For PTSD Sufferers, Acupuncture Can Offer Them a Chance to Recover

Dating back over 5,000 years, acupuncture can trace its roots in ancient Chinese medicine. In this present century, it appears that the United States is only now starting to study the layers of possibility regarding the use of acupuncture in several different areas of healthcare.

Western medicine all too often views acupuncture as a type of complementary treatment holding an inferior position next to pharmaceutical treatments and chemical medications. But licensed acupuncturists have been able to consistently prove that their treatment is as much effective and oftentimes, even better than Western medicine.

Western medicine faces a lot of health challenges, with PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder being one of the most hard to treat. It cannot boast that it has been able to fully address chronic pain, which is a sad reminder of this treatment’s woeful inadequacies. In the United States, chronic pain is the leading cause of adult disability and it strikes over a hundred million Americans each year. However, this number is dwarfed by the recent report that an average of 22 veterans and active duty soldiers kill themselves each day. Clearly other options need to be considered to stop this horrible problem.

Sleep and PTSD

It is a sad testimony to the state of affairs of the US that military personnel are deemed as second only to the agendas set by the military industrial complex. Clearly, the criminal wars that the US has waged since Vietnam up to the catastrophe that was the Iraq invasion have been the biggest reasons for the high rates of suicide, broken lives, and PTSD among the soldiers of this country.

The connection between PTSD and sleeping difficulties has been verified in one study. A link exists between less suicides and better/ increased sleep. Providing better sleep patterns has been one of the greatest benefits of acupuncture in New York. This can give PTSD sufferers some glimmer of hope. We can definitely say that acupuncture has the ability to dramatically reduce the symptoms and rates of suicide among PTSD patients. Acupuncturist Without Borders is a non-profit organization that has assisted PTSD-afflicted veterans through its Military Stress Recovery Project.

Sessions of acupuncture therapies should be included for every pharmaceutical medication prescribed to a military veteran diagnosed with PTSD, at the very least. Financial considerations aside, this is obviously a very good idea since acupuncture has proven to work for PTSD and its cost is a drop in the bucket compared to that of pharmaceutical drugs pushed by Western physicians.

Battlefield Acupuncture

When taught to personal and medical staff, the merit of acupuncture can be of huge benefit in disaster and active battle zones as proven by a growing body of research. Stimulating vital acupuncture points (found oftentimes in the ear) and the need for minimal materials has made the use of acupuncture a very practical way of aiding soldiers fighting on multiple fronts.

One of the limitations of current military logistics is that when they suffer from chronic and acute pain, our soldiers too often have limited access to medicines on the battlefield. It has been shown that acupuncture eliminates or alleviates both chronic and acute pain instantly. Along with regular protocols, when performing acupuncture soon after an incident, it can lessen the likelihood of that person developing PTSD that may take root in his psyche.

Acupuncture Removes Pain Several Studies Confirm

Acupuncture also possesses no addictive qualities as compared to pharmaceutical prescription drugs. This helps the solider live a rather healthy lifestyle when he goes back to civilian life without suffering from the side effects of pharmaceutical medications and without any risk of addiction to said medications.

Conscious Surgery

In China, patients administered with acupuncture are awake and conscious during surgery but do not feel the pain of their operation. Thanks to acupuncture, some Western hospitals may offer that option in the near future. A US based acupuncturist known as Ramon Nuñez recently made waves when he underwent such a technique. This brave man opted to undergo a major knee surgery not medicated and fully awake with only acupuncture to help numb the pain.

In all these we can see why acupuncture needs to be part of a new paradigm that will lead us away from extremely toxic pharmaceutical drugs.

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Proving That Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Work

It seems that there’s someone who’s offering a magic potion or miracle cure that can allegedly alleviate your medical problem everywhere you turn. There are multitudes of options to turn to that makes choosing the best one difficult, or one that actually works at all. If you want an alternative treatment for Western medicine, there’s hypnotherapy, biofeedback, homeopathy, massage therapy, reflexology, Ayurvedic medicine, chiropractic, and naturopathy to name just a few. Each of these options has their own specific benefits and disadvantages that can offer you a better way of life.

