Qi Gong Can Cure Cancer

A few years ago, a wedding was held in Century Park in Shanghai, China. Both the bride and bridegroom were cancer survivors who have endured severely debilitating symptoms but had made a stunning recovery with the help pf Qi Gong (Chi Kung), a traditional Chinese healing art that is mostly based on breathing techniques. Qi Gong is also the reason this young couple met and fell in love.

In September 1981, ping-pong player, Guo Chengpei was participating in an international table tennis tournament in North Korea. During the tournament, he began to feel tired easily and his health weakened to a point that he could barely walk and talk. After some tests, he was diagnosed with lung cancer, which almost meant certain death to the sufferer. So, he had to quit the tournament, stop playing altogether, and undergo treatment.

The cancer cells in Guo’s body already spread to his lymph nodes, making his condition inoperable. He gained very little from radiation therapy. The prognosis, looked grim, the doctors only gave the 28-year-old table tennis player three months to live.

For almost half his life, the young Guo had been trained as a table tennis player. His training helped him develop a positive and never-say-die attitude. Most important of all, he did not lose hope. To find solutions to his cancer, he went to the Internet and stumbled upon a website called kungfucancer.com. He read about certain exercises and breathing techniques that could help clear his mind and relax.

A friend also advised him to take up Qi Gong, which is very similar to kung fu. He found that Qi Gong was responsible for extending the lives of many cancer patients. This gave him more strengthen to overcome the disease.

He heeded the advice of friend and began practicing Guo Lin Qi Gong every day. This form of Qi Gong was a blend of breathing and moving exercises to help balance the mind, body and spirit.

Every day, he got up at 2:30 a. m. and rode a bus to Ditan Park. He began his exercises at 3:45 a.m. He practiced Qi Gong for almost six hours straight. His uncles and sometimes his dad accompanied him to exercises.

For seven years, he never stopped practicing and kept on practicing regardless of the weather. The discipline he developed from playing ping-pong have built in him an indomitable spirit and iron will.

In 1988, he had a medical check-up. It revealed that the cancer cells in his lungs that had metastasized to his lymph nodes had vanished and the size of his tumor significantly decreased. He gained weight and had actually become stronger and had more stamina than when he was at the peak of his health. His overall health improved.

In 1985, Chen Yamei, developed thymoma, a benign tumor in the thymus. Ms. Chen underwent surgery in 1985, December. In addition, she was treated with radioactive and chemical therapies with little effect. Her cancer began metastasizing to her bones and lymph nodes.

During her time at the hospital, she saw patients die around her. She became really scared and began to feel that she herself was on the verge of death.

The following year in June, she read in some fitness magazine that Qi Gong could help overcome cancer. Initially, she never believed that Qi Gong could her with her condition, but since she had nothing to lose, she decided to give Qi Gong a try.

She decided to practice Qi Gong in Ditan Park and was designated to a group that was taught by Guo Chengpei.

She observed that everyone in her Qi Gong group class looked energetic and vigorous. She heard that many of these people also had cancer, but they showed no signs of having that ferocious disease. It gave her the courage and confidence to survive.

She frequently sought help from Guo, who constantly was there to help her with enthusiasm and patience. They were each other’s encouragement and began sharing experiences. Months after they first met, they fell in love.

Three years of continuous Qi Gong, helped stabilize Chen’s condition. Today, she sleeps more soundly and has a better appetite.

Guo believes that Qi Gong’s ability to cure cancer has a scientific basis. When a cancer patient breathes plenty of oxygen, the cancer cell growth is halted. The patient can substantially increase his respiratory capacity when he properly practices Qi Gong for several years. And this can be very helpful for patients with cancer.

Based on his experiences, Guo believes that a mixture of Boca Raton traditional Chinese medicine, Western medicine, Qi Gong plus a positive and cheerful attitude is the best way to cure cancer.

Guo said, “Patients with cancer should think like this; Even if your chance of survival is a mere 0.1%, you are the 0.1%.”  “People who can get well the fastest are the ones who are spiritually strong.”

