefits of laser acupuncture far outweigh its cost.

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