One of the most popular alternative therapies in the world is acupuncture. However, many are wondering if this treatment really works. Is it just another scam or is there anything to it? Is there a genuine benefit to this millennia-old practice or is it something one has to believe in order to make it work? To all of those questions, the answer is a positive one for acupuncture. It works and this is backed up by a number of scientific studies; and it works regardless of what you think of it.

Traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture in Bellingham are the main means of healthcare for a third of humanity. Acupuncture is believed to be more than 5,000 years old and has been documented for over three millennia. It wasn’t a widely known treatment in the States until 1972 when it was “introduced” in the country by a New York journalist who was operated on in China for an appendectomy (surgical removal of the appendix). During his postsurgical recovery, instead of medications, he was treated with acupuncture to help alleviate his discomfort and pain. He wrote about his experience in the New York Times and since then, acupuncture has grown to be the most commonly used alternative treatment in the US.

In the field of medical research, one of the most difficult things to do is to assess the amount of pain relief of a patient. Each of us has different perceptions and thresholds of pain. One topic often associated with acupuncture is the placebo effect. A powerful organ, the mind actually has a healing ability, and in a lot of individuals, the placebo effect can be very powerful. That being said, one need not be an adherent or a fan of acupuncture in order for it to work. However, the end effects can be a whole lot better if you have a positive feeling coming into the treatment instead of a negative one. As your mind can bring about positive outcomes, so too can it help generate negative results. The fact that acupuncture works on animals proves conclusively that on its own it is a real genuine treatment and is the best evidence in debunking any theories that acupuncture is merely a placebo effect. Some skeptics have argued that no case of animal acupuncture treatment has yet produced that it really works. It seems there is still no study that has endeavored to group several dogs or cats together all suffering from the same condition and have undergone the same set of therapies. In real life, what you will witness is a lot of animal lovers who have had their pet treated with acupuncture and have seen with their own eyes their beloved pet make remarkable improvements with just a single treatment.

For pro-acupuncture people who would not rather use the argument of acupuncture working on animals, they can cite the numerous studies of acupuncture’s therapeutic effects made by government agencies, organizations, and universities. Many of these studies have proven that acupuncture is truly effective in the management of pain. For chronic pain sufferers, this is a very important revelation as it may help them rely less on toxic drugs that produce unwanted side effects. NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) have been known to cause gastrointestinal bleeding while myocardial infarction or heart attack has been associated with the use of Vioxx. Several studies have outright proven acupuncture’s effectiveness for infertility, digestive disorders, anxiety, asthma, insomnia, and various types of health issues in women, including PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), interstitial cystitis, and endometriosis. The WHO (World Health Organization) and the NCCAM (National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine) state that acupuncture can be a reliable option for more than 50 various types of acute and chronic health conditions.

But even if you mention all of these to some people they will still argue that acupuncture is a type of treatment that is not evidence based. Western medicine research proving the benefits of the treatment is minimal despite the fact that evidence exists supporting the benefits of acupuncture. Compared to Western medicine, it’s not really a level playing field either. With a budget of $24 billion, the NIH (National Institute of Health) has allocated to the NCCAM , which is actually a subsidiary of the NIH, a measly $100 million. Only roughly a quarter of Western medicine is evidence based despite the NIH’s gigantic budget. Chinese medicine is the main form of healthcare for about a third of the global population. Those people use Chinese medicine and acupuncture because it simply is effective and safe. The most important thing you need to know is that Chinese medicine and acupuncture work.

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Acupuncture and The Patterns of Disharmony Involved in High Blood Pressure

Apart from not having the side effects of anti-hypertension medications which is indeed a great thing, TCM or Traditional Chinese medicine can also effectively lower high blood pressure.

A lot of those suffering from high blood pressure show no symptoms at all and as a result most of them are unaware that they have this problem. Your physician needs to take multiple readings or monitor your BP (blood pressure) for 24 hours to see whether you indeed have high blood pressure or hypertension provided that your blood pressure naturally changes over a 24-hour period.

