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Acupuncture Treatment For Drug Addiction Can Help Reduce Anxiety And Withdrawal Symptoms

Acupuncture has been an extremely versatile form of treatment that has served the Chinese people well for over 2,500 years. Although still regarded by most western cultures as “alternative” medicine, acupuncture is fast gaining notoriety for its efficiency in treating drug addiction and alcoholism in drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers. Acupuncture has been recognized by […]
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Why Acupuncture is the Best Treatment for Anxiety and Stress

TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine sees a direct link between the liver and anxiety and stress. TCM practitioners warn that any disharmony in the function of the liver can bring about “10,000 illnesses.” The liver, according to them, is so important in that its function is to improve the smooth flow of qi or vital […]
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Instead of Prescription Drugs Why not take Acupuncture for Your Anxiety

As one who has suffered from panic and anxiety attacks in Cleveland, I have undergone almost every form of treatment outside of psychotropic medications to help rid myself of those two conditions. If you are suffering from panic disorder, then we are part of the millions here in the United States who are experiencing this […]
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Acupuncture for Anxiety

Is anxiety a problem you’ve been coping with for so many years?  Do you, time and time again, feel overwhelmed and out of control?  The symptoms of anxiety can include apprehension and uneasiness about future events, obsessive thinking, sweating and palpitations. Acupuncture in Bellingham Can Help Treat Anxiety For many anxiety patients, acupuncture has been […]
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Risk Factors for Anxiety

General Anxiety A fourth of the adult population in America has experienced severe anxiety in Vancouver at some points in their lives.  General anxiety affects around 20 million Americans making it the most common psychiatric problem in the US. Gender – In terms of gender, women are more at risk to experience anxiety more than men. […]
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