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Anmo Gong And Self Acupressure

Someone was asking me a little while ago how acupuncture works. They were asking if there is something placed on the needles prior to their insertion into the skin? I answered in the negative and said that they’re just plain metal. The person looked surprised and then asked me that if I’m not putting anything […]
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Differences Noted In The Treatment Approaches Of Western Medicine And Chinese Medicine

One of the most complex systems of medicines in the world, Chinese medicine has been bolstered by thousands of years of research and experience. Its singular distinctiveness that sets it apart from Western medicine is its focus on “health” instead of “healing.” This is due to the fact that Chinese medicine encourages the individual’s overall […]
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What is Chi?

Loosely translated, chi would correspond to the life force or motive force flowing in our body. This is the energy that makes everything occur and is the most fundamental thing that comprises the basis of all other things. Like magnetism, gravity, and other forces, Chi cannot be seen and the channels that it courses through […]
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Gua Sha Therapy For All Types Of Muscle Fatigue, Stiffness, Or Soreness

There has been a steady rise in the popularity of Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM these past few years. You may know acupuncture and Chinese reflexology, but you may never have heard of one healing practice called “gua sha.” Westerners sometimes call it “spooning” or “coining.” Gua sha works by scraping the skin surface in […]
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The Various Treatments Of Traditional Chinese Medicine

TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine in Vancouver is a medical system that comprises a wide variety of treatments from different parts of East Asia. It’s a very popular and long-standing medical practice in several Asian countries despite being considered an alternative form of treatment in Western cultures. But what is TCM exactly? The Definition of […]
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The Benefits Of Gua Sha And Facial Cupping Therapy

The Chinese have been using therapeutic cupping for various physical concerns like sinus congestion, TMJ, pain, fever, and asthma for thousands of years. Facial cupping as an adjunct to acupuncture facial rejuvenation or as a standalone treatment can help improve your facial appearance and your skin. A few of its benefits include an improvement in […]
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Gua Sha Facial Therapy Eliminates Skin Conditions And Fosters Balance And Youth Within

Women and men seeking the proverbial fountain of youth may need not undergo costly painful injections or go to under the knife in their quest for younger looking skin. Many long time practitioners of Chinese medicine who have extensive experience performing facial rejuvenation Chinese Herbal Medicine, acupressure, and acupuncture recommend a traditional Chinese treatment called […]
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Why Asians Look Younger Than Their Age

Have you perchance noticed that most Asians look younger than their actual age? If you put an average European or American and compare his appearance with an average Asian of the same age, there is a definite difference in their appearances. Compared to their Asian counterparts, it would appear that Europeans and Americans appear a […]
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Tui Na Targets Problems Such As Chronic Pain In The Skeletal System, Joints, And Muscles

For those who have experienced both Shiatsu and acupressure, Tui Na massage therapy may feel like a cross between the two. Tui Na, like Shiatsu, makes use of rhythmic compression along the meridians which are the energy pathways of the body, as well as a number of modalities that lubricate and manipulate the joints. Tui […]
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Some Natural Alternative Remedies for High Blood pressure

An extremely facile acupuncture therapy, one that is usually self-administered within the convenience of one’s own home, has proven to be a fine remedy for some of the symptoms related to muscle pain. Aside from its usefulness in treating disease, acupuncture points have also been exploited for thousands of years as a way to enhance […]
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