However, Yun Niu, PhD, explains that the hypertension and high blood pressure can be two different things. For one, hypertension is high blood pressure that is chronic while blood pressure can rise under specific circumstances. If certain events give you a lot of stress, your blood pressure will naturally increase and if you can recognize and address the culprit, your blood pressure usually goes back to its normal levels. Although its effects may take a bit of time, acupuncture and herbs can be very effective in lowering high blood pressure and hypertension in Tarzana.

High Blood Pressure from the Viewpoint of TCM

According to TCM, three conditions can cause high blood pressure

1. Mucus: In TCM, deficiency in spleen energy can be caused by mucus, which is responsible for the conversion and utilization of fluids. Spleen energy deficiency makes the spleen function ineffectively. People with this pattern may experience chronic edema (fluid retention), particularly around the digestive system and the gut. Too much fluid in the body can act like mucus, which is known as internal mucus in TCM. This fluid can flow along with your chi and reside in any region of the body obstructing blood and chi flow.

Symptoms: Polyuria (frequent urination) in small amounts; lowered appetite; a thick head; weight gain; feelings of heaviness and sluggishness; fatigue; not feeling refreshed after sleeping; belching; sticky or loose stools, bloating or a sensation of fullness; and nausea. Obstruction arises when mucus remains in the body for so long that it creates mucus fire or heat that, in turn, results in a sensation of fullness; tinnitus; red face; palpitations, and irritability. Also possibly present is the symptom of excess of yang energy.

Treatment: Stay away from foods that are hard to digest as well as dairy; sweet foods; and anything that can further impair spleen function. Instead of drinking large amounts of water at a time, sip water as often as possible. Mucus can be cleared by dried mandarin peel or dried lemon. For treatment of yang deficiency and sluggishness, ginger can be extremely helpful.

2. Kidney yang deficiency: This type of deficiency is expressed in palpitations and a pounding heart. The heart and the kidney are connected in TCM and so if there is not enough kidney yang energy in the body so much so that it cannot support heart energy, the heart begins to manifest symptoms.

Symptoms: Sleeplessness; impatience; palpitations; dry mouth especially during sleep; hot flashes; a tendency to feel hot; hot or clammy palms, and red face. Occasionally, Kidney yang deficiency may generate signs and symptoms like a tendency to feel cold; weak libido; shortness of breath; poor sleep; weight gain; weak memory; tiredness; hair loss; loose teeth; polyuria during night time and a sore back.

Treatment: Treatments that boost kidney yin and kidney yang energy.

3. Liver yang excess: Too much liver yang energy may be due to yin liver deficiency; a poor diet; busy life; frustration; worry, anger; and emotional stress. Sudden emotional stress elevates your blood pressure because liver energy tends to go upwards when you’re highly stressed. Normally, the direction of liver energy is downward. Your emotions are affected if you suffer from chronic stress which thus affects liver energy.

Symptoms: Tinnitus; thirst; thick head; red, sore, dry eyes; red face; irritability; impatience; headache; dry stools; dry mouth; dizziness; bitter taste; and bad temper. Symptoms related to yin liver deficiency are the same, although they usually occur late in the day.

Treatment: One that can bring balance which means a treatment that reinforces yin energy while at the same time reduces yang energy. Acupuncture has the ability to restore the natural downward flow of liver energy, which makes it easier to deal with stress. This treatment, however, will not remove stress, so therefore strategies that can help eliminate are needed.

Mr. Yun also said that some high blood pressure patients can manifest all three conditions. If this is the case, Yun adds, then the TCM practitioner should identify dominant pattern and then administer a treatment of acupuncture, diet therapy, and herbal medicines to deal with the problem.

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What Asthmatics Need to Know About Acupuncture Treatment

For people suffering from asthma the advancements gained by Western medicine have given them new windows of opportunities. Just a few years ago, asthmatics had to solely rely on their inhalers to cope with their problem, now many of them are enjoying normal lives, which was certainly unthinkable then. Some innovative treatment procedures have recently emerged that has made this all possible. Acupuncture is one of those innovative treatments. There are some sufferers who were able to lessen their dependence on inhalers through the aid of a number of breathing techniques provided by short term courses offered at some health clinics.