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The Principles And Workings Of Reiki Energy

Reiki is an Eastern energy healing technique that works by laying a healer hands on or near a client’s body. Reiki is a two word term that when combined means ‘Univeral Life Energy’ in Japanese. Rei means spirit, gift, mystery or ghost. Ki means energy. Therefore, Reiki is the practice of channeling Ki or universal energy. In Pollynesia, Ki translates to Mana, in India, it means Prana, and in China, it is Chi or Qi.

Going back thousands of years and all over the world, practices have been developed to address energetic disturbances that go with dis-ease and illness in the spirit, mind, and body. Acupressure, Vancouver Acupuncture, Shiatsu, and Qigong are some examples of practices that affect the movement of energy in the body.  Methods such as Medical Qi Gong, Pranic healing, and Reiki also restore harmony and balance to the body and its surrounding field of energy. Reiki is based on this universal and age-old comprehension of the complex interaction between one’s state of health and one’s personal energy system.

Reiki systematizes and arranges the energy in our energy system. This makes Reiki work on all aspects of one’s being: physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional. It can fix destroyed auras liberate the causes of chronic and acute conditions, facilitate the self-healing processes of the body, and cure mental, spiritual, and emotional problems. Reiki can likewise dispel underlying profound stress that can appear as mental and/or physical illness in the mind and body.

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La-Jin Therapy And The Way Of Nature (Tao)

‘Tao’ generally means ‘The Way’ – Nature’s way. Nature is responsible for the human body. We return to dust and bones (nature) when we die. If it doesn’t follow the way of nature, the human body is going against nature which it depends on to survive. Health problem is the eventual result. The basis of Tao and nature is Yin and Yang. The softer side of nature is yin, which has the negative and female aspects. The harder side of nature is Yang, which carries the positive and “male” aspects. They appear to possess opposing qualities, at first glance. However, as you get to understand it a little better, when these forces are balanced or in harmony, the condition becomes perfect. For instance, hot and cold water, Yin is Cold water and Yang is hot water. We will freeze to death with too much Yin. We will get scalded to death with too much hot Yang. However, we can feel okay and comfortable if we balance the two. Yin and Yang principles are like this. “The Harmony of the Opposites” principle is the “Tao.”

The tree is one fine example. It gets its nourishment from both the atmosphere (Yang) and the ground (Yin). Too much sunlight or excess amount of water can kill the tree eventually. The tree grows and bears fruits, with proper balance of Yin and Yang and will develop and bear fruits.

Just like any other thing, humans come from nature. You suffer when you go against nature. Therefore, we suggest that you live a life style based on the Tao and one that’s balanced. For example, observe the lifestyle of birds. They wake up at the break of dawn, and begin flying off to start their daily activities. As dusk arrives, they go back to their roosting place and sleep at night. This is the lifestyle set for them by nature. They live based upon the principles of the Tao.

Humans are the only species on earth whose lifestyle often times, goes against Nature! We need to also follow the guidelines set for us by nature in order to live a long and healthy life.

La-jin Self-healing Therapy

La-jin therapy needs to have five criteria, for it to work. 

  1. First and foremost, it is FREE!
  2. It’s should be an easy do-it-yourself procedure.
  3. It needs to treat a wide variety of ailments.
  4. It should be safe
  5. It should be easy to learn and simple to perform
  6. It should be effective.

The first method is the “La-jin” position. In Chinese, “La” means to “stretch” and “jin” means “tendons” and “ligaments”. Therefore, La-jin means stretching the tendons and ligaments.

In Winter Park Chinese medicine terminology, there’s a main stretch of “jin” extending from the neck’s top down from the back of the waist, the thighs, heels and stops in the middle of the soles. When the tendons or ligaments do not properly function, they’ll affect several parts of the body, impeding movements and producing pain. In Chinese, this issue is called “Jin suo”, which means atrophy, contraction, or degradation of the mechanisms of “Jin” or the tendons and ligaments.