It has been discovered on most occasions that asthma sufferers need to increase their levels of energy which is known as chi. To attain this, a number of them have availed themselves of acupuncture. The reason they choose acupuncture is because it treats the body holistically relieving asthma symptoms and giving incredible benefits in other parts of the body, as well. Because of all these, a lot of asthmatics not only have been entirely cured of their asthma but they also have recovered from other unrelated ailments they have been suffering from, some even for several years. It is also worth mentioning that persons who go for acupuncture after hearing about it from others have been able to sleep much better. When they wake up, their energy levels have also increased enabling them to function optimally throughout the day and work for longer hours in a much more convenient way.

Asthmatics have also benefited from acupuncture because the treatment has enabled their bodies to lessen their intake of oxygen. This further aids their bodies to ward off asthma attacks substantially. However, it must be noted here that these sufferers need to undergo acupuncture sessions only from qualified and experienced practitioners. They need to check if the practitioner is registered and certified in order to get the best results. Also, it is important to seek the advice of their doctor in order to prevent side effects.

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Welcome to Vita-Health Acupuncture & Wellness Center

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Acupuncture and A Balance of Diet and Nutrition Are Necessary for the Treatment of Chronic Inflammation

A perfect balance of nutrition and acupuncture can lead to enduring benefits. Everyone can experience
Injuries at some point in his/her life. Depending on the treatment process, it may take a short or long time to recover. In order to get back to normal shape the body needs the right amount of nutrients. Vitamins A and C has been scientifically proven to aid in the accelerated healing of injuries. Copper and zinc can quicken the healing process. To help control inflammation and promote healing, a balanced diet is also needed. Treatment can be enhanced if you follow the right acupuncture diet supplement. A licensed and professional acupuncture nutritionist will help you know what kind of diet would perfectly address your health condition or injury.

No one can disprove that acupuncture is a great alternative treatment that gives fast relief from a number of health related issues. A well balanced nutritional diet and acupuncture can reinforce a standard treatment. Widely practiced the world over, herbal diet has far reaching effects that help resolve conditions or augment the effects of your treatment. The practitioner may advice that you take herbal supplements first before starting acupuncture to boost the healing process. No side effects can result if you undergo nutritional diet therapy although it may be prudent to first let your acupuncture nutritionist know about your allergies to certain herbal medicine and foods. Avoiding certain types of food that your body reacts to is important and the nutritionist has to provide you with a chart on the dos and don’ts of diet therapy. The nutrients are meant to bolster the defense system of the body making you stronger and fit to fight any types of health issues. It also leads to a quicker resolution of pain.

Choose clinics that have customized programs that ideally conform to your health history. Western nutrition is completely different from Chinese nutrition. In the West, minerals, fats, proteins, and vitamins are normally given importance. In Chinese nutrition, however, a specific type of food has a specific energy that affects the body. Therefore, before a diet therapy is recommended the practitioner thoroughly evaluates the patient first. The practitioner first gives nutritional counseling before starting Chinese medicine in order to learn more about the patient’s health condition. Initial tests are performed and only then will a treatment plan be formulated. A plan is charted that is based on the patient’s condition.

By stimulating certain points in the body, acupuncture can help boost blood circulation. Weak blood flow can lead to blood stagnation which means the chi or is not properly distributed throughout the body leading to health disorders. It is the acupuncturist’s responsibility to guarantee an unhindered circulation of energy that is equally distributed throughout the body. When an acupoint is stimulated it performs a specific function that leads to desired outcomes. Patients suffering from chronic inflammation triggered by nutrient deficiencies can find recourse to acupuncture treatment. An acupuncture diet can be help clear inflammation and better the function of the digestive system by improving the absorption of nutrients. This treatment can also improve emotional responses and muscle tone. Using the best medications isn’t enough to treat inflammation if you have poor nutrition. Your health issues will be eliminated only if there is a proper balance of diet and nutrition.

Dr. Nelya de Brun, AP, DAOM
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There is a Natural, Safe, Effective and Drug Free Alternative.

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The Role of Acupuncture and Herbs in the Treatment of Allergic Rhinitis

In certain places during certain seasons, many are plagued by inflammation of their internal nasal mucous membrane and allergic rhinitis. In some locations, hay fever can kick in almost any time.

Allergic rhinitis can be quite severe and usually goes beyond the limits of intense sneezing and nasal inflammation as it can also irritate the eyes and may at times, generate a feverish feeling and affect the entire nervous system.

OTC or over-the-counter allergy pharmaceuticals are oftentimes the treatment of choice for allergic rhinitis sufferers. The problem with these products is that they make one feel groggy or dull and worse, they merely hide the symptoms. Despite its huge leaps in technology, Western medicine still hasn’t figured out why the immune system tends to react to a normally benign pollen that causes chronic inflammation in the process.

In some states hay fever is an epidemic. In Austin, Texas, they name this condition “Cedar fever. It is so prevalent there that homeopathic products and natural herbal treatments are widely available to help ease your Cedar fever symptoms.
Although safe, the problem with these solutions is that they have to be done over and over again. With TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine, particularly, acupuncture, what it offers is a permanent or at least a seasonal solution to your allergic rhinitis (AR).

Some AR sufferers who have tried acupuncture have reported a complete cure of their problem after just a few sessions of the treatment.

One patient related about how severe her reactions were that she felt like “ripping her eyes out.” After a few acupuncture sessions, however, she had no more extreme allergic attacks. Some may argue that this is just one anecdotal proof that acupuncture really works. So here is one empirical proof of acupuncture’s ability to treat AR:

The 2008 Berlin Acupuncture Study on Allergic Rhinitis

In a lot of European countries, people still openly use herbal treatments such as butterbur and others to treat allergies.

The Berlin study was a randomized trial study in which some of the 981 allergic rhinitis patients were treated with acupuncture. 487 out of the 981 patients were randomly given acupuncture therapy. The rest (494) were assigned as the control group.

All patients could avail themselves of standard Western treatments during the three month period. During that time 15 acupuncture treatments were given to the 487 allergy sufferers. Then their RQLQ or Rhinitis Quality of Life Questionnaire was evaluated after three months. The results showed that the RQLQ score of the acupuncture was three times higher than the control group.

A follow up test was done six months later. The results showed that the RQLQ score of the acupuncture group was still high and still much higher than the control group, although there was a lessening of the scores after six month.

At the end of the study, the researchers concluded that the outcomes of the trial indicate that when patients with allergic rhinitis in routine care were treated with additional acupuncture, it led to persistent and clinically relevant benefits.

Overcoming Allergic Rhinitis with Acupuncture Treatment in Vancouver

Allergic reactions caused by normally benign elements aren’t considered a mystery by TCM practitioners. They address the underlying causes with acupuncture, herbs, and diet. They look at the esoteric attributes of dampness and wind and deal with these elements since their treatment’s premises is based on Qi or chi energies.

These practitioners can also identify the deficiencies of chi in relation to different organs. The most common deficiencies are in spleen and lung chi when it comes to allergies common. As an adjunct to acupuncture, herbs are often used because they deliver immediate results.

The most effective type of acupuncture treatment for allergic rhinitis is the NAET (Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique). This technique leads to the complete remission of the allergy.

NAET was developed by Dr. Devi Nambudripad. It works by first identifying the specific allergens. Then, acupuncture is then used to alleviate the symptoms while exposing the patients to the allergens themselves.

The NAET refrains the immune system from over reacting while produce hay fever or other allergic reactions to reorient the body to accept the allergens. It leads to a long-term immunity to the allergen virtually curing the person’s allergy.

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How Acupuncture Prevents the Rise of Prostate Disorders

When it’s abnormally metabolized, estrogen can alter the gene expression and change vital signaling sequences between cells wreaking endothelial damage and abnormal cell growth in the body by creating high cholesterol and causing vasoconstriction. Excess estrogen can stimulate tumor-cell activators and become a weak genotoxic (DNA damaging) carcinogen. Women can develop ovarian, beast, or uterine cancer when their bodies metabolize estrogen improperly; for men, prostate cancer. In 2012, the Molecular Cell Endocrinology journal published an article explaining that estradiol can be made from testosterone by aromatase in the prostate cells, endothelial cells, breast cells, and fat cells. An experiment conducted at the University of Illinois at Chicago showed that when estradiol is applied to rats the incidence of prostate cancer increased significantly; even when the rats were administered with a short course of estrogen, the incidence of prostate cancer also increased.