These are some of the symptoms of Jin Suo:

  • Length inequality of the legs
  • Overextended ligament at the hip joint
  • Short walking steps
  • Pain radiating in the heels
  • Pain and stiffness in the neck
  • Back pain and stiffness
  • Paralysis and pain in the leg
  • Inability to squat down
  • Inability to raise or move the thighs sideways or forward
  • Inability to bend down
  • Lumbar pain and stiffness
  • Inflexibility, pain, numbness, or distention in the knee, elbow, leg, and arm
  • Inability to bend or extend the elbow
  • Atrophy or contraction of La-Jins
  • Difficulty in turning around

How La-jin Self-healing Therapy Works

La-jin boosts sexual ability, eliminates toxins, and alleviates body pain among others. This therapy may cure or, at least, relieve issues such as diabetes; dermatitis; gallbladder and liver problems; cerebrovascular and cardiovascular problems, swelling, numbness, and pain in the feet and hands; gastroenteritis; abdominal problems, and problems in the reproductive and urinary systems.

In Chinese medicine, along the Jin route, there is energy channels called meridians. Any meridian malfunction will cause body pain and also affect the function of the Jin. La-jin repositions the affected areas and restores the tenderness of Jin so that the structure of  the body is rectified, and the energy flows healthily and smoothly so that body discomfort and pain gradually diminish. La-jin can also strengthen the bladder and kidneys. A healthy pair of kidneys can increase human sexual ability and energy.

Try to visualize that your body connected together by a pliable hose that permits the flow of inner energy (known as chi). For people having a problem understanding “Chi,” try to visualize blood flowing through the arteries and veins. This pliable hose may be obstructed for a couple of reasons; one, substances may have build-up in the hose, and two; the hose may be bent or twisted. Either of these reasons, the flow of chi is limited, and every body part is affected, and eventually the system gets stuck. This is exactly what happens to people who experience joint and body pains. The solution is to expel the substances blocking the inside of the hose and to straighten the hose. Pai-da (slapping and patting) can be used to remove the substances and La-jin can help straighten the hose.

The entire body system will be harmonized with Yin and Yang, and chi flow will run smoothly once the Jin is unblocked and straightened. The immune system will be strengthened, and the body rejuvenated. Any adverse impediments or virus will be flushed out immediately, just like a very fast moving stream going where all the debris and impurities are, washing them away to the mouth of a river-mouth into the ocean. The body can once again regain its health.

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Massage Cupping Therapy For The Removal Of Cellulite In Your Body

Cellulite can develop from two causes: water that has built up in fat cells and excess fat in those cells. When they enlarge, the fat cells disfigure the skin envelope resulting in an effect known as orange peel.

Through the use of massage cups, you can perform a cupping massage procedure in the comfort of your home softening and stimulating skin tissue and regulating the fatty cells in your body.

The end-result is a softer smoother skin, as well as the gradual and ultimate removal of cellulite.

Massage cupping technique is a very gentle non-invasive bodywork that works on the connective tissue leading to cellulite decrease rejuvenation, and slimming. The positive effects transcend the aesthetic aspects of the therapy and encompass the physiological well-being of the client.

A person using massage cupping therapy for a few minutes each day will witness the slow disappearance of her or his cellulite.

How does massage cupping therapy work?

Cupping massage therapy is a form of deep massage that utilizes negative pressure through vacuum suction causing an increase in lymph and blood flow in the deep lying tissues to the skin surface. The cups help the body expel stagnant lymph, toxins, and waste material by increasing the circulation to the area washing away these adverse elements. Cupping massage therapy enhances dermal respiration the increasing skin elasticity, and its resilience to temperature change. It also helps improve the retracting ability of the muscles.

Cupping massage therapy:

  • Boosts lymphatic and blood flow to the muscles and connective tissues.
  • Bolsters production of elastin and collagen thereby promoting firmness of the skin
  • Relieves muscle tension
  • Improves blood flow by enhancing the flow of oxygen flow to the cells. This causes inflated cells to start burning their contents making them shrink in size that in turn significantly lessens the rise of cellulite.

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What are the Uses of Craniosacral Therapy?

A powerful but gentle way of healing CST or Craniosacral Therapy works on your craniosacral system, a protective and deep layer of your body called the cerebrospinal fluid, which envelops the spinal cord, brain, and the membranous structures protecting your central nervous system.

What Does Craniosacral therapy Do?