Prostate cancer was quite much more common in older people four decades ago. Because they do not tend to suffer from imbalanced testosterone and estrogen levels, the rate of prostate cancer is low in older men even though more than half of them (men 80 years old and above) have enlarged prostates. The development of prostate depends on how the body metabolizes testosterone. 5alpha-dihydrotestosterone can be created from the metabolism of testosterone and this compound cannot be aromatized to estrogen which does not induce prostate cancer. But if aromatase is the enzyme that converts high amounts of testosterone into estrogen, prostate cancer can develop. Hence, it is not testosterone per se that causes prostate cancer but how it is metabolized. It is in the prostate that estrogen receptors are expressed and may determine the way testosterone is metabolized. From the above mentioned experiment, the DNA of the rat’s prostate has been damaged from the estrogen treatment; this phenomenon can happen at exactly the same location and just before the development of cancer. In the book, Prostate, Masayoshi Hiramatsu believed that aromatase overexpression may be possibly due to abnormal gene regulation and can lead to in situ production of abnormal estrogen and contribute to the development or inducement of prostate disorders in humans.

The consumption of a lot of simple sugars and processed food on a daily basis which the body usually converts into fat because of a sedentary life style is the biggest reason why prostate cancer and benign prostate enlargement is now being diagnosed among men in their 40s and 50s. Insulin surge occurs when you eat a lot of simple sugars and this causes inflammation in the body. When you have a lot of body fat, you also have more testosterone that can be transformed into estrogen through aromatase. Inflammation, a sedentary life, stress, and a high level of estrogen combined can switch on bad gene expression. Regular intake of alcohol may increase the abnormal activity of aromatase and lower testosterone levels which can lead to impotence. It also can result in higher production of intracellular estrogen from testosterone.

What can acupuncture do to treat or prevent the rise of prostate cancer?

One of the benefits of acupuncture in Louisville is that it can strengthen the function of your immune system which helps prevent or at least lessen general inflammation, which is intimately associated with the development of cancer. Another benefit is that acupuncture can boost metabolism by bettering thyroid and digestive function. So, by eating certain foods, your body creates more heat and energy instead of storing all the calories as fat. This makes your body burn fat more efficiently resulting in less estrogen and thus less mutation of genes. One of the most important benefits of acupuncture is its ability to alleviate stress which helps you sleep better. Acupuncture also reduces anxiety and enhances natural killer-cell activity, a function that is very important during radiation therapy and chemotherapy. One final benefit of acupuncture is that it assists your body in creating high amounts of dopamine, serotonin, GABA, and endorphins which are chemicals that make you relax and feel good all over.

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Lose Weight Safely and Surely with Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

Having its roots in China, acupuncture is one of the most popular medical procedures in the world. Weight loss acupuncture treatment became hugely popular when CNN reported about weight loss clinics in China using acupuncture therapy with extremely successful results.

With the introduction of McDonalds and other US fast food restaurants in China, this country began to experience an obesity epidemic. A lot of fast food lovers were subjected to the Standard American Diet which consisted of very few vegetables and fruits, too much sugar, too much fat, and too much protein. And even if Americans eat veggies and fruits these are usually overcooked or canned leaving them with no live enzymes and very little nutritional content.

Weight loss acupuncture treatment is actually a three-thousand year old healing practice in China and the Far East long before Americans became aware of it. According to Chinese medicine, people who are overweight likely suffer from an unbalanced digestive system.

Weight loss acupuncture treatment has been proven to help control appetite, beef up the digestive system, and boost metabolism allowing you to burn calories much faster. In losing weight there always needs to be a balance between your intake of calories and the burning of those calories. Acupuncture gives you a way to help lessen your calorie consumption and to burn more calories more efficiently.

A licensed and qualified practitioner will utilize stainless steel and thin sterile needles during a typical acupuncture procedure. Electrical stimulation or lasers are occasionally used along with the needles. Sometimes, the acupuncturist will manually manipulate the needles to elicit the desired outcome. When the needles are inserted into the skin, they’re left in place for around 20 to 30 minutes.

Patients may sense some numbness, tingling, or heat on the site where a needle is inserted. Nausea, headaches, and dizziness are some of the common side effects of the treatment although they rarely occur and are unlike the serious side effects of pharmaceutical drugs or diet supplements that help curb appetite and boost metabolism.

The practitioner usually combines acupuncture with herbal formulas to augment the effects of the treatment. Also an important part of the process is dealing with food issues, diet choices, and daily exercise as acupuncture and herbs may not be enough to maintain the lost weight. Clinical research studies have proven this.

Although patients report overeating and food cravings disappear, it can take some time for the body to adjust to the acupuncture treatment. Weight loss acupuncture treatment in Portland can also relieve stress which is a big help to stress eaters.

Do a bit of research before trying acupuncture. Get recommendations and referrals from individuals who are satisfied with their treatment. Your acupuncturist should be licensed and certified by the NCCAOM (National Certification Commission For Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine). The cost will depend on the skill and experience of the acupuncturist and the country. Cost of the treatment may not always be shouldered by insurance companies.

Weight loss acupuncture treatment is growing in popularity as it is a safer and more effective option for diet supplements and liposuction. It has tens of centuries of case study and documentation to prove its effectiveness.

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The Underlying Causes of PCOS and Their Treatments

There are women who may try TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) treatments for their PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). PCOS is a common condition that poses a serious threat to a woman’s fertility.


As old as the civilization of China, TCM derives its theoretical basis from Qi or Chi, the five movements, and the Taoist principles of yin and yang. Chinese medicine knew about PCOS as early as the 1200s, depicting it as some sort of a “Tian Gui” disorder. Tian Gui is some sort of genetic condition with symptoms such as infertility resulting from anovulation, and an irregular menstrual cycle.

PCOS, according to TCM, is seen as an anovulation disorder associated with ovarian insulin resistance.

Fertility and PCOS

Most women suffering from PCOS may manifest one or many of the main symptoms listed below:

-Polycystic ovaries
-Skin problems,
-Facial and body hair overgrowth;
-Insulin resistance
-Ovulation dysfunction and menstrual irregularities

There is an association between heart disease, diabetes, infertility and PCOS. PCOS sufferers are first diagnosed when they have difficulty getting pregnant.

The Kidneys and PCOS

TCM practitioners describe PCOS as a Deficiency of the Kidney. The symptoms of absent or irregular menstrual periods as well as the absence of ovulation is considered a kidney disease process. In TCM, the kidney is the organ system that is related to genetic disorders and so is deemed as an underlying cause of PCOS.

According to Western Medicine< PCOS Can Be Considered an Inherited Condition The Spleen and PCOS One of the root causes of PCOS is Spleen Deficiency. This type of deficiency relates to insulin resistance. According to TCM, the spleen controls the metabolism of mineral and vitamins from foods and in the carrying and changing of body fluids. Practitioners may consider spleen dysfunction as a reason for ovarian cysts in women. Practitioners also consider the spleen as related to weight gain. About 30% to 60% of women with PCOS are obese. When the function of the spleen is improved, weight gain is lowered and the blood glucose level of the woman is regulated. A spleen that is healthy can help prevent fluid retention in the ovarian cysts as well. The Liver and PCOS A third pattern of TCM disharmony related to PCOS is Liver Stagnation. Stagnation of the Liver can manifest as excess heat in the meridian and channels of the body or as Blood Stasis. The hair follicles are over-nourished when there is Blood Stasis in the channels or meridians. This creates unwanted coarse body and facial hair in women. These symptoms are a common occurrence amongst PCOS patients. In, fact unwanted hirsutism affects about 70% of women with PCOS. Acne can also be triggered by PCOS especially when there is excessive heat in the meridians of the sufferer. PCOS TCM treatment The primary objective of TCM treatment of PCOS is to increase fertility by inducing ovulation. To achieve this, practitioners treat the liver, spleen, and kidney and other major organs of the patient. They may use a combination of herbal medicine, moxibustion, electro-acupuncture, and acupuncture in Cleveland.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a treatment that is based on the patient’s symptoms as well as his/her unique constitution. As a result, each patient may receive a different type of treatment even in they suffer from the same condition.