If you visualize your body as a computer, your computer has been working far too long when you begin experiencing pain and aches, and you start to feel overwhelmed or stressed. CST can help “reboot” your body back into shape and gives you a chance to rest. This restful state is an ideal way to process backlogged material, mostly headaches and all types of bodily pain as well as a wide range of stressors. While undergoing CST, many people tend to feel as if they are floating or they simply fall asleep.

What are the Other Positive Effects of Craniosacral Therapy?

When the body needs to cope with trauma and stress, it has to compensate, producing restrictions and tensions in the tissues around the brain and spine and in many parts of the body. These effects can cause your body systems including the central nervous system, to perform at sub-par level. When a Craniosacral therapist gently works on your systems, those restrictions and tensions are relieved, enabling your body to regain balance and to function at optimum efficiency.

What Can I Expect From a Session of Craniosacral Therapy?

Your therapist will lie you on a massage table, and he will administer a gentle touch to assess and free tissues all the way from the structures and sutures in your head to the base of your spine. Like working with a gentle tide or a wave form, the body’s rhythm will be addressed to generate a profound sense of relaxation most clients experience. Most people mistakenly assume craniosacral therapy as some type of head massage the fact is the treatment can include work on any part of the body.

What are the Uses of Craniosacral Therapy?

Craniosacral is an ideal way to break mental and physical stress habits. This means that problems such as digestive issues, immune conditions, emotional difficulties including anxiety and depression, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, TMJ, scoliosis, chronic back and neck pain, and headaches readily respond to this treatment. CST is good at treating complex disorders and diseases that have not gotten well with other remedies. Many clients who are seen by a craniosacral therapist who have previously attempted a wide range of treatment just to relieve pain and stress, without much results, are pleasantly surprised that within a few sessions of CST, the patterns in their bodies that have persisted for years and their longstanding pain are completely healed. CST also brings their bodies back to balance even after being off balance for several years.

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Facial Acupuncture Can Be A Safe And Natural Alternative To Botox And Plastic Surgery

Everyone seems to be looking for a way to get a facelift that doesn’t involve extremely invasive procedures.  The issue with most facelift procedures today is that they merely treat the symptoms of facial aging without addressing the underlying cause.  Botox and plastic surgery are painful and potentially dangerous causing infection, scarring, and pain.  In addition, they need to be repeated multiple times and are expensive.  Now, there are natural and noninvasive facelift procedures that make use of age-old techniques to treat facial aging at its root. The best thing about them is that they do not cost an arm and a leg, and are quick and safe.

The underlying root of facial aging is bad muscle tone affecting the underlying tissue and weak circulation. Botox and modern plastic surgery do not address these two issues and in a lot of instances, they make things worse.  The Chinese people and other cultures in the Far East have used acupuncture vancouver treatments for thousands of years to tone and firm the underlying muscle and enhance the flow of blood to the face resulting in better blood flow to the face and lifting and firming the facial tissue.  Besides eliminating crow’s feet, lines, and wrinkles, the boost in circulation will give your skin a more youthful glowing appearance.

This natural and safe facelift procedure utilizes a particular finger motion to each of the twenty acupressure points on the neck, hands, and face activating the circulation of chi or energy to the face.  Each acupoint entails just a minute of attention so the entire procedure takes up less than 30 minutes of your time.  The outcomes can be almost immediately felt and seen with optimal benefits manifesting after a whole month.  From thence, the exercises can be reduced to three or four days a week for maintenance, although one may be encouraged to continue them every day.

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The Three Levels Of Qi Gong

The traditional Chinese healing art of Qi gong has its roots in TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine in Boca Raton.

The quality of holistic advantages one can expect from this practice will be based on how well and frequent it is performed. This article will use the following arrangement: 

Practiced as just a physical exercise = Low level.

Practiced at an energy (chi/qi) level = Middle level

Practiced at the Shen (mind/spirit level) = High level

This is a general categorization and is designed for expediency. For instance, low level qigong involves mind and energy, and certainly should so in order to be still classified as qigong; however it is usually practiced at just the form level, in which case may no longer be considered qigong. Energy level qigong (middle level) involves form and mind but emphasizes energy. Qigong practiced at a high level will include form and energy.

Benefits to be Expected

When done simply as a physical exercise, low level qigong, brings benefits that one would typically expect from a gentle form of physical exercise. Some of its benefits include loosening of the muscles, enhanced flow of blood, and relaxation.

In middle level qigong, one focuses directly on the energy of their body. As a result, expected benefits would include overcoming conditions such as pain, aches, anxiety, rheumatism, tuberculosis, asthma, and many others.

Lastly, when practicing qigong at a high level, it is not impossible to expect incredible benefits such as overcoming “incurable diseases”, such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

There are lots of medical reasons why qigong works. Based on the principles of Chinese medicine, disease occurs whenever there is a lack chi or vital energy in the body to work the natural bodily systems. One reason for this energy deficiency is that Chi circulation inside the body have slowed down due to restrictions that have developed in the energy channels. By bolstering the flow of chi in the body, one can eliminate restrictions in the meridians or energy channels, and restore whole body health once again.

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The Advantages And Benefits Of Having A Water Fountain In Your Home

Indoor water fountains are becoming more and more in vogue and we can see them in many places including people’s homes, feng shui stores, furniture stores, interior decoration, various home improvement, and in the waiting room of the doctor’s office. If you’re wondering why would someone have a water fountain in their home, keep reading this article so you can see the advantages and benefits of having a water fountain in your home.

First and foremost, from the viewpoint of feng shui, a water fountain can provide meaningful healing benefits. A fountain in your house can serve as a natural humidifier. It basically enhances the amount of moisture in the air which translates to cleaner air in your area. During winter, when the humidity level is very low and the air gets mostly dry, this is especially true. Also being in the room helps avoid furniture cracking and extends the life of any nearby furniture.

If you like to relax and/or meditate, an indoor fountain is definitely for you. Nothing is more soothing than meditating at the relaxing sound of falling water spouting from a goat or lion’s mouth. Running water produces sound that is very relaxing which facilitates easy relaxation and meditation helping eliminate stress. A lot of people have their own special room where they meditate and more often than not, one of the things found in this room is a water-fountain. It need not be a big fountain, it can be compact or small enough to fit on a table. All it requires is to let the water run continuously while the person meditates. This creates healing benefits to the person.

Lastly, water fountains, also known as Feng Shui fountains, are wildly popular and not merely a New Age fad. With Feng Shui, you can attract happiness, prosperity, and health in your home by placing furniture in a certain way that is advised by this age-old Chinese art. Water is a strong Feng Shui symbol and a water-fountain is the ideal vessel that permits flowing water to bring healing, peace and positive energy into your home.

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Rheumatoid Arthritis And Chinese Nutritional Therapy

In Orlando Chinese medicine, rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is known as “arthralgia syndrome.” RA is a systemic disease marked by chronic inflammation of tissues and joints. It is a common condition that manifests in symptoms such as numbness; painful extension of bones, joints, and muscles; and swelling in the joint.

Principles of Chinese Nutritional Therapy:

In the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, Chinese nutritional practitioners recommend patients with RA to:

  • Avoid eating plenty of seafoods.
  • Avoid eating fatty foods.
  • Balance the nutrition of everyday meals.

As main course, RA sufferers should choose steamed bun, rice, and other mild foods and consume tomatoes and veggies such as cabbage and cucumber. To increase resistance after the symptoms have been reduced, consume more nutritious foods like lean meat.

Foods recommended for RA:

Coix seeds:

  • Create porridge with jing mi or unprocessed non-glutinous rice and grounded coix.
    Create wine with qu mi and grounded coix seed.

Yi yi ren (coix seeds), Fang feng:

  • 10 gm fang feng and 30 gm coix seeds. Boil them together and apply each day.

Si gua (loofah) porridge:

  • 100 gm jing mo, 50 gm si gua. Turn them into porridge. Consume for long time use and when it’s getting cooler.