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and An Alternative Treatment Known as Acupuncture

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is probably the reason why some people wear a wrist splint. This painful hand condition is often attributed to uncomfortable body positioning for long hours or months or even years of bad computer ergonomics.

Symptoms of CTS include pain coming from the wrist radiating to the palm side of your forearm, tingling and/or numbness of your fingers and thumb, and hand weakness.

Carpal tunnels syndrome occurs when the carpal tunnel, a tube in the wrist on the palm side of your hand, surrounded by ligaments and bones and where one part of the median nerve runs, gets swollen and inflamed which puts pressure on the median nerve causing pain and limited mobility on the affected hand and fingers.

CTS amounts to damage to the tendons, or a pinched blood vessel or nerve in the carpal tunnel regardless if it’s due to an internal neurological damage or inflammation or by injury or physical forces that compress the carpal tunnel.

There may be similar symptoms one can experience that may develop caused by different kinds of work which require the hands and arms to be poorly positioned; if those symptoms quickly disappear, then it’s likely not CTS and is not a problem you should worry about.

If you do feel these symptoms, you just need to take a break, shake your hands and arms, and readjust your overall posture to a healthier one. This should help prevent the need for medical intervention.

However, if your symptoms do not go away after work or after long hours of typing, then you need to see a doctor.

Western Modes of Treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Adjustable splints that can be taken off and on are the usual treatments used by Western physicians to treat CTS. A majority of CTS patients put one these splints during work and most of them will also wear them during sleep to help ease the pain.

Another conventional form of treatment is NSAIDS or non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs. These can be over-the-counter or prescribed drugs that help relieve pain but have serious side effects when taken for an extended period of time. Another drug used to treat CTS is cortisone injection. It can help ease the pressure caused by the swelling on the median nerve.

Surgery is selected if all of the above mentioned treatments fail. Endoscopic surgery is one such treatment and involves inserting a narrow tube called an endoscope, into small incisions. This procedure is also used sometimes to treat injured knees. The most invasive CTS surgery is open surgery, which requires more anesthesia than an endoscopic surgery.

Acupuncture, A Non-Surgical Alternative Treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Acupuncture has been used for tens of centuries for both reversing chronic or acute ill health and for optimizing good health. This treatment works on the distribution of chi or life energy along the mapped out meridians of the body.

Acupuncture has been lately used with huge success for the treatment of sports injuries. One dramatic example of this was in the 1998 Super Bowl when the quarterback of the Chicago Bears, Jim McMahon suffered a seriously bruised back. He wasn’t responding to Western treatments. So instead, he opted for acupuncture. After his treatment, McMahon said he felt 200% better. His newly found vigor allowed him and the Bears to rout the Patriots and win the Super Bowl. This sensational news led to a spike in acupuncture treatments all across the United States and silenced the acupuncture critics.

In January 2012, Journal of Research in Medical Sciences published a study entitled “New York Acupuncture in the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome: A randomized controlled trial study.” It reviewed an Iranian university’s neurological department’s study about carpal tunnel syndrome.

This study involved 64 patients all suffering from a mild case of CTS. The patients were equally divided into two groups. One group was administered with a couple of acupuncture treatments two times a week for four weeks and wore wrist splints at night. The other group was the control group who were treated with fake acupuncture and vitamins B1 and B6.

At the end of the study, the acupuncture group scored lower on their GSS or global symptom scores than the control group. This means that the acupuncture group experienced less numbness, tingling, weakness, and pain than the control group.

The researchers concluded that in their findings acupuncture is definitely better in relieving the overall subjective symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome and could be used in the comprehensive care programs of CTS sufferers.

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