Ren dong teng (Honeysuckle Stem) wine:

  • One kilo Chinese rice wine, 6 gm da qing yan (halitum), 6 gm gan cao (licorice root), 6 gm chuan wu (aconiti carmichaeli radix), 6 gm wu mei (Chinese plum), and 30 gm ren dong teng (honeysuckle stem).
  • For one week, soak all the ingredients in the wine and when it’s ready, drink one small bottle each day.


  • Mash the papayas and mix with half water and half wine into paste, administer on the affected area and wrap the area with cloth. Change when the paste gets cold.

Feng Bi Symptom

Aim of Nutritional therapy:  remove torpor, relax the veins, and eliminate wind.

Nutritional Therapies:

  • White snake wine: 30 gm dang gui, 30 gm wu jia pi, 30 gm qiang huo, 30 gm fang feng, 90 gm white snake. Mix all ingredients into 1500 to 2000 wine, open when it’s well soaked, one month later.
  • Linseed porridge: lobster and salt sauce, green onions, and linseed. Throw ingredients into the porridge. Administer three days in succession.

Shi bi symptoms:

Signs and symptoms: Tightness in the chest, drowsiness, numbness, pain, swelling in the joints, etc.

Aim of Nutritional therapy: treat numbness, relax the veins, and eliminate dampness.

Nutritional therapies:

  • Fu ling powder porridge: 100 gm geng mi and 30 gm Fu ling powder. Add fu ling powder and stir when porridge is almost done. Administer for seven days continuously, one bowl a day.
  • Papaya decoction: 15 gm papaya, cook with adequate amount of water. Continuously for half a month, administer once a day.

Re bi symptoms:

Signs and symptoms: wind cold pathogenic elements logical factors and wind dampness result in symptoms such as fever, redness in the skin, difficulty in relaxing the body, feeling of comfort when staying in cool place, burning and redness in certain areas of the body, and severe pain in muscles and joints.  

Aim of Nutritional therapy: treat numbness, relax the veins, and eliminate heat.

Nutritional therapy

  • Da dou huang: 600 gm Da dou huang, fry using charcoal. Crush them and apply.
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Five TCM Foods That Can Make Your Skin Smooth And Healthy

Fort Lauderdale TCM or Traditional Chinese medicine pays meticulous consideration to diet. If you want to acquire healthy and fair skin, you need to know what kinds of food you eat every day. Also, when you properly control your internal environment, you can be able to expel toxins in your body. So in summer, one needs to consume more of the following food, which will surely help improve their looks.

  • Walnut – Walnuts contain high amounts of linolenic acid, which is the basic element that can help keep your skin moist and soft. Walnuts also contain melatonin that can help you sleep at night.
  • Almond – New studies have shown that vitamin E is the most important antioxidant when it comes to keeping the skin smooth and healthy. A handful of almonds daily can provide sufficient amounts of vitamin E. This vitamin makes the skin moist which greatly reduces skin dryness.
  • Egg – Egg is rich in antioxidants zeaxanthin and lutein. These substances can lessen sunburn, fine lines, and skin cancer brought about by ultraviolet radiation. If you love to eat eggs every day, your skin will be smoother and softer.
  • Strawberry – A handful of strawberry is equal to 130 percent of the daily required amount of vitamin C. This vitamin can keep the keep skin smooth and can stimulate the development of collagen. The more vitamin C you take in, the less fine lines you have. The skin tends to become dry for individuals who are deficient in vitamin C. Strawberries are rich in ellagic acid, which can prevent loss of elastin in the skin and halt the development of wrinkles.
  • Tomato – Research has validated that eating five teaspoonfuls of tomato sauce every day for three months, can help the skin resist the harmful effects of sunshine. Tomatoes can also stimulate the skin to prevent skin relaxation and manufacture more collagen in the body. Tomato contains a powerful antioxidant called lycopene which can lessen the formation of wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Apple – Apple contains a natural flavonoid called Quercetin which can significantly eliminate radicals and prevent oxidation. Quercetin has been known to lessen the likelihood of skin cancer resulting from ultraviolet B radiation. So, aside from applying of sun cream to the body, it is important to remember to eat two apples each day if you want to have fun on the beach. Since the apple peel is high in antioxidants, we need to eat the peel along with the rest of the apple.
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